The Speed of Your Success is Determined by the Quality of Your Strategy

Let's go back in time...

In 2007 we were at a conference in Chicago.

It was the type of event where 15 speakers get up on stage over three days, share some content and then pitch you on a product for $995.

The product was usually the "next shiny marketing object that would transform your business overnight".

And during those three days, we watched hundreds of business owners and would-be-business-owners run, with VISA card in hand, to the back of the room.

Four years later we were at a similar type of conference in Dallas, Texas where we bumped into some of the same people.

The U.S. economy tanked during this time, and their businesses have suffered.

The easy money days of a booming economy were clearly over.

These guys were suffering.  They needed to make money today, urgently and desperately.

We felt for them, it's not a great emotional place to be.

And most of them were still running around looking for the "one thing" that will save their business and put cash in the pockets today.

They hadn't changed their behaviour or matured in their thinking.

They continued to think and act for the short term instead of the long term.

For the record ... there's no "one single thing" that will make you money.  It's a myth.

Here's the interesting part...

At this same conference, we met two guys who started their business about six years earlier and are absolutely thriving.

Not only had they grown over the previous few years, they were doubling their business.

They were optimistic, excited and enthusiastic about the future.

So how does one group of people suffer and another group grow and prosper?

Here it is...

A lot of people get hung up about the latest marketing craze. Years ago it was fax, then 1-800 numbers, then banner ads, then email, then Pay-Per-Click and today it's Social Media.

A lot of people also do IQ tests, personality tests and try to find their passions, their strengths and their weaknesses.  They do these tests to learn where they should focus their time and efforts.

There are countless books and websites focused on both of these things.

But almost all of it is hogwash.

The next time someone walks up to you and says "are you using the latest gizmo for your business yet?" ... go ahead and turn your back and walk away.

Anyone talking to you like that is focusing on TACTICS and not STRATEGY.

A strategy for your life and your business involves mapping out a strategic plan and then implementing it.

It's not running from one idea to the next.

That leads to nothing... we've now seen it and have proof.

Who do you think is going to succeed...

A) The person who is super savvy at finding the coolest technology to use to market and advertise your business.

B) The person who maps out a marketing campaign that attracts new potential clients, converts them into good prospects, then actual clients and then excellent referrals.

The two biggest "success differentiators" that we've observed have been:

1. The quality of someone's long-term strategy.

2. How well they use their time to implement that strategy.

That's it.

And you know the two people we mentioned above that had been rocking it with their business while others were suffering ... they still have problems.

We know them pretty well now and we can tell you they have freaky A-D-D habits, they have tons of personality issues and admit that they get distracted fairly often.

But what they do have is a great strategic plan and they spend time implementing it.

If you're looking to create your own strategic plan there's no better book we can recommend than "Mastering The Rockefeller Habits".

You can get if off Amazon or your local bookstore.

It may be time to stop chasing and start creating!

Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!

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  1. Hey Guys!

    You all looked like you were having a blast in that pic. Even though the article did not have as much quality information in it as other articles, the parts that did are definately worth reading again.

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