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Message from Tom & Nick

Holy smokes, time flies!!

See that picture above?

That’s from one of our very first Your Life. Your Terms. Events back in March 2008.

It was in the basement of the Holiday Inn at QEW/Bronte in Oakville.

I think we had about 80 people at that one.

We were called the “Real Estate Renegades” back then and the “Rock Star Inner Circle” membership was called “Income for Life”.

Nick is in the picture just to the right of the screen and over the shoulder of the guy in the white shirt (Ruben Furtado).

And I’m off to the far left with my hand in the air.

Today, there’s over 800 people in attendance at these events.

Back at that event, “Rock Star” the brokerage wasn’t even formed yet…we incorporated that a few months later.

You know what’s incredibly shocking upon reflection?

The amount of people from back in 2008 in those pictures that we still work with today!

For example, check out these two amazing people:

We have worked with Tony & Marilou Soria and their family for 15 years now. We’ll never forget how they fearlessly dove into real estate investing, trusting us along the way.

They have a wonderful cash flowing real estate portfolio today and were at the last YLYT event in October.

If you happen to bump into them make sure you ask them about their real estate journey (they have stories!!).

Here’s a picture of us with Andrew Palhetas from back then.

We were giving Andrew an award because, while viewing a property with Mike Desormeaux, they witnessed a drunk driver side swipe a tenant’s car.

Andrew literally pulled a Flash Gordon and chased the car down the street and blocked it with his body until the police arrived at the scene.

Andrew then joined the Rock Star team and has now helped hundreds and hundreds of Rock Star investors on tens of millions of dollars of income property.

Multiple families regularly thank us for Andrew’s help in creating a cash flowing asset base for themselves.

He currently has an amazing portfolio of his own including properties in Turks and Caicos, where he regularly vacations with his family.

It’s amazing how many good people we’ve met over the years in this business.

Life long friends.

So many people who have come to Your Life. Your Terms. Events over the years have built friendships with each other.

They’ve supported each other through challenging times.

They’ve celebrated each other’s successes.

And they’ve contributed to the group by sharing their experience and knowledge from the stage.

To us, this business feels like one big family on a special mission instead of a simple “real estate brokerage”.

In fact, we don’t even like to admit that we’re a brokerage.

You see, when I graduated university people were congratulating me and applauding when I got my first job after school.

Just a few months later, I was waking up from nightmares about what my life had turned into.

A daily grind to a cubicle in downtown Toronto where I spoke to no one for hours, sometimes days, as I tried to fix old programming code in preparation for the “Year 2000”.

The people who worked next to me had been in the job for 15 and 20 years and they looked like they had no soul. They never smiled, they talked about their retirement every day and I felt my own soul slowly beginning to leave my body, LOL!!!

That sparked a change, I moved to Oracle Corp. (much better), then to NetSuite and finally I quit and started Rock Star with Nick.

Those pictures above are documenting the beginning of that Rock Star journey.

Two brothers, rather clueless about business, trying to share their real estate experiences and help as many new investors as they could.

Luckily, although we were rookies when it came to business, we already had a lot of real estate knowledge.

And what a wonderful community this Rock Star Inner Circle has become.

Today, Rock Star has worked with thousands of Canadians on billions of dollars of income property.

It’s almost unbelievable to us.

Here’s a picture from the last event in October...

If you’re looking to surround yourself with people who are taking action, people who are facing their fears, people who are looking to improve their lives, not take “no” for an answer and are building a better future for themselves and their families…then look no further.

You’ve found the place.

Our next Your Life. Your Terms. Event is Saturday Feb 11, 2023.

You can find all the details by visiting

And you’ll also see our new fancy “Top Gun” style video there too!

We’re going to fill the room to capacity, so if this is something you want to be a part of make sure you block your calendar and grab a ticket now!

(Special Note to Rock Star Inner Circle Members: Just reach out to the office directly to save your seat or visit the Member Site to RSVP).

We have some amazing guests lined up to chat and we just released two more sessions! Check them out here.

And if you bump into Tony & Marilou or Andrew Palhetas make sure you ask them about their real estate journey. They have a ton of value to share.

And there are literally HUNDREDS of others in attendance willing to give and share with you as well.

We’re honoured and proud to hang out with such a group of people.

OK, here some more goodies for you this week:

  1. We released a podcast on Tuesday about getting legal status in the U.S. via an E2 Visa. And how citizenship by descent is an often overlooked path to getting multiple citizenships. It’s linked below for you.
  2. Anthony Molinaro sat down with Kelly Hawkes to discuss tips landlords can use to best manage their rental properties. It's this week’s Rock Star Minutes episode linked below.
  3. And tomorrow we have a brand new episode of The Your Life! Your Terms! Show with Rachael & Dan Thiessen about milk, muscles, and keeping fit and healthy in 2023. Keep an eye out for it.

Enjoy your week, everyone!

Tom & Nick

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