Are You Playing It Safe? You May Regret That...

We once read somewhere that a survey of ninety-year-olds uncovered that their #1 regret was NOT TAKING MORE RISKS in their lives.

This week I ran into a very old friend at the airport.

We hadn’t seen each other in about seven years.  He was still working at the company I left years ago.

He was travelling to a yet another stale corporate meeting, frustrated and upset.

I was travelling to New Orleans for a mastermind and to attend a marketing conference during Mardi Gras weekend.

That's a picture of me in the Bayou yesterday searching for alligators.

Two different journeys.

That interaction at the airport brought some recent experiences flashing back to me…

When I left Oracle to go to NetSuite my direct manager said that it was a bad move.

He literally told me I was making a big mistake.

I had a gut feeling that it was the right move and ended up learning a ton at NetSuite.

When I left NetSuite to start Rock Star Real Estate with Nick several colleagues thought I was insane.

Here’s the thing…

Any time in my life if I feel like I’m not learning and growing I become frustrated.  It’s a sign in my life that I need a change.

I left NetSuite to start a brand new business with no exact proven plan, a young family at home, a mortgage and hope.

What followed was two years of insane hours.

Up at 4:30 a.m. and to bed at 11:30 p.m.

I was drinking espresso like crazy just to stay awake.

Nick and I went into debt, we made a fraction of our typical incomes for the first couple of years and this was not the “safe” path.

The safe path would have been to stay in that job.

And then something happened…

Our business began to grow, we began to help more people find good real estate investments, our team began to grow.

Our incomes came back.

Our net worth began to grow again.

We bought a vacation property in Europe and now take month long summer vacations over there.

Last year we rented a boat and a captain and cruised the Croatian islands.

It’s was like a dream.

Two different journeys.

We’re not sharing any of this to boast, many have accomplished more than we have.

We don't think we've accomplished anything worth bragging about.

But we do want you to seriously consider your own journey.

So many people are walking around depressed, discouraged and disappointed with the state of their lives.

We’re here to tell you that everything you want is possible.

Your excuses are useless to us.

Save ‘em.

You need to change your context.

You need to change what you believe is possible.

We did this by finding people who were doing cool things in both real estate and in business and figured out ways to learn from them.

First it was books.

Then it was paying to attend real estate conferences, real estate boot camps and then marketing conferences, then later, more intimate mastermind meetings and private coaching.

At one event someone told us that it was possible to create “recurring revenue” for yourself and that in one month you could earn more than we were currently earning in an entire year.

He knew because he was doing it.

Our jaws dropped.

Hearing that changed our context.

We began to think differently.

It gave us confidence.

Meeting people, in person and live, not via YouTube videos or Webinars lead to new relationships.

These relationships lead to new introductions and new contacts.

Things just seemed to begin falling into place.

Your own journey is unique and special.  If you have a gut feeling that you’re not doing what you should be – listen to it.  Explore it.

We did and we’re so thankful for it.

We’re still learning, we still have problems to deal with, we’re not perfect.

But today the journey itself seems special to us.

The problems and challenges we face today are all ours and we’re grateful for it.

Time is an asset we don’t get back.

Don’t waste it on things you know you're going to regret.

Until next time … Your Life! Your Terms!

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