“Rock Star, I thought that a corporate job and investing in the stock market was the way to financial security. Boy, was I wrong!! We currently have 5 properties, and plan to continue to grow our real estate portfolio! The added value of the classes and the events are priceless! Nick, Tom and the entire Rock Star team are motivational and inspirational. I am impressed with their passion, innovation, their desire to impart knowledge with members, and their commitment to giving back to their communities. Becoming a Rock Star member has been an amazing experience and privilege.”

Brenda Yeomans, Mississauga, ON

“I am an Architectural Technologist by profession. I have worked in the field of Architecture for 29 years. 10 years in Kenya and Seychelles Islands and the last 19 years in Montreal. My wife and I owned a few rental properties in Montreal, got seriously burnt with my investments during the recession of the 80s. My wife and 2 teenage children moved to Toronto where I had to make a career change to “sales” to be able to feed my family as jobs in the building related field were very scarce. While in Toronto, I attended several lectures/ workshops promoting investment in real estate. Unfortunately, I was not impressed with any until I was invited to attend one of Rock Star’s meetings. I was mostly impressed with Rock Star because they were promoting the truth and did not seem to have any hidden agendas. It seemed pretty straight forward according to my experience in investment properties. Later, I was fortunate to have Mike as my coach who reinforced my opinion about Rock Star. So far we have two rent to owns in Barrie and hope to increase our portfolio. I am near retirement with little to fall back on, so I have made it my mission to make Real Estate my retirement insurance. Thanks to Dion Beg who introduced me to Rock Star and thanks to the Rock Star family who opened the doors to Investment property for me once again. Since we had been burnt with our experience in real estate, it took a lot of courage for my wife and I to give real estate another chance towards the last leg of our journey in life.”

Balbir Jandu, Woodbridge, ON

“Tom makes today’s economic news exciting and relevant. I always enjoy his energy and insights.”

Dianne Howie, Burlington, ON

“The one day event was very helpful to hear guiding principles that helped others succeed in achieving what is important to them and specialize in doing well in real estate investing. Diversify investments may be more appealing when one faces retirement but want to protect savings against inflation and economic downturns. The rent-to-own system worked well as long as the right tenant is selected. This investment venue has helped me increase cash flow and expand my horizon for real estate investing.”

Kitty Zanata, Mississauga, ON

“Tom and Nick continue to provide constant value via the various sources of media through which they disseminate their information (email, video, newsletters, various classes, etc…). Sometimes the info drives home a similar message (repetition is good – drives home the concept) and most other times there is some nugget or kernel of info that you can take away from it. As members and investors, we understand that they are running a business and part of the success of their business will no doubt depend on how deep you extend your relationship with them (VIP Membership, marketing classes… ) but you don’t get the sense that they are peddling product (which they do not do). Instead, they provide meaningful content as it relates to today’s markets. As members, we take what applies to us and employ it and should we need to delve further with Rock Star, we feel we are able to do so on our terms. Having been to various real estate promotions in the GTA, Tom, Nick and Rock Star stand out for as being genuine and provide wonderful value for their membership.”

Cyrus Gazdar, Mississauga, ON

“The last Rock Star membership event was not only fast-paced, fact-packed, and energizing, but all presentations were easy to understand and contained ideas that were (or will be) directly implementable. Kudos to the Rock Star team!”

Herman van Barneveld, Hamilton, ON

“Tom, Nick and the Rock Star Team have been a tremendous influence on how we want to live our lives on our own terms.”

Merrill Garcia, Markham, ON

“Rock Star, the feeling good club! A place that is open-minded and friendly! Progressive and accessible! Suitable for all, young and not so young, experienced and not so experienced.”

Hinti Grenier Pandelides, Cobourg, ON

“I never miss the Member Event, as it ALWAYS provides such valuable information and I find it inspiring to be with so many like-minded real estate investors. There are very few places for so many real estate investors to come together. Tom and Nick are the real deal and share their knowledge openingly and willingly.”

Deirdre Dunne, Guelph, ON

“I brought a guest to the member event. He asked about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad that he heard a speaker talk about. I gave him my copy later in the day at a hockey game. To an open mind these events have the power to be life changing!”

Don Vogel, Mississauga, ON

“Rock Star Real Estate is a great organization that does more than teach you good systems for investing. They truly aim to improve the lives of their members in all aspects including health, family relationships, entrepreneurship and more.”

