What is the Rock Star Inner Circle?

For years now, Tom & Nick Karadza, along with their team, have been working hand-in-hand with real estate investors right across Canada.

What started with a couple investment properties has grown into a group of properties that bring in over $1.5  million dollars to Rock Star Inner Circle members every month!

It seems crazy to think about.

So when we get asked about the Rock Star Inner Circle it can be hard to summarize because it has so many facets.

The most important thing to know is that it is a group of active, current-day investors working together to help one another.

If you are in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario it is even better since so much of the group is local to you along with many of the benefits.

The focus is on education.

By taking lessons learned first hand and sharing them amongst one another to help investors leap frog challenges they may face.

Our members have a common belief that there is plenty of opportunities available for investors and that success can come more quickly, and easily, by surrounding themselves with the right people.

The group is constantly evolving so benefits change and are being added regularly. For complete details and a list of membership benefits visit our information page here.

If you think you can benefit from hanging around people who are on the street implementing investing tactics every single day then you should check it out.

To get a sampling of some of the systems and strategies we use, download a FREE copy of our Income for Life for Canadians book, or register for our FREE Live 90-Minute Real Estate Investment Training Class. We always stick around after the class to talk investment properties and answer any questions you might have.

To see a full list of details about the Membership click here.

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What People Are Saying About Us

Being a Rock Star Inner Circle Member is about more than just investing in real estate. It’s about creating wealth to achieve financial freedom to live your life on your terms. All of the classes, events, networking, mentoring, and investing are all just part of the journey. The end goal is always to live life on your own terms. 

Here are just a few people already doing it:

I’ve had a very positive experience. There is so much communication, which is great. My Rock Star coach is great and so supportive in every way. I always look forward to the members event, I would never miss one! I really feel like I’m part of this investing group. You guys have done a superb job. I love you guys!
-Suzanne Dobson, Hamilton, Ontario

I cannot stress how instrumental Rock Star has been to my success thus far. Before joining, I really had no focus to my investing and truly felt lost. Rock Star consistently provides me with so much detailed information that is immediately applicable. It is a refreshing change from the generic real estate info out there. I’m now on the path to becoming a full time investor and business owner instead of stuck in the rat race making money for someone else.
-James Maggs, Ancaster, Ontario

All of my dealings with various people at Rock Star Real Estate have been nothing but first class and very professional. Any questions or concerns have always been taken seriously and fully addressed. The networking has always been a highlight. Such great people come to these events and everyone seems free to share their stories to help you out. Kudos to you all for creating that atmosphere of trust.
-Lew King, Mississauga, Ontario

I have joined different real estate clubs over the last 8 years and feel that the professionalism in the Rock Star team is second to none. The information, updates and communication from the office and my coach’s persistence in looking for properties that fit my criteria is proof that I made the right decision to join this fantastic group.
-John A. Fernandez, Pickering, Ontario.

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Free Download – Income For Life For Canadians

We’re giving away our real estate investing book that normally sells on Amazon.com for $24.95. We hope that by sharing good, solid, fundamentally correct information with you that you may one day decide to work with our brokerage to buy, sell or invest in properties. It’s as simple as that. We believe in “giving first” as a way for you to trust that we know our stuff!

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