Learning From 'Doers'

nick-karadza-shoppingHere is a picture of me with my Mother and Mother In Law on Mother's Day.  Try saying that ten times fast!

We went out for a nice brunch, where I ate so much I could barely move, and decided to take a walk afterwards.  We were on Front St. in Toronto and popped into a Winners where they started looking at handbags.  I am not a big shopper so my attention changed to taking goofy pictures.  How did I do?

During brunch my Mom told us that she had decided to travel to Brazil to explore some of the hidden wonders of the rain forest.  My mother is into naturapathic medicine and this is something she had thought about doing for quite some time.  I applaud her for taking the steps to do it.  It is not easy to venture out of your comfort zone on your own.

I learn a lot from my Mom about natural medicines and foods.  I feel I have a good teacher becasue she actually practices what she preaches.  She is living proof of the positive results people are in search of.  I am learning from a teacher that has a proven track record, proven results that I can learn from.

With a slow economy there are many more sales pitches from people teaching the next big money making idea, or maybe I just think there are more lately because I am more focused on them.  

It is very scary to see people learning from someone who has no track record.  I can't see how any good can come from that.

The other thing I see a lot of lately is talk about 'social media'.  it seems like 'social media' and 'Web 2.0 (two point O)' are the cool things to say in the media these days.  Things like Twtter, Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn have a common place on the daily news.

"What the heck is this stuff all about and how does it relate to me?" is what I have been asking myself.

There are A LOT of people talking like experts on the subject without any track record.  What good is that?

I can talk about great food, the ingredients, and the techniques to make them, but it doesn't mean that I can actually deliver a good meal on your plate.....although for the record, I am not such a bad chef!

But seriously, I wanted to find someone that has actually done something with this social media or Twitter thingy.

And then finally Tom and I did.  We met Scott Stratten.

We went all the way to Washington, D.C. to meet him although he lived within a 5 minute walk from me.  How's that for irony?

Scott is the real deal.  He is the first person I have met that has actually produced real results fro Twitter and his stories are great.  He has a track ecord that has produced proven results which makes what he says worth more than an empty sales pitch.

Scott has agreed to come and speak to our Income For Life members at our next Members Only event on May 28th.  We paid thousands of dollars to meet Scott and they get to see him for free, not a bad deal right?

We are totally pumped about this upcoming member's only event.  It is another place where new investors get to learn from so any other investors with proven track records.  People that are making money in their own back yard.

Do you see a pattern yet?

As I once heard Tony Robbins say, "Success leaves clues".  He was right.

Our job is simple find the people that have had success and follow those clues.

- Nick Karadza

P.S. Be sure you live your Rock Star life this long weekend.  It's your life, live it on your terms!

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