Paul Nogas, Burlington, ON

“Rock Star Events get me energized to get out there and take action. But after this latest Rock Star Event I am going to figure out what’s important before I figure out what is next…Can’t wait for the next one!”

Brent Rylott, Brighton, ON

“I think this is a great event. I always look forward to it because there is always something to learn or even be inspired to continue working on our own “Your Life on Your Terms”. Looking forward to coming to the future events.”

Sherif Samy, Mississauga, ON

“I really enjoyed the presentation of Jim Sheils. He is an amazing person!!! I felt his sincerity, integrity and kindness as he shares his personal experience. The 3 key points he highlighted are very precise and useful. I hope you will bring him back. Thank you so much Rock Star for introducing Jim to us. He is very inspiring.”

Regina Ilusorio, Mississauga, ON

“The guest speakers that you have are the best in the business. The ideas that they share are not just theory because the speakers live in the trenches and share their experiences. This is valuable than any theory.”

Daniel Tarasko, Waterloo, ON

“My wife and I decided to put one foot forward and see what Rock Star was all about. The thought of buying a property as an income investment was a little frightening at first. We had lots of the “how-what-where-and-why” questions. I’m sure everyone has them at first, but it didn’t take long to get the answers we needed to feel comfortable and get looking for that first house. Mike is a great coach and a good guy, which really helped a lot moving forward. Thanks Mike! The day before the Your Life. Your Terms. Event we wrote a deposit cheque for our first rent to own property, “yeehaa!!!” And the event on Saturday was a great time we loved the speakers and the great people we met at our table. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Chris and Rhonda Martin, Grimsby, ON

“The Rock Star community is a great place to learn about all areas of real estate investing. The company has amazing people and everyone is there to help and motivate you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.”

Lori Meloche, Mississauga, ON

“Fantastic event! I am willing to put down $50 and say that each and every investor paying attention in the room would have walked out with something of v value.

Economic update was mind blowing—reading between the lines at its best!

Well done.”

Mehul Patel, St. Catharines, ON

“It was a fantastic event with great energy in the room. My hat goes off to all the Rock Star team, job well done. Upon leaving these events you come out feeling informed.”

Dave Gallantly, Toronto, ON

“If one implements only 20% of what is shared at Rock Star training classes and/or events, one’s life can only improve fanatically!

Take action because now is the most precious moment you have!”

Peter Mazzuchin, Brampton, ON

“Even if the content wasn’t awesome, which it is, and even if the speakers weren’t absolute experts in their fields, which they are, and even if I only found one good idea out of attending, which never happens, because I come home with pages of notes–I’d still attend!


Because, these events recharge me. No matter how down I am on what life, business, work, investing or whatever has thrown at me, spending time with the Rock Star ream and the Inner Circle members sends me home with the positive energy I need to make things happen.”

Kevin Magee, Brantford, ON

You guys always knock our socks off! The value you provide for the cost is ridiculous!

I love the information, especially Tom’s economic updates—Tom puts confusing headlines and media articles into easy-to-understand, logical ideas.

I especially like the part about how we can profit from all the crazy happenings going on right now. Fantastic!


April Sepa, Brantford, ON

Hey guys.

Just wanted to say great job again on the member conference. Sia and I really enjoyed it, especially the economic update.

The economic updates are our favourite part. I like the way you put it into layman’s terms and make it easy to understand with visual aids and humour.

I certainly appreciate the time and effort that has to go into the presentations.

Shawn Campbell, London, ON

Hi Tom,

Just thought I would pass on my thanks for hosting the event last night—very much appreciated.

It was great information for someone just starting into it! The parts that I gained the most benefit from were the Inner Circle interviews and the economic update.

The economic update was a great high level view of things and sort of fleshed out concepts that I had wondered about.

Stuart Harrison, Burlington, ON

Great meeting last night.

From the check-in reception (everyone saying hello, smiling and making you feel like a part of it all) Nick explaining corporations, Skyline, and Tom explaining the Economic update—FANTASTIC.

Now that I’m selling my 1st RTO and closing on a duplex and student rental in June, I’ve been considering that it might be time to incorporate and will probably need to pick your brains and read up on it some more to be ready in the near future to do just that.

Wayne Neale, Toronto, ON

The event was packed full of energy and information!

