You're Turning Lead into Gold

Many moons ago, alchemists were best known for their attempts to turn lead into gold.

Quite a feat - that was never quite accomplished!

But every single day you and I are turning the "non-valuable" into "valuable."

You're picking up real estate properties that other people are getting rid of and transforming them into profitable income generating assets.

And at the same time providing quality homes to people.

Pretty powerful stuff.

And because you know how to take a property and "fix it up," or rent it out, or convert and renovate it, or increase its value - you are taking lead and turning into gold.

All the listings, leases, cash flow statements, and insurance documents are really just worthless little pieces of paper.

The biggest thing for you to understand is that it's your KNOWLEDGE of how to piece together a successful investment that has real value.

It's your WISDOM from applying what you know that has true worth.

You are a living alchemist. You find opportunities in the market and capitalize on them.

You find a way to acquire properties and offer shelter for competitive rates.

You find a way to offer beautiful living accommodations to people who wouldn't have it without you.

You find a way to meet budgets with cost effective contractors and discounted building supplies to create incredibly beautiful renovated housing.

You buy real estate in challenging economic areas and offer shelter.

The world is a much better place because of you. Much better.

This may all sounds a little philosophical - but that doesn't change the fact that it's true.

And because of your knowledge, because of your strategic efforts ...


I think most investors struggle to accept that they fully deserve the rent that they ask for - or the sale price they want.

Most investors discount their own true value in the market place.

I would say most of the investors I meet are caring people who are trying to be as generous and helpful as possible to others.

They're genuinely concerned for the well being of other people and are constantly trying to offer incredible amounts of value to others.

And sometimes this "giving" nature is exploited by people.

But the biggest culprit in exploitation is Y-O-U.

You are very often the one selling yourself short. Most investors completely sell themselves short on the value they are offering to others.

So they let themselves get walked all over by accepting excuses from others.

If you devalue yourself and what you do, who is going to have your back?

No one.

Nothing happens in real estate until someone takes some risk and puts their neck on the line.

And that somebody is you. So if you don't value what you do, then who will?

Seriously, who?

And for turning nothing into something you deserve to get paid.

Whether it's getting your monthly rent or the market price on a sale.

You've earned it and you deserve it.

Getting paid makes you happy, makes your family happy, and gives you the emotional energy to go out into the market and turn more lead into gold.

Remember, not everyone can do what you do. Not everyone can stomach the risks that you take.

So go on and be PROUD of YOU. Be proud of what you're doing - of what you're offering the world.

It's time to never again sell yourself short. To never again accept less than you deserve.

Do something right now for yourself ... call about those outstanding rent cheques, ask for the true worth of a property, follow-up with those pesky contractors.

Go on - take the world by storm!

Above all - treat this as a reminder to honour yourself.

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!


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