We're Perfect - Yeah Right! When Pigs Fly

to improve is to change

During the move into our new offices a long time client mentioned that we seem to do a perfect job of handling our time, our stress and our goals.

Well, I mean, yeah right.


No one is 100% successful at anything they do.

I remember looking up, in astonishment, to entrepreneurs who were building their own businesses.

And to investors who were adding property to their portfolio with ease and elegance.

They seemed to have all the answers, knew all the right people, had all the resources.

We now know that's 100% pure and unfiltered B.S.

People who get things done end up getting things done by expecting a lot from themselves ... putting a lot of pressure on themselves and layering on stress.

They get things done in the face of frustrations, interruptions, schedule conflicts.

They've learned to bribe, bully and skillfully convince the world around them to bend to their reality.

During our office move this week we were desperate to get an IT guy in to wire up the place on very short notice.

A good amount of our infrastructure is "in the cloud", so without a good Internet connection for everyone we're basically useless.

Years ago I would have placed one call into our IT contacts and waited for him to call back and then politely accepted whatever day of the week could work for him.

Not anymore.

We bribed him to come in on the holiday Monday to put in an 11 hour day wiring up the place.  He even convinced a friend to come help him.

Yup, on a statutory holiday.


The next day we had the Internet provider lined up to come in first thing in the morning and we needed the wiring complete by Monday night.

Mission accomplished.

But things don't always go as planned...

About a month ago our Google Adwords account was shut down ... for the third time.

Apparently we didn't have the proper disclaimer in place that said something to this affect: "the only proven way to make money is to save it in a bank account ... investing is very dangerous"

We scrambled around making the changes and then trying to get approval from Google for two weeks before we were finally online again.

This caused stressed, frustration and left us kicking ourselves for not having another campaign - that we discussed for a year - ready to run should such a thing happen.

And there's more fun...

Just last month, if you don't know already, the landlord we were subletting from went bankrupt.

And we only received 18 hours notice to get out.

We were paying our rent on time every month but the money wasn't flowing up to the owner of the building.


Trucks had to be rented, the team organized, fax numbers forwarded, mail dealt with, back-up training rooms organized, new commercial properties searched for.

We should have moved out of that place a year ago - but we got comfortable.

Another mistake on our part.

Oh, and there's more...

One of our rental properties had a mountain of garbage build up in the garage.

Literally a mountain, the garbage pile was so big you could have hiked up it for days.

We should have been monitoring the property more closely but got "busy" with other "priorities".

Another mistake.

So we've clearly learned that we're not perfect.

And here's what we can share with you.

If you feel like you're in a daily battle to get things done, to get deadlines met and to stay on track...


Because we've learned that's what it takes.

If you're trying to get a decent amount of things done then ... you better get ready for BATTLE!

But it's worth it.

Now, go get 'em!

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!

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0 comments on “We're Perfect - Yeah Right! When Pigs Fly”

  1. Awesome post..

    I'm trying to start a little "side business".. but it seems to be all I think about, even while at my day job.. So yes, stress is needed to push forward.. to get what you've never had, you have to do what you've never done. All the small things add up, so just as you guys say.. keep battling.

  2. In the middle of the busiest day I've had in weeks, pushing through a mountain of work and managing renovations etc... and dreaming of a break... but know I'm on the right track! Thanks for this post, makes me feel better 🙂

  3. Great and humorous as always! Thanks for making us feel better! When all of our friends were vacating up north to relaxation for the long weekend we stuck back in ghost town borington with our priorities on Real Estate and the four doors we had to fill! We felt a little envious but then checked ourselves for why we were doing this. We want to book our vacations first in future and work schedule second! Our life our terms! Even if for now it's to work hard while our friends play!

  4. At my daughters wedding rehearsal when I got a frantic text from one of my renters, sewer backup, "what do I do"? Had to go there after rehearsal and take care of it. We are living the dream!
    Sincerely Dave.

  5. Recently I had my own mountain of trash left behind by my evicted tenants. I rented a cube van & filled it to the top with all the garbage. The trash literally weighed over a tonne. Funny only in hindsight. Gotta keep battling ...

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