James and Martin C were very insightful and proved that even if you make mistakes, the key is to take action—eventually we can all get there and live life on our terms. Excellent event for my first time. I am looking forward to the next one!

Alena Safarik, Paris, ON

Training classes are great cannot wait to sign up for Flipping Houses and other to educate us. Keep up the great work we’re looking for the next event, training and any information to educate us more.

Thanks all!

Merrill Garcia & Violet Gao, Markham, ON

I absolutely LOVE the economic update! Tom has a talent for condensing the complex into something understandable!


Leslie Trotter, Ancaster, ON

I have been coming to your Event’s for the last three years. These are powerful meetings and every time I leave I think to myself—”I am gonna buy another house.” I think your meetings are relevant to today’s busy life and I love your take on the economy and currency.

Tom—your inner passion for this subject shows through your presentation. You should be the Prime Minister! Or maybe the Economic/Finance Minister—something to add to your bucket list. I think Canada would be a better place.

Nick you are also a terrific speaker and presenter and I think the two of you bounce positivity off each other. It shows.

I think both of you strive for continuous growth and learning. You read everything. What you learn, you share. That in itself moves you forward and that is why you are so relevant and your events are so powerful.

I love that you talk about all of us and our deals. That gives me great assurance. These events keep me feeling personally connected to real estate investing.

I feel passionate about it, and I think I share that feeling with many of the members in attendance including my family.

Mary Murphy, Etobicoke, ON

As always, the Economic update was so insightful and helped us to understand the current global situation and how it affects us.

Thank you so much for bringing so much value to the member event! We are always grateful for all the hard work you put into keeping us informed and well educated.

– Christopher & Annalou Tan, Mississauga

Christopher & Annalou Tan, Mississauga, ON

By now I have attended all the classes and it ends up being the fastest 2 hours of my week.

For me it serves 2 purposes, firstly, I love getting educated and these classes give me great insight and information about all aspect of investing in real estate and the current economic conditions, in layman’s terms.

Secondly, it gets me energized to go out and do it. It’s similar to 50% of the people who attend a “Tim Robbins” seminar, they may have heard it serval times, but they go to get energized.

– Tom Dobbs, Ancaster

Tom Dobbs, Ancaster, ON

To make it short, I can summarize it in three words: question, passion, people.

The classes are very good introduction to the universe of real estate and they have given me the ability to look for deeper knowledge by reading books so that I can ask relevant questions and not too general questions which can not be answered.

The speakers are always very passionate with real estate, which is communicative.

And I could meet much more advanced real estate investors among the attendees who are helpful to talk about their experiences, particularly what not to do or what to focus on.

– Jean-Charles Peluchon, Ancaster

Jean-Charles Peluchon, Ancaster, ON

As a novice real estate investor Rock Star really provide the information you need in order to build your real estate portfolio. From RTO, Student Rental, Multi-Unit and other real estate investing they will give you their own unbiased experience and some more.

Merrill Garcia, Markham, ON

Your events are the best value anywhere!

– Troy Boettinger, Kitchener

Troy Boettinger, Kitchener, ON

Hello Nick – Erwin gave me a copy of the “Canadian Real Estate Investing Lessons from the Streets” book recently – just wanted to let you and Tom know that it was such a fantastic read!

Down-to-earth, practical tips and wonderful perspective. Especially enjoyed the chapter on “Creating Lifetime Value, instead of Now Value.”

Keep up the great work and I wish you continued success. Look forward to continuing to work with Erwin and building a great team to take action and support my real estate investment goals!


Justin Agius, Mississauga, ON

First off, let me say that the member’s event was fabulous!

The guest speaker was very informative and Gus & I got so much from his talk.

As we are progressing along with property purchases, we found his information to be invaluable and we are on the move this week to get adequately set up in the best way possible for our business.

As far as you both, I find your talks on the economy, both world and Canadian, fascinating!

I wish my brain would absorb every little detail as I can’t get enough of this!

Thank you for your wealth of information that you share with us to help us attain success in the business venture. I only wish I had found Rock Star years ago!


Dianna Duffy, Oakville, ON

One of the things I like best about the RSIC VIP program is the ability to chat with Tom & Nick about anything–real estate or otherwise. It’s like having my own personal expert advisory at my disposal.

Earlier this year I spent time sharing my ideas for marketing my business and Tom blew me away with very specific ideas or where to advertise, how to advertise and what to offer.

