Is Diversification a Negative Money Making Strategy?

Message from Tom & Nick Karadza

We were both down in Florida on different trips over the last couple months and we bumped into multiple Cyber Trucks while down there.

That's Nick seeing his first one in Orlando.

He told me he was shocked by the size of it in real life, it was much bigger than he thought.

I saw my first one while driving a van of investors around the Jacksonville area.

And we both had the same experience.

It stuns you a little bit.

No idea why, it doesn't make sense that seeing a truck would actually stop you in your tracks but it does.

The thing is so different from anything you've seen before that you can't help stare at it, I guess.

Elon Musk, love him or hate him, is clearly on a mission.

A mission to Mars. And it seems to us, that everything he's doing is lining up for that mission.

SpaceX, Tesla's Cyber truck, Artificial Intelligence, and Neurolink...although he's working on multiple businesses, it does seem they are all lined up to help support a mission to Mars.

So his companies may seem diversified but he's clearly focused on one mission.

This is rather fascinating.

After speaking to many Canadians over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of seems to me that the ones that are making progress towards their ideal lives aren't using a lot of diversification while they are building their savings and wealth.

They aren't doing "a bit of stock investing" and "a bit of real estate" and "a bit of trading" and a "bit of business building".

Most of the ones that we see build a reasonable asset base of wealth and freedom in their lives are pretty "all in" on a single strategy.

And if it's not a single strategy, then their efforts that may look diversified are focused on a clear purpose.

For us personally, we went through a journey of trying different jobs and businesses before doubling down on real estate.

I traded stocks for a while, did the stock options thing for a bit, bought training on how to get rich with "pork belly trading", flipped real estate, bought rentals, created affiliate marketing websites in the early 2000s, worked landscaping jobs on the weekends while working tech on the weekdays, and by my early 30s it became very clear to me that I had to pick something and focus on it.

I had picked up skills in sales, digital marketing, real estate, and tech but it wasn't all focused in one direction.

We needed to pick something that we could focus all our energy on.

We needed to STOP diversifying our efforts.

Rock Star Real Estate was born from that realization.

We would double down on real estate and I would leave all the other things behind.

And we did.

Today, 16 years later, we're now able to do different things again with our time and our investing.

For the first 30 years of my life, and especially from the age of 24 to 32, it was like I was spraying my time and efforts everywhere to pick up some skills and get some context about the world.

Then we had to have extreme focus for over a decade to actually produce something.

5am mornings, late nights, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities...for years.

We didn't diversify at all. We were uber focused.

And today, we have some freedom and can choose where we want to spend our time.

We're not comparing ourselves to Elon here...

...jeez, we're not in the same solar system as Elon's accomplishments.

But what we've noticed from Elon and from so many other Canadians who are living life on their terms is this:

You need to have a period of extreme focus in your life to create enough momentum to propel you into the life you want to be living.

Take long-time Rock Star Inner Circle members Gordon & Gráinne Aitken for instance.

They spent ten years acquiring single-family rentals, but were mainly focused on their photography business.

In 2022, they decided to hyper-focus on creating cash flow from their properties.

So they put their photography business on hold and focused purely on their rentals from 2022 to 2024.

They sold a home, bought another, and converted three of their rentals into two-unit properties.

They went from breaking even on their properties to generating thousands of dollars in monthly cash flow.

We just released a brand new video showing how they converted a back-split home into one of the nicest two-unit properties we’ve ever seen.

Check it out here or click the video below:

video preview

Gordon & Gráinne didn’t diversify their time.

They hyper-focused on creating cash flow from their rentals.

They’re reaping the rewards of that now.

Living life on your terms doesn't seem to magically appear from doing bits and pieces of things.

It requires extreme focus.

And to have focus you need to know what to focus on.

So if you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond...let us ask...what are you focused on?

Do you have a defined goal of what you want your life to look like?

If you don't, no worries at all...are you focused on spending your time in an area that will serve you in the future?

If you don't have a very specific goal that you're chasing AND you're working in an area that isn't going to serve your future, it may be time to pause and reflect.

It may be time for some big changes in your life. It may be time to direct your life's energy in a different direction.

In those moments, personal development books served me best.

The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari was one of the books that was a huge game changer for me.

Perhaps check it out if you feel you need it.

Diversification of your time, your efforts, your skills is great for a while.

But to create the energy and momentum in your life, you need to let some things go and have extreme focus for a while.

Anyway, enough rambling today, I'm out of time this morning.

Hope you're enjoying the summer weather out there!

Happy Canada Day long weekend, everyone!!

Tom & Nick

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