Rock Star Real Estate Minute: The Value of Finishing Your Basement

In this vide0 we discuss the value of finishing your unfinished basement and how that affects your investment property and future opportunities.



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0 comments on “Rock Star Real Estate Minute: The Value of Finishing Your Basement”

  1. I think you are right. The value will not go up much but the house might sell sooner because of that and that's a great reason to do it. What do you think brings the value of the house up the most? Thanks!

  2. Tough one - without knowing the house, the state of that specific market, any community specific variables etc. it's difficult to know.

    In general ... a new paint job for the house gives the most bang for the buck in our experience.


  3. Thanks for the answer. Yes I think throwing out the furniture and painting the room really helps and it doesn't cost much. I use a small trick when selling a home...I usually place a large TV (55" which costs as low as $800 this days) in the middle of the living room... when couples walk in I say I'll leave the TV if they buy it... it's great negotiation tool... you wouldn't believe how great this works (not sure why though, but it does). Thanks!

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