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Your Life. Your Terms. Event

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Message from Your Rock Star Commander About The Your Life. Your Terms. Mission

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This event is called the Your Life. Your Terms. Event. 

It will happen on Saturday February 11th at 08:30AM at a not-yet-disclosed location in Mississauga, ON.

You’ll be expected to bring your A-GAME to this Event, Captain.

You'll be surrounded by the ELITE of the YLYT Community. 

You will also have access to some of the BRIGHTEST minds in the field on real estate, the economy, financial markets, health & nutrition, and so much more. 

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Don’t forget: Your Life. Your Terms. Event. Sat, Feb 11th at 08:30AM –sharp!


“We cannot express how lucky we are to have such a fantastic team in our corner and how impressed we are with your ability to unite incredible people around you into a community of like-minded awe-inspiring people.

Being a part of the Rock Star Inner Circle has been absolutely life-changing - we attribute a lot of the right decisions we have made and a lot of our success to either a direct result of your personal work or information absorbed from being a part of this group (sometimes, even the smallest random tip can have a huge impact). 

Thank you for everything you do!”

Teymur & Anna Mammadov
Milton, ON
The greatest value in attending these events is the conversations you have and overhear.

On the Agenda

A Brand New Rock Star Economic Update

2023 & Beyond: Where Do We Go From Here: The Complicated Intersection of Interest Rates, Real Estate, The Economy, Central Banks & GeoPolitics

with Tom Karadza

For 30 years the real estate market in Canada has benefited a never ending stream of lower and lower interest rates.

It's been 30 years since anyone in this area has seen real estate prices move like they have in the last six months.

Where do we go from here?

Have central bankers gone too far?  Will they be forced to reverse course and drop rates?  Will the drastically weakening economic leading indicators be correct?  Is the economy about to fall off a cliff?  Has it already?  Will inflation nose dive straight down faster than anyone expects?

Or will inflation live on?  Will is stay higher for longer?  Will global geopolitics be a factor?  Will interest rates be forced to stay high to fight inflation deep into 2023 and 2024?

Are we on the cusp of an economic reset that is being forced upon us by too much government spending for far too long?  Is the debt bubble about to pop?

How does all of this effect Canada and Canadian real estate prices?

What should we own to survive such uncertain times?  

We're going to tackle all of this in a brand new Rock Star Economic Update.

We'll take a look at the very latest economic data and extrapolate out what we feel are the most likely scenarios for 2023 and for the next 5-10 years.

We'll discuss interest rates and mortgages and Canadian real estate prices.  And we'll do all of this with more charts, more data and with more fun than we ever have before!

These are uncertain times.  This is a build-up of 20 years of over spending and low rates.  The debt bubble now needs some serious attention and if it bursts the economic ramifications won't be pretty.

But if we prepare accordingly and stay aware of the situation we firmly believe we can set ourselves and our families up for financial success even in the face of incredible challenges.

Front running the central bankers next move has always been our approach and its served us well over the last 15 years.

Hold on tight, this is going to be a fun economic update!!

Special Guest Presentation:

The Brand New & Untapped Residential Real Estate Opportunity in the Greater Toronto Area: As-of-Right Laneway Housing with

with Guest Speaker Craig Race, Co-Founder & Architect

Craig Race is part of the team that helped bring a much needed bylaw change to the city of Toronto.

And now Craig is live and in-person at the Your Life! Your Terms! Event to share exactly what we need to know around this exploding opportunity in the City of Toronto and beyond.

Craig was recently on the Your Life! Your Terms! podcast and the feedback from that episode was tremendous so we're brining him in to explore this topic further.

Here's a description of Lanescape in their own words....


Lanescape is a group of planning, design, and development professionals who have long considered laneway and garden suite development to be a potential resource and opportunity for the City of Toronto to thoughtfully improve housing options in existing residential neighbourhoods.

In 2014, Lanescape set out to crowd-source an as-of-right zoning policy that would allow homeowners to easily and affordably build laneway suites. We, like many Torontonians, needed help affording our mortgages, aging in place, and finding family-oriented rental options near parks and schools. After 4 years of tireless effort consulting with communities, planning professionals, city staff, and municipal leaders, our dream became a reality when the City of Toronto approved and implemented as-of-right laneway housing by-laws in the summer of 2018.


Craig Race will be in-house at this Your Life! Your Terms! Event to walk us through the ins and outs of laneway housing, to show us examples of completed projects and to give us updates on what he's seeing "on the streets".

Craig will also share the very latest multi-unit buildings that are being built on infill lots throughout the city.  

These buildings will blow you away with their size and the creativeness with which they are designed.

These multi-units present amazing new opportunities for investors right in the city of Toronto.

Special Guest Presentation:

Real Estate Mortgage & Financing Update: Rates, Banks, Triggers, Qualifying, Fixed vs. Variable, HELOCs, Refinancing and More!

with Special Guest Dan Patton

Dan Patton, from BM Select Mortgages, will be sharing the very latest on what's happening in the mortgage market.

Consider this your State of the Union address on mortgage and interest rates in Ontario.

Dan will share how that even though higher rates have posed challenges with qualifying for new mortgages, there are some simple strategies you can use to set you up for success.

We'll be getting the latest fixed and variable rate updates on primary residences, high ratio mortgages, and rental property mortgages.

