What Systems Are You Using To Run Your Life This Year?

Why is it that someone can be super successful for the company they work for but a disaster with running their own life?

We've been fascinated by this for years.

We're sure you know someone who is ultra successful in their career - getting promotions, awards, recognition.

They help their company hit its goals every quarter, like clockwork.

But in their personal life, they're a disaster.

Not because they don't want it to be better - they do.

But they just can't seem to spend time with the kids, can't find the time to read those books they were given ...

... can't carve out enough time to reorganize their investments.

Ever met a person like that?

Maybe it's you.

Maybe it's all of us in one way-shape-or-form.

Why is that?

Could it be because that when you work for a company there are processes, reports and updates that must be followed and completed?

But in your own life, there's no such thing.

You're on your own.

There's no "process" you were given to run your life.

How is it that 12 grades of schooling teach us how to add and subtract but nothing around time management and personal achievement?

You may know that Nick and myself run a brokerage where we teach people the systems to find, purchase and rent out property.

And hundreds and hundreds of people have been successful with it.

It got us thinking...

To achieve our goals maybe we just need systems to follow for everything in our life...stuff like:

More vacation.

Paying the bills.



Raising kids.

Easting healthy.

I mean there could be thousands of systems for these things.

Little step-by-step outlines of how to get things done outside your professional life.

Just two weeks ago we interviewed Gino Spada who has a beautiful system for eating right.  Why isn't there a simple, proven collection on these things in one spot?

You could listen to five proven systems for each category, pick which one you like and move on.

If McDonald's can run a multi-billion dollar organization with teenagers following colour coded charts - why can't we have systems for everything we want?

I really don't have the answers as to why more systems don't exist or why these things aren't taught in school.

We assume the information is all out there it's just buried alongside a bunch of crappy stuff that makes it all hard to find.

But it does beg the question...

What systems are you currently following for your life?

Do you follow your 9-5 corporate system pretty well and then have nothing else?

Does your system for spending quality time with your spouse or kids consist of rushing them out the door in the morning?

Does your system for investing your money consist of an online trading account where you throw darts at a board to choose the winners?

Does your system for eating better consist of buying whole wheat crackers instead of the white ones?

It may be worth exploring this for a minute.

What routines, systems, processes, daily rituals are you following?

And if you keep doing what you're doing where will you be in 5 years, 10 years, 20?

Picture yourself as a 90-year-old for a second.

If you continue using your current systems ... are you happy with what you see when you look back on your life?

Reflecting back on my own high-school and University days it seems it was all geared for getting a job and nothing else.

The "How to live a fulfilling and productive life" course was left out.

So it's up to you I guess...

No one is going to help you.

It's up to you to figure out what you want and then find out a way to get it.

Maybe life would be boring if everything was mapped out ...

Maybe we were meant to figure it all out on our own ...

Every man and woman for himself.

Who knows.

But this much we do know.

If you're not getting what you want today it's because you're following a system for your life that isn't working.

It may be time to work "on" your life instead of just living it.

And if you figure it all out please let us know 😉

QUICK ASIDE:  This week's post is even more of a disorganized ramble than usual isn't it?  LOL.  We always want to leave you with something to think about or a little goodie of some sort.  This week we'd like to share the VERY BEST Time Management resource we've ever come across.  The one thing that summarizes all of our own goal setting strategies along with our own daily-time-management-strategies.  And it's Michael Masterson's Personal Productivity Secrets Booklet.  This little thing (it's a booklet, not a big book) does the best job we've EVER SEEN of explaining how to get stuff done.  If you're looking to introduce productivity systems into your life we cannot recommend this enough to you.  Click here to check it out.

Watch out 2013, we're going to dominate you and have a blast doing it!!

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!



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0 comments on “What Systems Are You Using To Run Your Life This Year?”

  1. From a quick glance it looks similar but not as step-by-step as the other one. But definitely has some of the same principles ... just not exactly the same booklet.

    Good to hear from you and hope all is well!

    - Tom.

  2. All is well. Wish there was some way you or Nick could present at an upcoming DurhamREI meeting. We get 50+ attendees out to each meeting and i know many people love you gentleman, you inspire them and myself.

    Will see you at the investor forum. 🙂

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