Money Should Go UP In Value - Not Down...

Message from Tom & Nick

We’re back from Lisbon.

Portugal is a lot of fun. Great food, great beaches and coastline and great vino!

I’m now a huge fan of authentic Portuguese cod fish dishes, pork sandwiches with hot sauce and “fire water”, aguardente.

I had no idea there were so many amazing Portuguese wines. They have definitely been flying under the radar.

That’s myself, Ruben Furtado, Mike Desormeaux and Ruben’s son, Austin, at the Belem Tower on our last day.

We rented electric scooters about 15 different times throughout Lisbon and covered a lot of ground.

I’m still not 100% certain how those scooters are allowed … or maybe we’re just doing it wrong because at one point we were on a main highway-type road with huge buses and trucks … and our little electric scooters.

Someone was in the wrong and I assume it was us!

And when you ride those scooters over old cobblestone roads for an hour, your bones shake for about three hours afterwards, LOL!!

Fun times.

But enough of that, let’s get serious and chat money.

Over the years countless Canadians have told me that it’s normal to “invest” your money.

How else do you keep up with inflation right?

It’s almost as if it’s accepted that people who simply work hard and “save” are doing it wrong.

Savers are often looked at as being “unproductive” because they’re not putting their money to “work” back into the economy.

This is so wrong it’s rather ridiculous.

And it comes from deep unconscious beliefs around money.

Let’s break this down…

  1. Our money today isn’t real money the way gold was money. Money should be something you own with no counter-party risk. More like a bearer asset.

But that’s not how it works at the moment…

  1. Our money today is actually credit. The little bills in your pocket or numbers in your bank account are more akin to you being granted “credit units” than representing money.
  2. People who understand this current money system deeply will confirm this when they state things like, “Money only exists to extinguish debt”. How crazy does that sound? But in today’s system they’re technically right … and that’s so wrong.

Still with me?

  1. When money is credit, as it is today, you need more and more of it to be created in order for the system to work. Why? Because when money is created as credit … it’s created with INTEREST.
  2. So in order to pay back the money that was created you actually need more and more of it to be created in order to pay back the interest.

Confusing right?

  1. So the amount of “money” in today’s world can never hold its value. And the reason for that is because more and more and more is always required for the interest payments to be made.
  2. As a result, the money in your pocket or in your savings always loses value. More of it is created at a rate faster than goods and services in the economy. The goods and services are “more scarce” than the money.

Got it?

  1. So we’re all forced to invest in order to “stay ahead” with our savings. This turns everyone into an investor whether they want to be or not. If you don’t invest your savings, your money, loses its value … by design.

What a sham eh?

Your money isn’t real money today. It’s more like a digital representation of credit that you’ve been magically granted than real money.

Now let’s flip this around…

Can you imagine a society where people worked and saved … and their savings went UP in value over time?

Can you imagine the peace of mind it would bring?

Imagine the quality of goods and services that would come to the market?

Because people wouldn’t want to be easily separated from their money that goes UP in value … the goods and services would have to be extraordinary and produce incredible value to the community.

Today we have cheap clothing, cheap shoes, cheap furniture, throw away everything … nothing much lasts very long.

These, in our humble opinion, are all a result of a society that is easily separated from its money. Why else would any of us accept crappy stuff?

If our money held its value and went UP in value we would be less incentivized to buy poor-quality stuff.

What type of future would we all have if our savings went up and the quality of goods and services around us went up as a result?

Instead, we have money that loses value and cheap goods and services.

It’s almost as if the money system is the root of many of today’s problems.


OK enough of this rant for today.

Thankfully more and more of us are catching on to this game.

Remember this…

We believe the quality of your assets will determine the quality of your financial future in the years ahead.

Chose them wisely.

Over and out for this week.

Tonight we’re hosting about 150+ Rock Star VIP members in Etobicoke with some good food and drinks … good times will be had and we’ll be discussing money, income properties, gold, and Bitcoin I’m sure!!

Tom & Nick

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