Silver Fever! How To Buy The Shiny Stuff

Real estate investors are a passionate bunch.  And if you’re interested in cash flow and property it also means you have a general interest in wealth and the protection of it.

Gold and silver play a role in our own personal portfolios and lately, we’re getting asked about the shiny metals almost daily … that’s what a ten-year bull run does we assume 😉

Our interest in gold and silver changed in 2008 during the financial mess.

It went from, “Uh, why would anyone in the world care up those funny rocks.” to “Wait a second, we better figure out their role in history … and let’s make this quick.”

Nothing like a financial collapse to shake things up.

Now, first thing’s first.  We’re not here to tell you that you MUST buy gold and silver.  Getting into that debate does not interest us.  Too many debates on the topic end up like messy mud wrestling matches … they start out great but get ugly – fast.  Make up your own mind.

We believe in creating cash flow and preserving our wealth and have decided for ourselves that gold and silver will play a role for us … for now.

We feel that today’s monetary system almost guarantees that gold and silver will end in a bubble just like other asset classes have – so if you dare go down this path educate yourself.  This is not like investing for cash flow … this is for the big boys and girls.

For starters, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend Mike Maloney’s book, “The Guide to Buying Gold & Silver” as mandatory reading before you make your first move.  It’s a quick read and 100% worth it.  After that, you can dig up great books on the Wiemar Republic, the events in Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s, and you can even Google George Washington and the saying around his time, “not worth a continental”, to get a taste of the history of money.

And for a great funny modern-day comedic overview of today’s financial policy, you won’t want to miss this video “the Ben Bernank” … it’s hilarious.

Back to reality…

If you want some current information from a decent source you’ll want to click here and read this.  The source of the article is known to have a bias against the U.S. Federal Reserve but he’s not a tin foil hat wearing gold bug either.

How Do You Buy Silver?

So, if you make the decision that you’d like to acquire some gold and silver for yourself how exactly do you buy the stuff?

I mean, it’s a physical rock after all right?

For today’s discussion, we’re going to stick with Silver but the same process applies to gold almost exactly.

The options are endless, from junk silver to your Grandma’s old silver serving trays, to certificates and collectables.  You can find silver everywhere.  I’m pretty sure my Aunt in Europe still has a silver tooth.  Nah, it must be something else.  Regardless, how funny is that?

Anyway, back on topic…