We're Super Excited for this Saturday + Protecting Yourself Online

Message from the Rock Star Team

Hello Rock Star people,

This is Anthony from the Membership Team at Rock Star writing this email!

Tom and Nick are busy putting together their epic Economic Update and Local Real Estate Market Update for this Saturday's Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

And the internal team here is busy stuffing over 1000 name badges for the event this weekend!!

We're PUMPED for this Saturday!!

Putting on such a massive event for Rock Star Inner Circle Members is thrilling.

It's crazy how these events have grown.

When I started on the team in 2019, 700 people would be a huge turnout for us.

Now we regularly clear 1,000 people attending these events!

We've moved to a bigger venue and turned these events into big spectacles with a running theme.

The last event in October was about "escaping the Matrix" of fiat money to live life on your own terms.

And Saturday's event is about navigating the treacherous "Temple of Fiat" to live life on your own terms.

(By the way, check out this epic remake video we made from the most famous Indiana Jones scene...I promise you'll get a big kick out of it).

You can see there's a recurring theme to our events...aside from picking awesome movie themes 😉

It's navigating the broken money system so you can live on your terms!

And to have so many good-hearted and hard-working Canadians come out to share information on how to do so is a SPECIAL thing!

The biggest thing I take from these events is a HUGE burst of energy from all the great people!

The energy of 1000+ like-minded Canadians taking action to front-run our doomed money system is EPIC!

You feel empowered to get out there and make things happen for yourself!

It's also insanely resourceful.

The building is jam-packed with expert real estate investors, mortgage brokers, paralegals, real estate lawyers, property managers, tenant placers, Bitcoiners, ADU designers, architects, credit card points hackers, Florida investors, tech entrepreneurs, and so much more.

It's my one-stop shop for getting all my questions in life answered!

The "cheat code" for navigating the treacherous Temple of FIAT, if you will.

I'm off now to finish stuffing name badges with the rest of the team.

We can't wait to see you this Saturday morning, everyone!!!

Your Life! Your Terms!

Anthony Molinaro
Rock Star Team

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