Some R&R: Skiing in Blue Mountain in +5 Celsius Conditions

We've learned that we need to take breaks to keep the creative juices flowing ... said another way, we need to take breaks so we don't burn out 🙂  Over the last few years we've realized we need to have regular rest and relaxation built into our schedules.    Here's a little skiing clip from yesterday up at Blue...

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0 comments on “Some R&R: Skiing in Blue Mountain in +5 Celsius Conditions”

  1. Great idea Tom and Nick!

    Julie and I keep trying to take off a bit more time, but need to work more at it. Too many 80+ hour weeks for each of us - but you are bang on that if we get some rest and add some fun, it totally re-charges us and makes us more productive and creative. Thanks for the reminder!

    Oh - isn't that place where you are skiing called Blue Knoll?
    ; )

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