Rock Star Inner Circle Membership

Rock Star Member Event Winter 2020

Rock Star Inner Circle is a membership with investors helping other investors.

When you become a member one of the first things you get access to is a member of the team that we refer to as a “coach.”

This is a person who is an investor themselves and more importantly, they have worked with multiple other investors on

Rock Star Coaches

tens and often hundreds of millions of dollars worth of properties. Everything from straight rentals to student rental to multi-unit buildings, flips, and more. We really want to help you achieve your goals because if we can make you successful at this, we’ll create a lifelong relationship together.

The Rock Star Inner Circle team will review your goals with you and never push you into anything. We’ll always go at your speed.

What are your long-term goals, and what are your short-term objectives? These form your “why”. Why you’re investing in real estate is important and personal. It’s different for everyone, and your why will shape how you invest in real estate. Your coach will work with you to tailor a strategy that works for you so you can meet your short-term and long-term goals.

And when you have specific questions about investing we can chat about everything and anything you’d like: population trends, how to market your properties, lease agreements, sale agreements, advertisements that work well … and those that don’t, rent rates, sale prices, historic appreciation, capitalization rates and more!

Once you become a member, you’ll also receive a “Member Kit” with specific investing strategies and systems that we’ve used as a group over 1,000 times.

These things are proven to be successful; we’re not reinventing the wheel over here … and we’re constantly tweaking and adjusting things to make them work even better.

Rock Star Inner Circle Coach Meeting with a Member

Each month at the Rock Star offices we’ll have multiple training classes available to you.
If you want to learn about Student Rentals, we’ve got you covered.

Or maybe you want to do a Joint Venture but don’t know how to put it together … there’s a class for that.

Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about Multi-Unit Buildings, Property Management, or even Rent-to-Own investing … there are classes for those too!

And the classes go beyond investing strategies…

Have accounting questions about your real estate or how it’ll impact your taxes? There are classes that cover it all.

Have questions about your rights as a landlord? We have you covered.

We could go on…

And the best part, it’s ALL included with your Membership.

And we’re all available to meet with you in person to discuss anything you’d like.

The entire team is at your disposal.

"Being part of Rock Star team has been a game changer as I get to hang out and learn from other real estate investors who have been there and done it. There is something special about belonging to a tribe. It’s not just about reaching out to people when you need help but also getting inspired by seeing what others are doing and building the confidence to go do it yourself."
Siddharth & Roshani Shah
Brampton, Ontario
"Tom and Nick have created a dynasty that has transformed not just my life but countless others who have always dreamed of attaining rental properties. As they continue to strive to relay the pulse of local and world economic factors, health and life goals, my “addiction” continues to grow. I don’t know of any institutional course(s) that exists locally, for the information they deliver tirelessly through the ongoing courses and classes they offer."
Dean Anderson
Hamilton, Ontario
"Thank you to everyone from the Rock Star community who has helped me to learn, grow and keep going when the going gets tough. Knowing that a group of experts is just a phone call, text or Facebook message away is incredibly comforting. That the Rock Star community is full of incredible people makes it even better.."
Christine Payne
Oakville, Ontario

We began Rock Star Inner Circle as a way to work with action-oriented people who want to live life on their terms!

And we’re serious about it.

So much so that we’re always adding anything of value that we can … for example:

A popular addition to the Rock Star Membership has become the Your Life. Your Terms. Events that are held three times a year…

These are live and in-person events with guest speakers from places like CMHC and Land Development Corporations or individuals like Real Estate Lawyers – we’ve even had Accountants on stage sharing free Real Estate Accounting information.

These events started out as a way for Nick and me to get time with interesting people that we wanted to hear from.

The first one was with our own personal accountant and about twenty other investors.

Today, there are more than 750 local Canadian investors from all over the Golden Horseshoe who come out to them.

It’s all part of being a Rock Star Inner Circle Member.

As a Rock Star Inner Circle member, you’ll also receive a monthly 12-page newsletter that has been published each month since 2006.

Inside we’ll share the latest trends and observations on the market along with a “Member of the Month” who shares their properties, their cash flow and profit numbers, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Each month we also share the various properties and cities all around Ontario that investors are working on so you can keep your pulse on the market.

