You Are on Your Own Now - The Bank of Canada is Clueless

Message from Tom & Nick

Did you see the subject line of this email?

We don’t say these words lightly…but more on that in a minute.

First, we’re just back from Florida!!

And that picture above is from an epic round of mini-putt that we enjoyed in Orlando.

Keith, Anthony, and Nigel from the Rock Star team joined myself and Nick at a Dan Kennedy event.

Dan is one of the best marketing mentors we’ve ever had and he was doing a live and in-person event for the first time in years…so we had to be there.

We’ve heard almost everything he's had to say about ten times already but it was still a great refresher.

In marketing and in business there are three categories of discussion:

Principles, Strategies, Tactics

Most people spend their time chasing the tactics. They look for the hot or trendy idea of the month and think it’s the path to success.

What we enjoy about Dan is his relentless focus on high-level principles and how to apply those principles to a strategy (marketing strategy, business strategy or otherwise).

Whenever we feel frustrated with life or with business or with real estate…with anything at all…we find that we’re often too focused on the minutia and need to step back for a time and reflect on the principles we believe in.

It has a very calming effect on us.

Allows us to see the big picture

…it gives us confidence in our decisions and conviction in our actions.

Understanding the principles of money, the principles of real estate investing, the principles of the economy are how we are able to weather any storm that comes our way.

OK, back to the subject line of this email…

Here’s what our Bank of Canada and other central bankers have said over the past year or so:

  1. Don’t worry Canadians: Interest rates will stay low for a very long time, at least until 2024
  2. Inflation isn’t a risk…in fact any inflation is “transitory”
  3. Inflation should fall to our 2% target range in 2022
  4. There isn’t a recession in our future

And today, in 2022, central bankers are saying:

  1. Inflation may be sticky and stay around for longer
  2. We will raise rates more and keep them raised for longer
  3. There will be job losses and housing pain
  4. Employees should not be asking for pay raises and employers giving them are contributing to inflation

Either they are clueless or they know better and don’t want to admit why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Here’s the thing…

Our central bankers don’t seem to understand the principles of the economy at all.

They think good money isn’t something outside of their system…they think the best form of money is actually “credit”.

And don’t admit to the population that our money today is actually credit.

Our Bank of Canada doesn’t seem to understand the free market at all.

And when you don’t understand the principles of a free economic market, you can’t put in regulations and controls and centralized interest rate planning without causing a lot of pain.

It’s clear to us that…

They are focused on “tactics”.

They don’t understand “principles”.

And we are all left to deal with the pain of their flip flopping madness.

The best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your personal finances is to go deep and understand the principles of money, the principles of real estate investing, and the principles of the economy.

It will give you peace of mind.

And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do at the upcoming Your Life. Your Terms. Event on Saturday October 1, 2022.

We’re going to do a deep dive on real estate.

We’re going to do a deep dive on the economy.

We’re going to share the principles of money.

We want to understand, to the best of our ability, what is happening right now and why.

We’ll give you a sneak peak right now:

We believe the quality of your assets (not your income) will determine the quality of your immediate financial future.

We believe that direct possession or ownership of your assets is more important than ever.

We believe that any assets that can be easily denominated in dollars may not be worth very much when you need them most.

The wealth transfer that has been happening over the last 20 years is in its acceleration phase.

At the Your Life. Your Terms. Event next Saturday, October 1, we’re also bringing in:

  1. Two brothers who have moved from building custom homes to 180-unit, 12-storey buildings.
  2. A co-founder who is merging technology with real estate to give easy access to investments to everyone.
  3. An accountant to explain how to make investing as tax efficient as possible.

You are ultimately responsible for your financial future.

Like it or not, we can’t count on the bankers to show us the way.

They flip flop regularly on just about everything.

And mark our words, the Bank of Canada is going to flip flop again.

In short order, they’ll be talking about “quantitative easing” and “fiscal stimulus” and to summarize, it's going to make it difficult to invest and even harder to save.

We are not taught the principles of money and it makes it difficult to see through the central bankers' words.

That needs to change.

We’ll do our very best to share our own thoughts on all of this on October 1st.

You can find all the details of this event at:

If you’re a Rock Star Inner Circle member, reach out to the team to save your spot.

We have hundreds and hundreds of people already registered and will likely cap out soon. Don’t wait.

See you there!!

In the meantime, I thought it would be appropriate to share that I (Tom) won the last mini-putt round and am clearly the in-house Rock Star competitive mini-putt champion (yes, I’m a completely annoying winner, LOL!!)

Good times!

Tom & Nick

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