Rocky Balboa, Interest Rates, Energy Prices & the Canadian Dollar

Message from Tom & Nick

What do Rocky Balboa, interest rates, energy prices, real estate, and currency wars all have in common?

They're all going to be discussed at this Saturday's Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

We found a Rocky Balboa cut out, and we got a "Your Life. Your Terms." custom-made belt and we're bringing both...along with a little red carpet and fancy the YLYT Event on Saturday!

Look it is chaos out there...

Interest rates are wild right now and placing some serious, and very concerning, strain on the economy.

Real Estate prices are gyrating (and we'll have the very latest data on activity...which may surprise you).

Currencies around the world are swinging like wild overhand rights.

And energy prices, in Europe especially, are now a national security threat.


We wanted to lighten the mood a little and have some fun.

That's why Balboa and the belt will be there, LOL!

If you're joining us on Saturday, be on the lookout for Rocky and the YLYT belt.

But we're also going to get downright serious.

We have been doing these events for 14 years now.

And the Rock Star Economic Update was born out of the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.

We wanted an "information advantage" on the economy so we would understand how to best protect our real estate and how to best invest in it.

That little 20-slide presentation has now morphed into something we do three times a year and is always 100+ slides...delivered in rapid fire format.

When we presented that first one, we were in the basement of the Holiday Inn, near the QEW and Bronte Road, there was maybe 60 people in the room.

It was just our own notes and research on the economy and how we thought it would impact interest rates and real estate locally.

Somehow it's become a staple of our events.

We're not economists, we're not economic analysts of any sort.

We're two brothers from Mississauga trying to survive the global chaos and live life on our own terms.

And if we can help anyone else take a step closer to living their own life on their own terms...we want to.

On Saturday, we have 850+ registered to attend. We're at the capacity of the facility and we're pumped!

We'll be breaking down exactly how we're seeing things and how it may impact real estate here in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area.

We also have two brothers coming out to share their journey from building single family custom homes to become condo developers themselves...building 12-storey, 180-unit complexes.

Steve Jagger, co-Founder of, is coming out to share the tech trends he's seeing in real estate and what we should be preparing ourselves for.

Cherry Chan is going to break down the Smith Maneuver (how you can make the interest on your own home a tax deductible expense).

And we're also going to be breaking down real estate prices, rental trends by area, and the latest population changes so we get a good idea of the current fundamentals in the area.

I'm not even sure if there are any seats left as we type this.

If you're a Rock Star Member, you can reach out to the team at the office to find out.

And if you're not we have a few seats reserved for non-Members.

You can find all the details here:
Date: Saturday October 1, 2022
Doors Open: 7:15am
Start Time: 8:30am (ends at approx. 1:00pm)
Location: Mississauga, ON

Here's one thing we can share right now:

We strongly believe that the quality of your financial future,

Your personal ability to live life on your terms..., more than ever, directly tied to the quality of the assets you own.

Not your income, not your career, not your cash savings...your assets.

It's unfortunate, but we believe it's very true.

The wealth divide in Canada, and across the globe, is set to increase dramatically and those who are not paying attention will wake up in a few years wondering what happened.

Together, let's share information and do our best to help each other out.

See you Saturday!

Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!!

Tom & Nick

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