That meeting alone was worth the entire year’s worth of investment in the VIP program. If you’re on the fence I would highly encourage you to invest in yourself and join RSIC VIP.

And we’ll see you at the next VIP networking dinner!


Teresa Biagi, Milton, ON

I am writing to thank you guys for putting on the event yesterday.

It is really great to hear your comments and also to get input from the rest of this group. Truly a good group of people to know.

Personally, my situation is up in the air so I really appreciate the you allowed me to discuss what I did yesterday.

The Crush it was tough to vote on given what some of these people have accomplished in a short time.

So again, thanks for the opportunity to be around winners and action takers. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to be part of this. There is power and energy in this group that helps to energize the others.


Mark Mizolek, Oakville, ON

Rock Star has really done a lot for me and given me the tools to bring in a nice secondary income from my properties so I feel grateful for what you have shared with me and with all the support I have received.

This past year and a half or so with the seven properties I have obtained has been amazing so I will always be greatful and consider myself fortunate to be a Rock Star member.


Paul Revill, Mount Albert, ON

Thanks so much for the plaque last night, it was a very nice gesture. Its always nice to be recognized and you guys do a great job of it.

Enjoyed last nights presentation as always, as I like hearing all about the economy and what’s going on and suggestions on how and why to enter into things such as gold & silver and for how long etc.—Great stuff!

Thanks to you and the team.

All the best to you, the team and your families for a great thanksgiving.

Wayne Neal, Toronto, ON

Making a difference a lot to me in my life journey.

Whether it be something T’ve done or something I’ve said.

If I can’t make a difference, I usually do and say nothing.

Once in a while someone makes a difference in my life by something they said or done, and that is why I’m thankful for the day I met Tom and Nick Karadza

They’ve made a significant difference in my life.

Gino Spada, Ridgeway, ON

Hi Tom and Nick,

Thanks for sharing your ideas and your experiences. Its been a while I have stopped dreaming and setting goals after a number of setbacks and failed businesses… will start applying what I learn small step at a time.

Nice office and its closer to Mississauga.

I am looking at what’s next for me to fulfill my dreams and goals.


Anthony Chuck-Yin, Mississauga, ON

Hi Nick,

I can’t say enough about everything you and Tom do, and how Rock Star has given me exactly what I need month after month.

I went from two purchases in 2 years, to 5 this year (and the year is not over yet!) due to the knowledge and confidence gained from the Rock Star systems, newsletters, CD’s, and my coach.

Without you guys I’d still be feeling lost!

Thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing you later.


James Maggs, Ancaster, ON

I consider you guys good friends too and appreciate how my horizon has expanded due to your sharing of your knowledge and friendship.

Who would have guessed in 3 years to have purchased 5 RTO’s 1 straight rental, closing this June on a partnered student rental (8 bedrooms), closing this June on another RTO, and just last week was able to partner with my son to purchase a condo for him. Also having my 1st RTO with Leslie now requesting to buy out in June. (Can’t wait for June to be over–lol) What a ride!

I plan on staying around in the background just doing my thing knowing anything I need you’re both just an email away. Couldn’t have done it without all of you.

The thanks belongs to you.

Wayne Neale, Toronto, ON

“Amazing! I submitted my testimonial already for the member newsletter, and I got the chance to speak at the event on the “hot seat” at yesterday’s event.

This was an honor, especially since I am new to real estate investing in general (not just new to Rock Star!). I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Rock Star. That’s why I did not hesitate to upgrade my membership to VIP, and I would take the time to fill out the survey even if it was 100 questions!”


Andrew Shin, Toronto, ON

“All the Rock Star staff is great, through my investing, are always there to help and answer any doubt that I have. Thanks again.”

Dario Conti, Brampton, ON

“Well organized, exciting, full of energy and your Rock Star Team created a fantastic environment for real estate investors. Awesome Speakers, great knowledge! Great food! Great event!”


Patricia Gallant, Mississauga, ON

“All of my dealings with various people at Rock Star Real Estate have been nothing but first class and very professional. Any questions/concerns have always been taken seriously and fully addressed. The networking has always been a highlight…such great people come to these events and everyone seems free to share their “stories” to help you out. Kudos to you all for creating that atmosphere of trust.”


