Mission Accomplished on The Adriatic Coast: Nick Seals The Deal

OK, so after a pretty crazy weekend filled international video web conferencing and legal and property discussions in another language ... the deal is done!

This picture was taken by Nick right from the terrace of the condo.   Can you tell while we're so excited about this place?

We locked up our very first international property purchase.  It's a fairly large brand new condo in a small 9-unit building on the southern coast of Croatia.  The place is going to have  a pool on the roof, a private garden for your own pleasure, a covered parking spot and it has enough room that we can host family and guests!

This part of Croatia is full of tourists in the summer but we chose a location that is off the beaten path so it's a really great retreat from the hustle of vacationers.  And the views of the coast line and islands are amazing!

Below you'll find 3 new videos...

Video #1: Nick at the beach this past weekend (13 degrees celsius)

Video #2: Tom outlining where this property is in Europe and some of the motivation around buying the propertly along with floor plans.  The condo is up but not finished inside, closing will be this summer.

Video #3: The exact same beach last summer 2009 (37 degrees celsius)
The Beach in March 2010

Here's a summary of where the property is in Europe, some shots of the coast and a look at the floor plans!

We also go over some of our motivation for buying this.

As a quick aside, we visited this location this past summer and were blown away with the views, the 37 degree heat and crystal clear waters.  We didn't plan on returning to buy a property so quickly, but sometimes an opportunity comes along that you can't pass up...

The Same Beach in August 2009
Here's a video from this past summer that gives you an idea of how the beach looks in 37 degree heat:

Until next time, your life, your terms!

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0 comments on “Mission Accomplished on The Adriatic Coast: Nick Seals The Deal”

  1. chaps, good choice, mimica is a great place, that part of the coastline between Omis and Makarska is going to grow in popularity for sure over the next few years. BTW if you are promoting croatia and looking for solid investment opportunities get in contact. i run a development company that predominantly focuses on Hvar and a couple of brokerages and anyway good luck and enjoy your new purchase. has it actually been built yet ? and if you dont mind me asking who did you buy it through ? cheers tim

  2. This looks absolutely fabulous!! How exciting!! I bet you're already planning your first trip out there!!

    Do you have to furnish it yourselves or will it come with furnishings?

  3. Congrats fellas and well deserved....this seems like a reward for all you have accomplished!!


  4. Gents,

    Congrats on this purchase!

    I really enjoyed how you took us through this experience with the videos and the blog posts.

    Also, I am glad to see that you have some relatives that have your back in Croatia, who were able to help you with the purchase, and who are going to be able to help you with the property management.

    Keep on rolling boys!

    Best Regards,

    ps: enjoy CHI Town!

  5. Thanks Steve! Yeah, this was a major goal of ours that came a little sooner than expected!

  6. Hi Julie! Oh yeah, we've got many trips planned for it already!! We'll have to furnish's pretty much totally empty. I'm sure we'll share pictures of the finished product at some point!

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