On The Road Again


Holy Moley! What a busy 24 hours. Tom and I started out in Buffalo the day after the historic US election.

We were excited, but we couldn’t find a American that was.

In fact, the first three people we asked didn’t seem to care about the election at all. Can you believe it?

Even at the airport, no one was reading the paper to see any election updates or stories.

I gotta admit it was a bit of a letdown, but we didn’t give up.

Finally the concierge at our St. Louis hotel acknowledged the impact of the election. Hooray success! I just can’t believe we had to go thru Buffalo and Atlanta to find someone.

But persistence pays!! J

We spent some time with a friend in St Louis looking at some of the investments he has on the go in this ‘terrible’ American market. Looking at the numbers behind his investments I can tell you that he is taking advantage of the opportunities in front of him.

Congratulations Matt, nothing can stop you.

We will be sharing a lot of these details next week at our next Members Only income For Life Meeting. There is no better way to learn that from people actually ‘on the streets’ getting things done.

Flying tends to knock me on my butt so I was exhausted and headed back to the hotel……BIG MISTAKE!!

Tom grabbed a Rock Star drink (you can’t be surprised that we drink that brand!) to keep him going and headed off to a local investment chapter.

He ended up meeting and building a good relationship with one of the top US Short Sale experts. Ouch!!

When I found that out I was wishing I had made it, but I can tell you my body was very happy this morning with the extra sleep.

When you jam pack your schedule it is amazing what you can get done.

I can’t wait to share all this insight with the investors in Toronto.

It might sound corny, but it excites me. I love seeing new opportunities for us as a group. We are building wealth together no matter what the masses are doing.

There are definitely fun times ahead!

I love living my Rock Star life, I hope you are living yours.

Never forget, your life your way!

- Nick Karadza

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