How to Use Corps in Canada to Invest in Real Estate

Message from Tom & Nick

See that dog?

Yeah, that's mine. Well it's our daughter's.

Which means Carol and I do a lot of the walking, feeding, and grooming, LOL!!

Basically our daughter tricked us into agreeing to a dog after 5 years of us saying "no way".

And because she's fairly busy with dance and various activities, guess who is left to do a lot of the dog walking? Carol and myself.

We (read: I) completely underestimated "Millie's" vet bills, food bills, grooming bills, and everything bills.

At this point she's easily cost us a solid rental property down payment (OK, I'm exaggerating...but it feels that way!)

And you know what?

I have come to love that freaking dog!

Embarrassing, I know.

Please don't mention this to our daughter because I complain about Millie a lot and also clearly explain that Millie is her problem to deal with, LOL!

The walks in the middle of winter are crappy but the spring/summer and fall ones are great. And those winter walks are often just myself and Millie, so they have become major podcast listening time for me...which I enjoy.

And just to be clear...Carol does the vast majority of the work dealing with Millie. I just complain the most.

Anyway, if you see Millie around Oakville please say hello, she's super friendly and always ready for a tummy rub.

OK, on to super serious stuff...

First, with the real estate market making the headlines, many people are asking us if it's a good time or the wrong time to jump into investing.

On Wednesday, June 22 at 7:00pm we have a LIVE Introductory Training Class where Nick and I will break down everything we're seeing in real time and share all the different strategies investors are using in 2022 right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

After the class (it's via Zoom) we stick around to answer any questions that you may have. So grab your seat right here.

Next, we recorded a brand new Rock Star Minutes episode where we discuss how and why you would use corporations to buy and invest in real estate in Canada.

There are pros and cons to investing both personally and using corps...on this episode, we break it all down.

You can watch that here.

That's it for this week, everyone.

There's a lot going on in the markets...good luck out there!

Remember, it's not timing the's "time in" the market that matters most when it comes to real estate. No one can time price moves accurately and anyone who claims they can must have a secret crystal ball! LOL.

Talk next week!

Tom & Nick

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