Lew King, Mississauga, ON

“My experience so far is very good, need to get more training and learn more about Rock star. Thanks for a great event!”

Naveen Rai, Bradford, ON

“I have joined different real estate clubs over the last 8 years and feel that the professionalism in the Rock Star team is second to none. The information, updates, communication from the office and my coach Leslie been persistent looking for properties that fit my criteria is proof that I made the right decision to join this fantastic group.”


John A Fernandez, Pickering, ON

“Even though I haven’t acquired any properties as yet, the information and resources provided by Rock Star is invaluable.”


Grace Henry, Mississauga, ON

“FANTASTIC. Really enjoy the events. From all the smiling greeting faces, it’s a pleasure to belong to such a great club with relevant information from everyone. Enjoyed hearing the economic update before the end of the day. Meeting with like-minded investors and mingling with the few that I have known over the years gives us time to catch up and share our much enjoyed success stories and what we have accomplished and what our future plans are. Since the tribulations are few, as we have great folks to help us through all of them we can focus on the better things. The best investment I ever made was putting myself in this club and look forward to many more years of investment prosperity. As always every one Rocks!”


Wayne Neale, Toronto, ON

“I cannot stress how instrumental Rock Star has been to my success thus far. Before joining I really had no focus to my investing and truly felt lost. Rock Star consistently provides me with so much detailed information that is immediately applicable. It is a refreshing change from the generic real estate info out there. I’m now on the path to becoming a full time investor and business owner instead of stuck in the rat race making money for someone else… Thank you!”


James Maggs, Ancaster, ON

“All your coaches are great. We bought two more houses through your services. Rock Star provides many resource for us to achieve what we need to do, the only thing is how far we want to go. We are still working on it. We are glad we join this investment group of people.”


Hubert & Jill, Hamilton, ON

“Very happy to connect with such a professional organization that cares about and caters to the fostering of the personal success of its members. You guys are the real deal. Thanks.”

Karen Dove & Ron Falsetto, Guelph, ON

“I have a lot of gratitude for having found Rock Star Real Estate.

Tom and Nick and the coaches have offered advice, shared their teachings willingly and have offered fellowship via their member events.  The sharing of experiences has come from many sources – the monthly newsletters, the audio recordings, my coach and other members.

These shared experiences have brought me confidence, inspiration that it can be done, along with a road map of the bumps and pot holes to avoid or if not avoided advice on how not to get derailed.”

Deirdre Dunne, Guelph, ON

“Invested in my 1st investment property in London On; a Student Rental in April 2014; collected my keys and I have not been back there for any issues since then… this is October (6 months running) and I have peace of mind. The property cash flows and PAD rental has been great in managing the property.”


Femi Olokesusi, Brampton, ON

“As always a great event with great speakers and the economic update is always the highlight.”

David Redding, Burlington, ON

“A great forum for investors to develop skills, collaborate and confidence in the real estate investing industry! Appreciate the Canadian content and experience of investors in the gta area. Overall a helpful platform for new and experienced investors.”

Samera Q. Zoberi, Brampton, ON

“As a new baby Member (one week old), I thoroughly enjoyed being around other Members, both the fresh and the seasoned, and I thoroughly appreciated the high quality of the presentations. As well, I felt very much at home.”


Phil Walsh, Toronto, ON

“I enjoyed the fall member event today. I’m a newbie and haven’t taken the plunge in buying my first investment property yet, but I’m still benefitting from these events and hearing the stories of others who were once in my shoes. It’s inspirational. Thank you.”


Mary Marasovic, Oakville, ON

“We owe a lot to Tom and Nick and we haven’t even purchased an investment yet! The mentoring we have received has put us on the fast track to financial freedom. Thanks again.”


Kurtis Reitzel, Waterloo, ON

“Thumbs up to Tom & Nick, as well as Leslie who have helped us get into Real Estate Investing! Thanks for guiding us in our journey up until now and hope to purchase many more properties in the years to come!”

Koukun Unosawa, Toronto, ON

“Exceptional as usual, maybe more exceptional than usual. Today’s Member Event was satisfying to say the least. Meeting new investors, chatting with our coach and other seasoned investor friends. It’s all a good time, not to mention the content of information you just can’t find ANYWHERE! A room full of so many real estate investors taking action like this is rare indeed.”


