Got Problems? Go to 2,500 ft.

img_0789_5We often talk about getting over hurdles and 'pushing thru' challenges. And these are both important points if you are going to be successful in anything you do especially Real Estate Investing.

But one other extremely important trait is to be able to view things from a distance even when you are caught right in the middle of them.

The picture is of me getting ready for my first ever hot air balloon, and boy was it a treat!

It really was a fantastic time, but more than that it really shed some light on things for me.

It made me realize that when you are caught up in the middle of a tough situation, one in which you think there is 'no way out'. (as a side note, there is always something that can be done) Often the best thing you can do is get away from it.

No, I don't mean run for the hills and never turn back!

I mean take a step back to get a clear picture. Sometimes the solution is right in front of you but you are so entrenched in things you can't see it.

The perfect example hit me in the hot air balloon. We were in the midst of a peaceful flight, it really is the most surreal, relaxing way to fly. Then down below I noticed a maze made out of hedges.

Looking at this maze from 1000ft. in the air, as we were rising all the way up to 2,5000 ft., the solution was clear.

Because I was not in the middle of the problem, being blinded by obstacles, I could easily figure out the best course of action. I could take my little finger and trace my out with ease.......yes, I really did that 🙂

But it reminded me of the times that I needed this sort of clarity, this bird's eye view.

That is why so often when you are able to get away from a problem it seems crystal clear when you return.

But there is one thing we have to be careful of!

We can't go too far away, because if that is the case you aren't viewing the issue or thinking about it enough to move forward.

Let's go back to heights for a second.

At low altitudes, the maze is crystal clear. But if I were to go too far away from it I wouldn't be able to figure it out at all, it would look like one big glob of green.

You can take a look at this video of me skydiving to see what I mean or check out Tom's. When the airplane door opens we are about 10,000 ft. in the air. You can see that there is not much detail to anything, most things blur together.

If I was trying to solve the maze from there I would have a much harder time.....and that's not including the fact that I was terrified!

So there is a balance to where we have to be. It can be extremely important to view things from a distance but stay focused and stay on it.

If you can stay in the middle ground there will be no problem you can't overcome. Each time you do it it will become part of your subconscious and only make it easier the next time.

So the next time you have a difficult tenant, or a little hiccup with something at one our your investment properties, and you can't figure out a way to make things flow easily again. Remember, the solution is there, you might just need to get up to 2,500 ft. to figure it out!

- Nick Karadza

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