About Tom & Nick

Tom Karadza quit his job as a Software Sales Manager at NetSuite Inc. as it was going public on the New York Stock Exchange, to be a full-time entrepreneur and investor. As the sole income earner, and with a very young family at home, he was advised against leaving behind such a high-paying job. But being true to the mission he helps others with, he was done living on other people’s terms.

Nick Karadza also left a corporate career in the technology field, when he quit his job at Fortune 500 company, Oracle Corporation, to give real estate 100% of his focus. He began investing at the age of 21 by successfully buying, renovating, and selling a home for profit in only 3 months. Then quickly moved on to other investments around the Golden Horseshoe, which allowed him to exit the “9-5” world in his mid-twenties.

They joined forces on their own investing and then focused on helping real estate investors in the Greater Toronto Area create income for life.

As word spread about what they were doing, they were featured in national media such as the National Post, the Business News Network (BNN), Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, and numerous local publications as well. 

As the business grew, so did the team.

Because of their focus on individualized coaching to create success, Rock Star has grown to a team of 60+ people dedicated to working hand in hand with real estate investors. Together they “walk the walk” daily, as active investors themselves, and helping over 5,600 investors.

In addition to actively coaching investors, for 15 years, Tom & Nick have been writing a 12-page monthly newsletter for the investors they work with. Each month covers real estate, economic updates, investing strategies, on-the-street insights, investor success stories as well as sharing upcoming classes, training and networking opportunities.

Multiple times a year, Tom & Nick host the Your Life. Your Terms. Event where they share practical, No-B.S. economic and local market updates with hundreds of active investors. In addition they host high-level classes and networking events for Rock Star’s VIPs.

And in 2018, Tom and Nick launched a podcast, The Your Life! Your Terms! Show. With hundreds of episodes available to the public, they dive into real estate, business building, the economy, Bitcoin, and everything involved in living life on your terms! You can join the 10K+ weekly listeners on all major podcast players.

Today, Tom and Nick are still actively teaching classes to the Rock Star Inner Circle and the public, as well as mentoring and working with investors through one-on-one consults and via groups.

"Your Life. Your Terms."

About Rock Star

Our company is called Rock Star Real Estate.

Because people don’t invest to become landlords, they invest to live the life they want. That’s what we call their “Rock Star Life.”

Whether it’s partying in Vegas or reading a book on the cottage dock, it’s Your Life. Your Terms.

As a team, we’ve focused on working with real estate investors (most with no prior experience), to build an asset base for themselves that lets them live life on their terms or brings them closer and closer to it each day.

Years ago, we noticed the middle class was being destroyed in Canada.

Life continues getting more expensive but incomes aren’t keeping up.

Canadians are falling further and further away from the financial freedom needed to live life on their terms.

Instead, people are forced to continuously work harder to get ahead.

You see, to get ahead, your wealth needs to grow faster than inflation and the devaluation of the Canadian dollar.

If it isn’t, you're actually getting "poorer" in real time.

And your income alone won’t cut it. 

You need good assets.

There are only three things we’ve found to outpace the destruction of our money:

  1. Very high-growth tech stocks. Think Tesla, Apple etc. You have to be super selective and choosy here so it can be tricky.
  2. Bitcoin. (It can't be debased by the government like dollars can. It has a fixed supply and is out of the control of any government)
  3. And income properties. You put 20% down, average appreciation since 1969 in the Greater Toronto Area is approximately 7%, that’s a 35% average annual gain. Beauty.

This is why we’ve made income properties a cornerstone of our own strategy to gain the financial freedom needed to live life on our terms.

It’s why Rock Star exists.

And as Rock Star has grown, we’ve continued to develop classes and coaching to help make investing in real estate as straightforward as possible.

With 20+ reoccuring Rock Star classes, the Rock Star Inner Circle can take advantage of simple, easy-to-follow systems for multiple property types.

Plus, we regularly host expert-led classes designed to help investors live life on their terms.

And our team has now worked with hundreds of investors to purchase $2.5B+ income property across Ontario, and seen countless people use real estate to reach (and exceed) their personal goals and live life on their own terms!

Tom & Nick

"Your Life. Your Terms."

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