It's Time to Unlock Your Money, Your Mindset & Your Motivation

Message from Tom & Nick

At the last Your Life. Your Terms. Event in October, we had a "Rocky Balboa" theme going on.

And we thought it would be a great idea to have a belt made that had "YLYT" on it, which stands for "Your Life. Your Terms."

Tons of people took pictures with it and wore it around their waist and we had a ton of fun with it.

So we got it framed and it's going to be hanging on our ever-evolving Rock Star picture wall.

In fact, here's Nigel Ito, the Rock Star Operations Manager, hanging it on the wall yesterday afternoon:

(Quick Aside: yes, I'm really wearing camo Adidas track pants in the picture above...I had a chiro appointment earlier and put those on for it. Half of the team here at Rock Star complimented my track pants and the other half really got a good laugh from them. You can't win all the time!! LOL!)

That picture wall has relics of past fun we've had over the years.

Including the green bristol board from Dollarama that I came home with one day and mapped out the plan to quit my job and start Rock Star with Nick.

That one is special to me because that day I was so frustrated in my corporate life that it gave me the energy and purpose to really decide to set in motion a plan to "go out on my own".

Thankfully, Nick was on board and Rock Star was born.

It also has some pictures of when Rock Star was only about 6 people, then 12 people, and we just put up a picture of the last YLYT Event that had over 850 people in attendance.

Fun times.

When we reflect back on what we've been through since starting Rock Star back in 2007/2008, some of the most important factors haven't been real estate or interest rates or marketing.

It's been our mindset.

For years we had somewhat limiting beliefs around what we could do and what we couldn't. Unconscious beliefs.

Fortunately, we stumbled into several mentors that set us straight.

One of them was Dan S. Kennedy.

Today, we are probably sitting on thousands of pages of notes from different consultations, small masterminds and events of his that we've participated in.

We've read every single book he's put out (and there are many!).

He was always very blunt in his delivery and that direct approach really helped us challenge our own thinking.

In this week's Rock Star Minutes episode, we took 4-5 points out of those thousands of pages and shared them.

You can click right here to watch this week's episode.

We believe that you can have all the real estate knowledge in the world and a better understanding of global macro economics than anyone, but without a supporting mindset you're always going to be swimming upstream.

So this is a different episode than usual but hopefully you find it useful.

With the economy entering a recession and high rates really putting the financial squeeze on all of's important to protect that mindset and nurture your personal motivation.

Back in 2008, everyone told us the sky was falling but this business was born out of that time. The investors that we worked with during the "Great Financial Crisis" era have reaped some of the largest gains over the years.

So remember, the story you tell yourself about what's possible and what isn't, is right.

"Whether you believe you can, or not, you are right." – Henry Ford

The world is your oyster. Anything is possible for your life.

Make a daily list of priority items on paper and then tackle that list with focus every day.

You'll be shocked at the results over time. We have been.

You can live life on your terms, anyone can. Begin today.

That's it for this week, everyone.

Until next time...Your Life! Your Terms!

Tom & Nick

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