Roman Jirasek, Milton, ON

“Thank you for this event. I am really happy that I attended because there was so much information presented. The take away materials are also very useful, and I already made plans for contacting the sources that I need at this time. Also having the actual individuals talk about their services was a good idea as this adds credibility to their services and products.”


Judith Nicholas, Brampton, ON

“Great event. I really like the hot seat aspect as it allows everyone else to connect to other investors by hearing their successes and challenges. I can say with confidence that not only these events are used as a source of information in understanding the current economic situation and various aspects of real estate investing but they are also used as a motivating factor by the attendees to go out and take action. Reading and listening about real estate investment is great but if you don’t act then you will always remain a spectator. These events allow us to move from a spectator to actually being part of the game.”


Pratik Dhrona, Toronto, ON

“Hey Tom and Nick, thanks again to you and your staff for organizing the latest RS Member Event. As usual it was very informative and very inspiring. As a long time member of Rock Star and having attended many of the Member Events, I always look forward to the different topics and useful investing information that are discussed and seeing everyone again, and of course the Economic Update from Tom is always very interesting and very valuable to all of us involved in the world of real estate investing. Keep up the great work, see you soon!”


Aldo Martone, Guelph, ON

“It’s great to have a place where you not only feel welcome but that those around you including the speakers are there with you not just to make money off you. You can truly relax, learn, make friends and contacts at these member events.”


Troy Boettinger, Kitchener, ON

“I look forward to the member events. Value added! Wouldn’t miss it!”


Dianne Howie, Burlington, ON

“If you’re a beginner or experienced real estate investor this is the place to learn and network with people that are action-takers. After two years joining Rock Star Inner Circle we’ve learned how to invest in RTOs, Student Rentals and Multi-units. Everyone has a great knowledge and experience that we all can leverage from. Thanks Tom and Nick for creating such a great place for everyone!”

Merrill Garcia & Violet Gao, Markham, ON

“Best real world financial updates this side of Lake Ontario!”


Joe Chiodo, Toronto, ON

“I met with a few real estate agents before meeting Tim but I did not feel any of them really understood the process of purchasing real estate as an investment, nor did I feel confident that they would be able to help me through, what appeared to be, a daunting process legally. Tim was able to answer all my questions, and as someone who has gone through the process themselves he could easily relate to my situation.  It was an easy decision to work with Tim.”

– Corey Bullock, Newmarket

“Their Rent to Own style of approach was a real eye opener for me. It helped me realize there is a smarter way to being a Landlord with greater rewards. I also like the fact that they provide you a ‘coach’ who is as you could say ‘mentor’ to guide and assist you through your journey of investments.”

– Robert Piper, Ridgeway

“Being new to the idea of “rent to own” we relied on Leslie to provide us with answers to a myriad of questions. Her patience and understanding while we navigated our way through the real estate jungle was invaluable.  She raised our confidence immeasurably by making us feel that no question was too dumb. Leslie is extremely reliable showing up well in advance for any meetings, well prepared for any situation.”

– Erica Nikolic, Kitchener

“Wow where to begin, my husband and I bought our first RTO property about 3 years ago and right by our side every step of the way was Leslie. She guided us gently through each and every step and answered our millions of questions and worries with great care and knowledge.”

– Ashley & Robyn Dafel, Oakville

“Rock Star Real Estate “the catalyst that helped us take the leap from talking about investing in real estate to actually doing it”. Our experience with Rock Star has been nothing short of exceptional. Over the past months we’ve read in awe and admiration the inspiring stories of the team and featured members. Each of these stories has motivated us to try to do more with our business and what a pat on the back it is for us this month to be featured by our coach.”

– Marie-Ange & Eric Noue, Brantford

“I have one of Tom and Nick’s famous articles posted on my office wall. It’s advice on ‘what to do when the crap hits the fan’. The last point though is my favorite – Get Bigger Problems! Their advice was to take on more and bigger problems so that your capacity to handle things grows. In my experience this advice holds true; whatever the obstacles are that are slowing you down, by stretching & taking on bigger challenges, those old problems actually seem to shrink in size and become almost irrelevant.”

– Kyle Dacey, Newmarket

“INCREDIBLE!!! Have you ever had your dreams come true? You can now. Tom & Nick’s Rent-to Own system and my incredible Warrior coach, Leslie, can make it all happen along with the rest of the team. This club is the best investment ever, beating stocks, futures and manual labour.”

