Washington D.C. and a BIG Meeting

It finally feels like we can come up for air!

Since the beginning of the year we have had a very hectic pace. At the event we held last week for our private coaching members someone asked me if I ever relax or take a break.  Good question!

It made me laugh because someone asked my wife the same question earlier in the evening and she turned to me with a disapproving look and said "I don't think he knows how to relax".

I can honestly say I definitely know how to relax and maybe in a future post I'll dive into that a bit further.  But today I wanted to share what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

We had just returned from an investigative mission to Washington D.C., but we didn't get a chance to collect our thoughts as there were details to work out for our Members only event last Thursday.
feb_26_2009_ifl_members_event_1Rock Stars Go Karting
From the picture you can see we had a packed house, a bit too packed if you ask the people in the standing room only area! With all that is going on in the economy we find more people have decided to take their financial future into their own hands, which is a great thing.

Tom's presentation on the history of money and how it impacts us on a daily basis got rave reviews.

Because this topic is so incredibly important we have agreed to do a teleseminar soon on the same principles but in even more detail. Watch out for that you will want to register early because we will be limiting the number of lines we make available.

The day after the event the Rock Star team headed off to the go kart track to let off some steam. It was a great time. After some banging, bumping and even a T bone smash we all had smiles on our faces.

If you work hard you need to play hard too right?

Just before the event, Tom and I headed down to Washington D.C. for a conference where we were able to hang out with people like Bob Parsons and Tony Hsieh.  They are the CEO's of and respectively, and both amazing people.
Nick Karadza and Bob ParsonsTom Karadza and Tony Hsieh

I used to think that approaching CEO's of massive companies to strike up a conversation was intimidating. But most often, they are friendly and happy to speak with you about their companies and accomplishments. Without giving up any company secrets of course :-).

For a change, we actually took some time to see the sights in Washington. It is a great city and I am happy we had to chance to check it out. Walking through the National Mall (the big park you see on TV with the monument in the middle), felt like we were on an episode of 24 outlining a plan to save the world.

I know it might sound overboard but deep down Tom and I are still kids at heart, and I don't plan to ever lose that!

It was also neat to think about the hundreds of thousands of people that packed themselves into the area for Obama's inauguration.

Tom Karadza in WashingtonNick Karadza in Washington

That's the recap of the last couple of weeks. It definitely hasn't been slow going.

But here's the best news of all. There are going to be some limited opportunities for people to participate in some new programs that will be coming up.

We might talk about them here but the best way to get advanced notice is to sign up for our free weekly newsletter at The Real Estate Renegades site.

Now that we have some time on our hands again, it is full steam ahead!

- Nick Karadza

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