When we quit our jobs to start Rock Star Real Estate it was with the idea of being able to work together with other Canadians who wanted to live life on their own terms. The thinking was that we could use income properties as a vehicle to grow our incomes, our asset bases and our personal financial freedom, together, as a group.

That was back in 2007. Today after working with thousands of Canadians on over $2 Billion dollars worth of investment real estate it feels like a dream come true. On this page you'll find stories from different people the Rock Star team has worked with over the years. Some come looking for one property, after all one property is all it takes to have a huge impact on your financial future, others came looking to build a large portfolio of 
properties. Some were brand new investors and others were grizzled veterans looking to ramp up their investing. Combined with our own family journey of renting out rooms back in the 1970s, flipping houses in the 1980s and surviving the market devastation of the early 1990s we feel like we've seen it all.

Many investors that the Rock Star team has worked with have been kind enough to leave us reviews on Google, Facebook and in random other corners of the Internet. We are forever grateful. Hopefully by reading some of their stories you'll find the inspiration you need to take the next step in your own success.

Here's to living life on your terms!
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