– Wayne Neale, Toronto

“The Rock Star team is phenomenal. We feel like we have a secret mastermind team in our back pocket! Their support, knowledge and resources have propelled us to success every time.”

– Richard & Tania Macdonald, Hamilton

“I stumbled upon the Rock Star ads for the rent to own program and I was immediately intrigued. In late 2009, I booked myself into the Fast Start class and that was it; I was hooked. I have always wanted to own rental properties, but the fear of renting and all the horror stories that go with it always prevented me from proceeding. Whenever I would talk to anyone about this idea, they always fed me all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it, too risky, too many headaches, too difficult, too much money involved and so on. I felt Rock Star was different, they would actually help me with everything and were encouraging rather than discouraging.”

– Theresa Krupl, Scarborough

“After participating in the first class, Invest in Nice Homes in Nice Areas, with Rock Star we have not looked back. We joined in November of 2010, purchased two properties in March of 2011 and one in July of 2011. So far this has been an amazing experience. JP Gulbis, has an uncanny ability to walk into a potential property and know within moments whether or not it is suitable for the rent to own program. The Rock Star system has thought of everything, from JP, to a great mortgage broker, to the lawyer, all integral parts to ensuring a worthwhile investment.”

– Scott Lowe & Donna Pled, Uxbridge

“We have had an amazing experience as Rock Star members. Being part of a group of successful investors who are using a proven system gave us the confidence to take action. Mike Desormeaux is our Rock Star hero. He never lets us down. He is always there to support us, giving us advice and guidance no matter how unusual our questions are. His knowledge and insight are invaluable and he is truly a pleasure to work with.”

– Mike & Meghan Fox, Barrie

“While searching for ‘real’ investing information, that was local and relevant, we came across Tom & Nick’s website. I was astounded at the amount of straight-forward, quality information that these guys offered. We quickly devoured the e-book… we wanted to get in on the RTO strategy. We wanted to get the most out of our investing dollars and RTO seemed like a low-risk, high return way to make that happen. This was all before we even had a chance to do a fast start class! That is how much trust I had in the information that Tom & Nick provided, and the RTO strategy!”

– Colleen & George Haykin, Oakville

“I stumbled on Rock Star. After reading the blog and websites until 4:00 am there were just so many things that made sense about RTO’s. The information on the Rock Star site was more credible somehow than all the others, it had Canadian content, and on top of that they were investing themselves! Of course it didn’t hurt that their offices were just down the street. We want to thank the Rock Star team, we owe them a great debt of gratitude for helping us realize our dreams. Thank you for sharing all the information you share and making the investing process fun.”

– Craig & Sandie Swirzon, Burlington

“We feel blessed to have found Rock Star. Tom and Nick (and all the other coaches) are very knowledgeable and sincere, which means we can trust them. There is a system in place, ongoing in-class training, web based learning, legal documents, the area where to focus the search for homes has been carefully studied, the business support group (mortgage broker, lawyer, accountant) are available for those who wants to use their services, and most important is the access to experienced coaches, who are also investors themselves. The business model is simple, repeatable, and it works! An added bonus of being with the group is meeting wonderful people in the brokerage as well as amazing investors!”

– Tony & Marilou Soria, Mississauga

“My coach Mike has been there for me, through every challenge or question I’ve had. The guy is a working machine, its awesome to see a coach who truly cares about your financial success! I wish my RRSP manager could have 1⁄2 the results that Rock Star has helped me with! The practical information is very valuable. For a beginner real estate investor this can be learned and easily understood by conversations with anyone from the Rock Star team. Learning through practical experience is why I ask so many questions. Mike assisted me through the whole buying process I am very fortunate to have him as my trustworthy advisor.”

– Kevin Tulk, Dundas

“One evening while I was browsing the internet researching Rent-To-Own, the Rock Star website popped up and there was a wealth of information about RTO and the team. Instantly, I was lured to the free resources and free class that they offered. After reading their book, I knew I’d found a workable system and an experienced team that would help me in real estate investing. The wonderful thing is that Rock Star had developed a proven step by step process already. I just needed to execute it!”

