The Inflation is Starting to Hit the Fan! Fun & Volatile Times Ahead!

Message from Tom & Nick

These two are a blast!

Yesterday, we sat down with Joey and Len, aka, The Canadian Bitcoiners. Nick was there too but scooted out before we took this pic.

These guys are funny, smart, and have wickedly sharp opinions on the state of the economy in Canada and globally.

The reason we're so pumped to be able to chat with other local Canadians who are discussing what's going on in the economy is this...

We have volatile times ahead.

There is 100% certainty that the Canadian dollar will continue to debase. It's just math at this point.


Our currency debasement won't be reported as such.

Instead, it will be reported as "inflation" and "real estate volatility" and "Bitcoin price swings".

In reality, it's the Canadian dollar that is debasing at different speeds and that varying speed of debasement makes the dollar price of scarce assets like Bitcoin and real estate swing wildly.

So instead of discussing the actual cause of this (too much debt and too little GDP growth) we'll instead continue to see headlines like this:

"Real Estate is up 30% in Canada over the last 24 months!"

"Hold on Canada, Real Estate is Now Down 10% in the last 24 hours!"

"Used Car Prices Are Going Up Instead of Going Down! Your Depreciating Car is Now an Appreciating Asset!"

These types of headlines confuse most Canadians and rightfully so.

When the global central banks artificially manipulate economic demand via the central planning of interest rates, you get ever-increasing volatility as economic actors (you and me) try to figure out where to put our money.

And when there is so much confusing information out there, it's great to have people like Len and Joey sharing some good quality information.

To protect ourselves and our families from the ongoing financial repression, we need a grassroots educational movement across the country. This means we each need to help share good information with our relatives, our neighbors_, our colleagues, etc.

It's important.

On that note, tomorrow we have a new podcast with Felix Vortsman being released.

He started his journey with Rock Star 11 years ago and at the age of 47 decided to "semi-retire". He could actually fully retire but he loves real estate and still does a few deals and investments a year.

Felix shares his own investing evolution and how he was able to leave corporate Canada 5 years after starting his journey and how he created a portfolio that sustains his lifestyle.

Watch out for his episode tomorrow.

Aside: If you want to come out to the Introductory Free Training Class that Felix came to when he began his journey you can register at to grab a spot. It's all online and it's happening next week, Wednesday April 27 at 7:00pm

Also next week, watch out for The Canadian Bitcoiners' episode, it'll go live on Tuesday.

On Saturday May 7, 2022 we're also hosting a LIVE, IN-PERSON Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

That's right, we're going back to in-person events, can you believe it? We're pumped.

It's only open to Rock Star Members, so if you're a member check your email or the membersite for all the juicy details!

We have 15 roundtables being set up at the event with experts from all different areas sharing the knowledge, it's going to be fun!

That's it for this week, everyone!!

Tom & Nick

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