Getting The Latest Real Estate Indie Music Vibe!

Earlier this week, we were in Toronto taking care of some business when we got chatting about the "naysayers" who always believe the sky is falling.

You know the type, the ones that call for real estate to fall in value for so many years in a row that one day they're right. 

Well, we ourselves have been scared off of the Toronto Condo market for some time and although investing for appreciation isn't our "cup of tea" we continue to be amazed the strength of the Toronto condo market and shot this quick update...

And then, right after the video someone literally jumped on us ... one of Nick's old high school mates lives in the neighbourhood and is part of the Indie Music scene.  He gave us the local updates that we love and can only get from someone living in the neighbourhood.

Enjoy PART II to this video!


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0 comments on “Getting The Latest Real Estate Indie Music Vibe!”

  1. Great Videos Guys!

    Nick, I could not agree with you more about the naysayers. Each and every year people are predicting that the condo scene in T.O. will crash. Eventually, it will slow down to your point. I agree.

    However, until then, as you mentioned, people have done quite well buying in the right areas.

    I bought in 2008 at Keele and Dundas (The Junction) and have done well there.

    Queen West definitely is the Rock Capital of Toronto.

    I frequent that area, supporting friends that are involved in the Arts scene in T.O.

    Nice video!

    Keep up the GR8 work!

  2. Hey Neil, thanks for your comment.

    I am glad your condo is going well, as you know you picked a good area. Once it does slow I am sure there are some people that will let us hear about how they predicted it 6 or 7 years ago!!

    I hadn't spent much time around Queen West in the last couple of years so it was great to see the transition happening first hand. Who knows I might bump into you there sometime soon!

    If you see Tom or I down there shooting a video make sure you jump in it to add your two cents.


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