Florida Cash Flowing Rental Properties & The Future of Our Economy

Message from Tom & Nick

We're back from Florida!

We completed the very first "Rock Star Florida Fast Start Tour" and it was a wild success!!

Jim Sheil's team down in Florida is first class. He had his whole team come and join us on two tour buses as we toured two different markets, Jacksonville and Palm Coast.

They are building brand-new, purpose built, rental properties in markets all across Florida.

For years, actually more like for a decade, we've been asked by Canadian investors to help them out with some Florida options.

And we could never find the right team to work with down there.

It's easy to find properties almost anywhere.

But it's difficult to find an all-in-one team that builds, handles tenant placement, does property management, and does it with years of experience and at scale.

Problem solved!!

All of us walked away impressed with what Jim's team has put together down there.

This isn't like finding a property and throwing some property management on it.

These guys and gals are building to the newest building code, they have financing options for Canadians (where they even buy down the rate), you don't need income or credit in the U.S., they design the houses with renting them out in mind, they have all the professionals under one roof.

And best of all...they're good people!!

I think what stunned most of us was the Florida landlord and tenant laws. You don't have to renew any tenants that you don't choose to, there are no rent controls and the eviction process is a total of 45 days...it blew us away.

Having said that, most tenants are amazing...but we've all had a tenant test us and having these laws in place was a nice surprise.

Here's a few more pictures of the Rock Star Florida Fast Star Tour...

We're already making plans for the next one.

We have an accountant from the U.S. who works with Canadians, about to do a webinar for Rock Star Inner Circle Members and we're setting one up with the U.S. financing contacts who work with Canadian buyers.

So there's a lot going on and the Rock Star team has been busy.

This is a bit of a dream come true for us...we now get to help Canadians here in the Greater Toronto Area with single families, duplexes and small multis, and have a resource in Florida that does the exact same!!

Jim's team specializes in single family rentals, duplexes and quads.

This is one of the exclusive benefits that Rock Star Inner Circle Members have access to.

If you're not a member yet and want to jump on board right away, you can go here to read about all the benefits and sign-up: RockStarInnerCircle.com/Member (use code YLYT40 to get 40% off!)

Or if you'd like to come out to a Free Introductory Real Estate Investing MasterClass instead, you're in luck!

The next class is on Tuesday, December 12...that's next week!

The last one of the year!

We'll cover interest rates, student rentals, BRRRRs, garden suites and more!

You can click right here or visit this URL to register and save your seat: start.rockstarinnercircle.com/ezine-free-training-class

One more thing...

Listen, the economy is changing quickly.

Have you seen the new AI that just came out from Google DeepMind called Gemini?

It's remarkable, the demo just came out yesterday.

Definitely a game changer.

To live life on your terms you're going to need to understand what's happening as every corner of the economy is going to get upended in short order.

Jeff Booth introduced an idea to us that has been rolling around in our minds since we heard it:

We're not going to get the benefits of all this productivity when the current economy uses a form of money that must debase itself to survive.

Money printing and inflation will INCREASE to offset the productivity gains introduced by companies like Amazon and Google.

And those companies are about to get a lot BIGGER.

Power is going to centralize amongst fewer and fewer entities. We don't share or say this to be "scary"...we say it because we now deeply understand where we're headed and it's time to prepare today.

Not only are the skills we all need going to have to adapt, but where we choose to store our savings, in our opinion, should in no way be connected to, or denominated in, the current fiat dollar.

We did a little work and dug this data up...

Our dollar is getting debased at 8.5% on average annually.

This is the growth rate in your income and savings that you need to overcome if you're going to get ahead in this new world.

To us, leveraging income producing assets, like real estate, are one way to outpace this.

And then we can turn to a different savings technology, Bitcoin, as a better form of money that cannot be debased like dollars can, are finite and open (anyone globally can use it...not like dollars today).

Perhaps more importantly, it's an accurate measuring stick that will reflect the productivity changes that are occurring...instead of fighting against them with inflation.

We'll be covering this in great detail over the next few weeks and months, so stay tuned.

And for Rock Star Inner Circle members, we have some new educational content planned for 2024 so that you'll be getting all the information we can possibly share!!

OK, enough for now!!

Have a great week everyone...hope your Christmas shopping is going well!!

Tom & Nick

p.s. Thanks to all the members who joined us on the first Fast Star Florida tour!! We won't forget that trip for a long time! And a big part of the Rock Star team was also there which made it extra special!

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