Why Choosing Your Network Carefully Matters: For Life, For Money & For Your Future

Message from the Rock Star Team

Last week we parachuted into Montreal for the Canadian Bitcoin Conference.

That's myself, Steve...a very long time Rock Star member...and Anthony Molinaro...who many will know as a key part of the Rock Star team.

Anthony and I had just finished a famous Montreal bagel and I gotta admit it was pretty damn good.

Something became glaringly obvious to me while attending that conference last week. The people there were very open. Each of the ones I spoke to were learning, sharing, and connecting like-minded people to each other.

It was pretty powerful.

Honestly, the information is good but the network of people at that event was the draw.

You can read all you want, but getting in-person introductions to amazing people and having a quick chat about a topic is like drinking from a firehose.

It accelerates your learning.

And if the group of people is open to new ideas, thinks critically, and debates's a recipe for rapid personal advancement if you're in the middle of it.

I saw this occur in-person at another conference, Cheat Code in Bedford, England a few weeks ago.

A good friend who knows nothing of Bitcoin showed up with an open mind and got to listen to Lyn Alden, Jeff Booth, Preston Pysh, and Max Hillebrand discuss macro economics, technology and network effects.

The next morning he turned to me and said he "got it" and opened an account on an exchange, bought some Bitcoin and ordered a hardware wallet.

What took me weeks, months and years to understand...took him a few hours.

Largely because of the network he had thrown himself into.

This idea applies to everything. Real Estate, investing, Bitcoin, life, relationships...all of it.

What network of people are you surrounding yourself with?

Is it an open network, open to new ideas, open to discussion, open to critical thinking? Or is it a tired and old and exhausted network of people?

If you want to live life on your own terms, this obviously matters.

It's not just a "people thing" either.

Back in my tech days, I noticed that closed networks died off over time.

They lost their life and were overtaken by open networks.

Novell Netware IPX was a closed networking protocol that got eaten by TCP/IP.

Client/Server applications were mostly closed computer programs that got eaten by open web/Internet applications.

Blackberry's closed communications network got destroyed when the iPhone used the open Internet.

Guess what else is closed?

The current dollar financial system. It's a closed system owned by the Federal Reserve.

Guess what isn't closed?

Bitcoin. Guess what's likely going to happen to that closed monetary system?

Yeah, my bet says it gets eaten alive. It slowly crumbles into obscurity.

Seems hard to fathom now but the history of technology would seem to indicate a high probability of this.

Open networks that have a growing base of users tend to crush closed networks.

The big trends of the next few years are going to shake us pretty good.

Energy demands, computing power demands, artificial's all going to rock the establishment pretty hard.

To us, what networks you choose to be a part of matters more now than ever.

What network are you investing your time into?

What network are you investing your money into?

It's why we're pretty proud of what our little Rock Star Inner Circle has become.

We have a powerful network of incredible people who are doing pretty astonishing things. And they are open to sharing what they're doing and what they're learning with each other.

Check out this video of two very long time members, working with another very long time member, being interviewed by another member who now works at Rock Star!

You can also click right here to view the video on YouTube.

Next week, we're hosting a LIVE introductory real estate investing class on Wednesday, May 7:00pm sharp!

We'll share how local Ontario investors are investing right now.

What strategies are working, and which aren't working!

What we're looking at in both the Greater Toronto Area and in Florida...and why!

What financing options are available for investors here and for Canadians investing in the U.S. (there are now multiple options!).

We'll also stick around to answer any questions you may have about financing, student rentals, laneway housing, Bitcoin, and living life on your terms!

Rock Star is much more than about simple real estate.

It's a group of people who are open-minded and pushing themselves forward, together, helping each other along the way.

If this is something you want to check out and perhaps even be part of then come join us next week for a LIVE introductory real estate investing class.

You can click right here to save your seat.

Look, we don't have all the answers, that's for sure.

But we know that together as a group we're stronger than if we were all acting independently.

Some tell us that their "Rock Star network" has become a huge part of their lives and a big support network for them.


The power of networks, at all levels, is pretty special.

What network are you choosing to participate in? With your time, with your money, with your life?

It matters.

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

Tom & Nick

p.s. You can click right here to save your spot for next Wednesday's May 29, 2024 "Introduction to Real Estate Investing Class". It's live and we'll stick around afterwards to handle any questions you have in real time! You can click right here to register.

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