Why Deep Knowledge is The Key To Unlocking Your Potential...

Message from Tom & Nick

Well, it’s that time of year again.

Last week, a bunch of the Rock Star team went to Peller Estates in Niagara on the Lake for our Christmas lunch.

I’d call it a “party” but it was much more a fun lunch than a Rock Star party.

They have a great wine cellar with a massive table that seats 100 people.

We ventured into the ice wine tasting exhibit…which is a room of solid ice complete with an all-ice bar and an ice throne.

Then we roasted marshmallows outside on some fires that the staff set up for us.

As Rock Star events go…this was a very sophisticated affair.

We have been doing this for a long time.

Rock Star was born in 2008, but our first full year of working with investors was actually 2007.

Over that time we’ve had a lot of parties and we’ve also seen a lot of people come and go in real estate.

We’ve also learned a lot over these years.

And here’s something we know to be true.

Lots of people have a little bit of knowledge about a lot of stuff. Very few people have a lot of knowledge about any one thing.

And here’s why this is important

As Artificial Intelligence explodes into the economy it’s going to be more important than ever to understand what you deem important at a very deep level.

Have you seen the news media clip where the entire segment, including the anchors reporting the news, is all A.I.? Incredible.

Or the new A.I. tool that lets you make video clips about anything by just typing in some text? Just got released this week, completely wild.

It is going to get increasingly difficult to distinguish real from fake.

And what’s important from what’s not important.

In our lives we identified these areas to understand deeply:

  1. How does the economy work? Why are some people able to create financial freedom while the majority does not? How does money really work? (check the p.s. at the end of this email for more info around this)
  2. How do income properties work? How does the leverage work, the landlord laws, the renovations…all of it.
  3. How do you get new customers for any business? Forget b.s. business school theory…how do we get new customers to walk in the door, or text us, or call us etc, etc.

We identified those three areas as critical areas to being able to live life on our terms.

We figured if we had a deep understanding of the economy and money, we could identify areas in the economy where we wanted to focus our time and efforts.

We learned that all the wealthy people we knew (literally all of them) had some investment real estate. So we figured we should learn about it.

And almost all business problems seemed to stem from a lack of new customers…so we figured we should deep dive into that if we were going to start our own.

And honestly, the focus on these areas has changed our lives.

We now strongly believe that going forward its going to become even MORE important to deep dive into things you value.

There’s about to be a tidal wave of new information released in every part of our lives, health, fitness, money, investing, technology, cars, lifestyle, music, entertainment, gaming, real estate, robotics, automation, jobs, careers, education etc, etc, etc.

The only way to filter through this is to:

a. Find people you trust to help curate information in areas you don’t have time to pay attention to.
b. Develop your own deep knowledge of areas you deem most important to your life.

We can’t stress this enough.

If you want to live life on your terms you must do what others do not.

This means you must focus, you must gain a deep understanding of things…if you don’t, the next few years are going to be extremely challenging as an exponential amount of new information and opportunity is thrown your way.

Exciting times ahead!!

With all of this in mind, here are two new things we released over the past week for you.

First, a brand new video explaining how M2 (Canada's money supply) is working against you when it comes to your income and your investing.

This is a topic we have discussed for some time and continue to get a lot of questions around it.

Without understanding how this works you may think things like the S&P 500 stock index is going up, only to learn that the purchasing power of your investment is going down.

We explain what we mean right here…

Click the image to watch on YouTube, or you can click right here to watch it as well.

Second, we’re getting a lot of questions around investing in the U.S...

We’ve actually been getting these questions for about ten years.

The reason it’s taken us so long to get down to Florida and do this is that we couldn’t find a complete team that we could trust.

That’s all changed, and Rock Star Inner Circle members now get access to these brand new rental properties in Florida as part of their membership.

Here’s a sample walkthrough of one of them with numbers so you can check it out and learn what’s going on down there…

You can also click right here to watch the video.

We’re going to do another “Florida Fast Start” educational tour with Rock Star Inner Circle members in 2024…and we’re super excited for it!!

As 2024 approaches, it’s a great time to sit down and map out what you’d like to focus on over the next 12 months.

Take the time now to plan.

Next year, we are looking at possible lower interest rates, a U.S. presidential election, an economy that is going to require stimulus spending, a Bitcoin ETF, the further advancement of A.I., more self-driving cars, more robotics entering the workforce…it’s going to be a lot!

Get ready to have some fun!!

And remember, there’s always an opportunity for you to live life on your terms!

The hardest part of living life on your own terms may be deciding what exactly that even looks like.

Take the time to do that now.

Then begin your deep dive into making it happen!

Tom & Nick

p.s. We’re doing something crazy to cap off the end of 2023…we’re giving access to the Rock Star Economic Update for 72 hours. If you want to go deep into what’s going on with the economy, this is your chance. You can click right here to get access.

If you're a Rock Star Inner Circle Member, you already have access to the recording of the Economic Update on the Membersite.

p.p.s. We're getting a lot of people asking us where to buy Bitcoin leading into 2024. Here's our favourite place, it's Bull Bitcoin. And if you set up a new account with them via they've agreed to give you $20 in free Bitcoin when you fund your account. We're huge fans of these guys!

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