Rock Star TV - Episode 1 - Starting Over

OK, first I should let you know that YES the tile in the video says 'Renegade Real Estate TV' and YES I say it too.

But this is actually the first episode of Rock Star TV.

Got it? Great!

In true Tom & Nick fashion we decided it was more important to have it done and share it. We can adjust as we move forward. 🙂

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0 comments on “Rock Star TV - Episode 1 - Starting Over”

  1. Great video! I would have loved to hear more about the student rental, more specifically the thought process behind choosing to reno and the associated costs vs ROI. i.e. do you have to pay for renos from your pockets or is there a creative way to get financing. As a new investor, I think it's vital to learn how to think like an investor and videos such as this nudge us in that direction. Thank you for them, and please keep 'em coming!!

  2. Hey Krisztina, thanks for the feedback!

    It's always easier to go over numbers when they are written down so we'll figure out a way to go over the way we look at these things in an upcoming episode.


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