You Should Act Before You're Ready

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Warning:  Stranger than usual rant ahead...

We lost a real estate deal this week.

A big one.

One that we really wanted.

And it hurts.

I mean, we'll live, but it was a good deal and we hesitated... only for a moment... and we lost it.



There's something funny we've observed about our own lives.

Each time we've waited until "we're ready" to act, to do that new project, to take that next step... we lose.

And we think we've figured out why.

We're about to get a little metaphysical on you so hold on to the nearest solid object as you read this.

Your energy rises to tackle the obstacle in front of you.

If you don't put yourself in front of any obstacles, your energy is at too low of a level to make a difference.

Have you ever noticed when you're thrown in a very stressful situation, against your will, somehow you manage to survive?

Think of a recent family situation or a project at work.

If you were to tackle that same situation when you were "ready" you'd likely never do it ... you'd never be ready.

People think they need to be READY before they act.

We think it's the reverse.

You act, and that makes you ready.

The process of throwing yourself into something before you feel 100% prepared for it is the only way to achieve new things.

Somehow the stress of the situation FORCES you into action.

It FORCES you to make decisions.

Take real estate investing...

We work with many first time investors who tell us they've been reading and preparing to invest for years, but have never gotten around to it.

The timing was never just right.

Then they meet us... and following our processes they find themselves owning a property, sometimes a week after we first met.

They're then forced to take action.

They're forced to get their finances in order, their advertisements placed and forced to deal with tenants and leases and deposits.

There's really no way out.

And very often, they're super grateful for the experience and the results.

I bet they'd tell you they were not 100% ready.

Well we didn't take our own advice over the past few weeks.

We were staring at the largest real estate transaction we would have ever completed and we balked.

We took our time getting "ready".

Getting answers for all the hypothetical situations that probably would have never turned up.

There's value in preparation.

There's a difference between being prepared and being silly.

And we knew this.

But we got out of our comfort zone and we forgot.

Losing this deal was a reminder to us.

We ALWAYS want to be putting ourselves in front of obstacles that are stressful.

Otherwise we get comfortable.

And when you're comfortable you don't accomplish squat diddly.

We operate at energy levels that are too low when we're "maintaining" our lives.

We always want to be pushing, stretching, stressing.

I think in the last few decades society looks down on stressing out about stuff.

We're told to find balance.

It's hogwash.

There are times in our lives that are "family times" and there are times that are "work times".

But they're never perfectly balanced on a daily or weekly basis.

Over a year... maybe.

Over a year, it may be a good goal to have that balance.

But not on a daily, weekly or monthly time frame.

So what did we learn this past week?

Don't be comfortable.

Always act before you're 100% ready.

Your energy levels... and your activity... rises to meet the obstacles you put yourself in front of.

So put yourself in front of more them.

And do it quick.

The clock is ticking.


Until next time... Your Life! Your Terms!


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0 comments on “You Should Act Before You're Ready”

  1. Sorry Guys, that sucks!!

    Great advise for the group.

    "Accept responsibility for your life and ACT. Know that it is you
    who will get you where you want to go, no one else."

  2. Brilliant article as always guys.

    Something bigger must be waiting just around the corner for you!

    Loved the video on books and learning also, I find myself in the same boat as I just had to buy some more book shelves, and have audios and books all around the car and home.

    Amazon love us all!



  3. Can't wait to hear more about the deal that got away. All we can do, and it looks you're doing it is take responsibility, learn from the loss and take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Great post btw,

  4. Hi guys. You may have lost the deal but it's never a total loss when you learn from your mistakes (and in this case allow everyone else to learn from them too).
    Thanks for the post.

  5. The timeliness of this article is impeccable!

    I'm sure the next time a sweet deal comes around, this missed opportunity will be the first thing to push you forward

  6. Hi Guys,
    Great article. I've become a dad over the last year and a half, and have used that as a bit of an excuse to get too "comfortable" and away from my fitness goals. I am sadly out of shape.

    I read this article, got inspired, and signed up for a duathlon in the middle of July. Like it or not, time to get out of the "comfort zone".

    Thanks - I needed this kick in the pants!


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