– Josephine & CP Chan, Thornhill

“The Rock Star Member event is not to be missed. Excellent and invaluable information, great like minded movers and shakers in all aspects of real estate investing. It is a great venue to network and share real estate investment “war stories” – trials, tribulations, advice, new deals, best practices and successes with fellow members. Tom, Nick, as well as, the entire Rock Star team, the guest speakers and experts are absolutely incredible, inspirational and consistently provide several no BS new ideas and concepts that can in many instances be easily implemented to save or make all in attendance several thousands of dollars, not to mention getting us all that one step closer to “Living Life On Your Terms”! Not to mention, Tom’s Economic Update – insightful and entertaining as always. I am already looking forward to the next one!”

– Felix Vortsman, Thornhill, ON

“It is said that you are as good as the people with whom you surround yourself, so when investing in real estate, it’s important to associate with people willing to share their knowledge and experiences in this industry. What Rock Star has to offer as a group is not expensive, it’s priceless. We have always found the Rock Star team to be so willing to help in anyway. We say “just do it!” Thank you Rock Star Real Estate!”

– Diana Duffy & Gus Casciaro, Markham

“Rock Star cam into my life at a time when I wanted to learn more about real estate investing, I started researching articles on the internet and discovered Tom and Nick’s website, which appeared to be honest and straight forward. After downloading and reading the Income for Life eBook cover to cover, I decided to attend an introductory seminar last April where I was convinced this was the business vehicle I looking for. Our experience with Rock Star has been fantastic. Our coach JP Gulbis has been an absolute delight. His depth of knowledge, extensive experience and caring attitude has been of tremendous benefit in getting us this far.”

– Neal & Margaret Picov, Toronto

“I attended a large real estate network seminar only to be disenchanted by the high power selling, self-adulation of the speakers and overall insincere vibe of the event. Much to my surprise, none of my previous experience reared its ugly head at Rock Star. It was quite the opposite actually. Nobody asked for my net worth statement, there were no guards at the door and as a bizarre twist, they were more than happy to educate me with specific, sensible information!”

– Leslie Trotter, Ancaster

“In September I joined Rock Star as an Inner Circle Member, and went to the Fast Start Class. This is where I met my coach J.P. Gulbis. The first question JP asked me was, “Why am I looking at real estate to invest?” It was a simple answer, I want to build a foundation of wealth that my family can enjoy, we can help other families realize their dream of home ownership, and we can give another family a “Hand Up”. I began working with JP, we purchased 4 homes in October closing from November to February. Rock Star has put together a great team and system, of which I am able to benefit from. From coach to broker to admin. Support, no matter how many times I call, without the Rock Star team I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Daniel Tarasko, Waterloo, ON

“While I had heard about “Lease Option” or Rent to Own, I didn’t know much about it, so I attended one of the free seminars, realized right away how great the Rock Star system was and joined immediately. (The amount of great quality information I have learned from the CD’s, and newsletters has been invaluable!).”

– James Maggs, Ancaster

“I contacted JP Hunt and we went to view my first property as quickly as we could. I absolutely loved the home and we drove back to the office to put in an offer. I told him that I was nervous to show it as I had never taken on that role. He had full confidence in me and thankfully was always there when I needed him. As I started to show the properties weekly, confidence started to heighten. JP was right!!”

– Christine Stanyon, Burlington

“Without a doubt Tom & Nick are the real deal and with Mike Desormeaux as my “SUPER” coach, life has truly changed. As we play the famous monopoly board game now for real, we H are owners. The journey past “GO” has only just begun to live, OUR LIFE on OUR TERMS.”

– Dean Anderson, Hamilton

“I finally found what I needed. A team of professionals, not one person giving a seminar to a group; with ongoing support, not a weekend overload; and Mike Desormeaux, my coach, my very own coach.”

– Joan Tulloch, Toronto

“I came across the Rock Star website and signed up for a seminar. The seminar was inspiring to say the least. As a business owner and operator, I am constantly researching and obsessed with operations and systems. I immediately felt the Rock Star boys were in a similar mindset, and this was a group that I needed to belong too.”

-Ryan Hindmarsh, Toronto

“Our amazing coach, JP Hunt, was very patient and quickly adapted to our preferences in homes. He worked tirelessly sifting through listings while identifying those that satisfied our criteria and made sure to act quickly once we found something we liked. He provided invaluable advice and encouragement, invoked unlimited confidence and had all the answers to our crazy questions even if they were rolling in at 1 a.m. while he was on vacation.”

-Richard & Ingrid Clayton, Markham