The Truth About Money is Hiding in Plain Sight...See You Next Saturday!!

Message from the Rock Star Team

Next Saturday April 6th is approaching quickly!!

We have the Indiana Jones themed Your Life. Your Terms. Event coming in hot...and we're having some fun with it.

See the animated gif above?

We're swapping dirty Canadian fiat dollars for beautiful hard assets as a way to "get ahead" financially.

Really, that's what Rock Star is all about...what do we need to know about the money game so we can "get ahead" financially and build an amazing life full of experiences and memories?

And sometimes the info we need is literally hiding in plain sight.

Check out this chart...

The bottom blue line is the rate of growth of the US M2 Money Supply.

M2 is a measure of the most liquid dollars in the economy. So not "money" locked up as equity but dollars deposited at banks and in money market funds.

And the top line is the rate of growth of the Canadian M2 Money Supply.

We took the measurement from 1973, the year I was born.

So you can see over my lifetime the amount of Canadian M2, or Canadian dollars, increases much faster than the US ones.

Guess what that does to the dollars that are already in existence?

It devalues them.

Each new dollar of M2 devalues, lowers the purchasing power, of those that came before it.

So over my lifetime, it's been a one-way train to oblivion for the purchasing power of my savings.

If I took my Mississauga News paper route money back in 1984 and saved it, like a good dude, in a TD savings would literally lose value each and every year.

And people will then often respond with something like, "Yeah, that's obvious, must invest your money".

We can all argue about the morality of that, but for sake of argument today let's go with that idea.

Now check this out...

Canadian M2 has been growing at a 7% annual compound growth rate.

So, if you've been earning an income or saving money or investing since the year 2000, then your returns better be 7% a year (compounded!) each and every year or you're falling behind financially.

The media will wonder out loud why groceries and rents are getting so expensive.

They'll point to "the bad grocery store owners" or the "powerful landlords".

But no one points to the real problem, the one hiding in plain sight...

We print so many new dollars in this country each and every year that we smash the value of the dollar like an out of control battering ram.

And we smash the value of our dollar better than even the Americans!!

We're GREAT at lowering the value of our dollar.

This main characteristic of the fiat Canadian dollar hides in plain sight but is rarely, if ever, discussed...never mind understood.

This is the kind of thing that we're going to cover during the Your Life. Your Terms. Event on Saturday April 6th.

Early next week, we're going to be forced to shut down registrations.

We have a star-studded, jam-packed line up of speakers and special guests!

You can check out all the details right here:

Your Life. Your Terms. Event
Saturday, April 6
Check-in Opens: 7:00am
Event: 8:15am - 1:45pm

And you can check out the Indian Jones themed video for the event right here. Where Indiana is running away with the idol as inflation and government debt chase him down, LOL!

You can also click right here to watch the video.

And you know what the best part of these events are?

YOU! The people in attendance!

Somehow we are blessed to attract a wonderful group of people who are all looking to live life on their terms.

The energy in the room is amazing.

We've had some people attending these events since 2008 when we had about 80 people in the room!

So we're busy bees over here as a team getting ready to host you next Saturday!

Get ready to have some fun talking about M2, inflation, interest rates, real estate and Bitcoin!! Good times ahead!

We'll see you there!

And Happy Easter, everyone!

Tom & Nick

p.s. We're going to hit room capacity for the YLYT Event on Saturday April 6 next week sometime...if you haven't registered yet don't wait. You can do so and check out all the details of the event by visiting

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