Dan will also be sharing the latest on HELOCs, and how the banks are viewing lines of credit when it comes to down payments.

After this update, you'll be armed with the latest information to make your financing decisions!

Special Guest Presentation:

Special Q&A Session with Greg Foss: How Do The Sovereign & Private Credit Market Work & Why Are Bonds The Bedrock of the Financial System?

with Guest Speaker Greg Foss

If you haven't experienced Greg Foss' passion in this area yet, hold on tight, you're in for a ride!

Greg Foss has had a 30+ year career trading bonds in Canada, one of the most experienced Canadians in this area in the entire country.

He's going to share an insiders guide on what's going on in the credit markets.

Why do so many financial planners love equities and ignore bonds?

Why are bonds considered the very bedrock of our current financial system?

What is a debt spiral and are we close to one or is this something that sounds scarier than it is?

What are the next moves of the U.S., UK, Japanese and European central banks?  What do China and Russia do next with their savings?

Where is the value of the Canadian dollar headed?

What happens to yields in the Canadian bond market if we enter a severe recession and how will that affect mortgages here in Canada?

Can bonds be replaces as the bedrock of our current system with a smooth transition?

We'll be asking Greg the most voted on and most requested questions during what will be a very lively and entertaining session on a very serious subject.

Special Guest Presentation:

The Story of Tahinis Explosive Growth: From One Shawarma Shop to 20+ Locations Across Ontario & Growing Explosively!

with Special Guests Ali & Omar Hamam

Ali and Omar are an entrepreneurial success story. They are immigrants to Canada from Egypt who bought one shawarma shop and have turned it into over 20 locations, with more locations opening this year.

Not only have they entered a very competitive market, they are succeeding with style and pizzazz.

During this talk you'll learn how they handled the existing staff they inherited, the supply chain problems they had to solve (wait until you hear this!), the marketing challenges and how they came to dominate TikTok with their fun and short shawarma clips (they have millions, yes millions, of views on TikTok).

Ali is the marketing face of the business and Omar tackles the operations.

To live life on your own terms means taking risks, and the Tahinis story is full of risk taking, challenges, lessons and successes.

This session is for anyone out there who wants to start down their own entrepreneurial journey or who wants to grow their existing business to new heights.

These two brothers will leave you inspired and excited to challenge yourself to achieve new levels of personal achievement.

Ali and Omar embody what it means to live life on your own terms and we're excited to share their story at this Your Life. Your Terms. Event!

Brand New Rock Star Local Real Estate Market Update

Population Surprises, Foreign Student Demand, Greenbelt Changes, Rental Updates & More!

with Nick Karadza

How high can our immigration levels go before the Federal government caps it? Where are all these new Canadians going to find housing?

What is happening to rental rates in Ontario? Are they still gapping up or are they plateauing and even decreasing?

Where will we house all the new foreign students? How many foreign students are we letting into the country? Is anyone accounting for this demand on our infrastructure and medical system?

Canada presents a very unique real estate investment opportunity.

Last year our population growth in this country was almost as large as the U.S. population growth and we're 1/10th their size.

A huge portion of this population growth is happening right here in the Golden Horseshoe are of Ontario.

There are over 8 million people now living between Oshawa and Niagara Falls.

Very few cities in North America are experiencing this type of population boom.

We believe that the next 10 years presents one of the last opportunities for the "small investor" to own a piece of property in this area.  After that Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe will be too pricey for many to afford.

This area is turning into a global urban centre. It may sound strange if you were born here but think of London, Paris and Rome. Who is buying income property in those areas right now? Not many. Typically only the already wealthy.

We believe if you understand the trends, analyze the data and act while others are frozen with fear, that there are many amazing opportunities in this area right now.

With laneway housing, garden suites, student rentals, second suites and a growing stock of triplex conversions the sky is the limit for you and your portfolio.

Understanding where the opportunities are right now are going to be the key to your future success and in this session we're going to break it all down for you!


Testimonials from the YLYT Community

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"Tom and Nick have created some of the most anticipated events in real estate investing, bringing together like-minded individuals from novice to expert, to deliver the most current and relevant news you can use. I find these events are great for learning, networking and friendship. Guys, keep doing what you're doing!"

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial
Peter Pomykacz
Scarborough, ON
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"This event is can't miss! You won't find anything like it anywhere else. If you are not sure why investing in real estate is for you, this event will provide you with lots of valid reasons. No commitments, no rushing back to buy some programs. Just help to be a better, smarter and wealthier person. Can't wait for the next one!"

Ian Folkes
Mississauga, ON
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"Always an informative event. A big bonus is being surrounded by seasoned and new investors to bounce off ideas and share valuable ideas and experiences. Tom and Nick share valuable insight on dealing with struggles/challenges/successes of growing a real estate portfolio or small business to help you take action!"

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial
Abner Bauman
Barrie, ON
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"Love the economic update. Keep it up. So important to have a sensible guide on the future. The energy, networking and caliber of the attendees is worth everything."

Dean Anderson
Hamilton, ON
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"This is a AWESOME EVENT! A must attend for real estate investors and successful people. Thanks Tom and Nick!"

Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial
David Brooks
Etobicoke, ON
Flow Ninja Asset For Testimonial Stars

"Great event. Great networking opportunity to rub shoulders with giants and learn about all of the different strategies currently being employed in today's environment."

Meaghan Li
Aurora, ON

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