Is Ontario Real Estate Getting Even More Scarce by 2031?

Message from Tom & Nick

It was a blast!

There were approximately 850 people out at last weekend's Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

When we started this whole Rock Star thing we had about 60 people out at our first event.

To now have 800+ people in attendance is humbling.

And we take the responsibility of that seriously. So although we are doing our best to have some fun at these things...

...we're also discussing interest rate trends, population trends and global macro economic factors that may impact our real estate right here in the Greater Golden Horseshoe area.

Steve Jagger surprised us when revealed, for the first time, a new feature from called "Addy Plus" that lets investors use their technology and mobile app platform to streamline Joint Ventures with your personal deals.

Lukas and Michal Wywrot rocked the show and Cherry Chan showed everyone how saving $238 per year could lead to hundreds of thousands in savings over the lifetime of a mortgage.

And the lobby was full of our hand selected sponsors. We don't take this lightly and do not allow just anyone to be there.

We feel blessed and honoured to be able to do these events and to get to work with such amazing people like YOU!

So thank you for supporting us and thank you for trusting us with your Saturday morning!

Over the next few weeks get ready for an onslaught of new Your Life! Your Terms! Show episodes.

We're recording three this week and six next week, you'll see them roll out shortly ... starting with a brand new one today.

We have Robert Breedlove booked on, John Vallis, Fernanco Cipriano, a top Canadian BJJ black belt and a few surprise guests ... stay tuned!

Today we also released a new Rock Star Minutes episode.

With all the talk of real estate prices and high interest rates we thought we'd step back and look at the medium and longer term trends.

Interest rates can move prices in the short term.

But the longer term supply and demand numbers seem to indicate that residential real estate in this area is going to get much more scarce ... as crazy as that may sound!

You can click here to check out this week's Rock Star Minutes

One last thank you...

Thank you to the amazing team at Rock Star who pulls these events off! There's no way we could do this alone ... from the venue, to the setup, to the A/V and music, to the registrations and more. Great team effort!

That's it for this week!

Remember, no one is stopping you from living life on your terms.

If we can do it ... trust us, you can too!

Tom & Nick

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