And if you learn best by listening to audios, we’ve got you covered…

All Rock Star Members receive a monthly audio interview from various professionals that we work with:

Real Estate Lawyers, Accountants, Condo Developers, “Flippers,” Apartment Building Experts are just a few.

Not only will you hear these professionals, but we’ve assembled a ROLODEX of these contacts so that you can use the same professionals we are using ourselves for our own investing.
It’s taken us years to find good people – now we share them with you!

You don’t have to use any of our contacts of course, but if you need an expert Paralegal or Mortgage Broker or Contractor, we’ll have someone to share with you.

We’ve found that who you know is more valuable than any property or investing strategy…
…so surrounding yourself with a team of professionals is exactly the environment we’re trying to create with the Rock Star Inner Circle Membership.

If it’s time for you to learn a bit more about investing in real estate, you’ve found the right place…

Rock Star Inner Circle Member Benefits

When you become an Inner Circle Member, there are a number of significant benefits you’ll receive, which we’ve highlighted below.

We are constantly adding more information, training classes, and events, which would give you access to even more than is outlined here:

1. One-on-One Personalized Coaching:

Receive ongoing, one-on-one private coaching/consulting customized to reach your real estate investing goals. Every Rock Star Coach is an investor themselves.

2. Private Initial Goal Setting Consultation:

An initial private consultation to review investment strategies and come up with a selection that will be used to start or expand your investing.

3. Member’s-ONLY Training Classes (no additional charges):

  • Fast Start Class: What To Do and What Not To Do When Getting Started Investing

  • Educational Fast Start Property Tour: Hit the Streets with a Rock Star Coach for an Educational Property Tour!
  • Rent Your Home Fast For Top Dollar Class: How To Find A Top Tier Tenant To Lease Or Rent-To-Own Your Home!

  • Canadian Mortgage Financing Class: Tips, Strategies & Tactics for Real Estate Investors Revealed
  • Accounting Class with Andrew Topping: Maximizing Your Real Estate Tax Planning

  • Accounting Class with Andrew Topping: How to Use Corporations Effectively For Real Estate Tax Planning

  • Know Your Landlord Rights Class: How to Protect Yourself Against Tenant Claims with Paralegal Kelly Hawkes

  • Apartment Building & Multi-Unit Class: How To Buy, Finance & Analyze Cash Flow for Large Properties in Canada
  • Student Rental Class: How to Create Large Streams of Cash Flow with a Single Property

  • Joint Venture Class: How To Attract Investment Partners and Seal the Deal!
  • High Performance Medicine Class: How to Look, Feel & Function Like The World’s Top Athletes & Highest Performers 

  • Peak Female Health Class: How To Optimize Female Hormones to Achieve Peak Female Health & Performance
  • Peak Male Health Class: How To Optimize Male Hormones to Achieve Peak Male Health & Performance

  • Accounting Class With Cherry Chan: How To Maximize Your Investments Using Corporations And Rent To Own Taxation
  • Legal Second & Garden Suites Class - How To Supercharge Your Property Value & Cash Flow!

  • Property Management Class: How To Manage Your Own Investment Properties like a Professional Property Manager
  • Invest like a Developer Class: How the Big Investors Analyze, Structure, & Develop Land and How You Can Too

  • Infill Land Development Class: How to Create MASSIVE Value through Small Scale Land Development in Ontario

  • Rock Star E-Commerce Blueprint Class: How To Start a Thriving Online Physical Products Business

  • Forcing Appreciation Class: How to Determine the Highest & Best Use For Your Property

  • Life Insurance and Estate Planning Class: How To Pass On Wealth To The Next Generation

  • Bookkeeping Class: How To Keep Your Books To Save On Taxes & Stress
  • Airbnb Class: How to Turn Short-Term and Mid-Term Rentals into Big-Time Profits

4. Ontario-Specific Real Estate Investing Legal Forms and Contracts:

Access to Ontario-Specific Real Estate Investing Legal Forms and Contracts including traditional leases, student leases, rent to own contracts, joint venture agreements, etc.

5. Step-by-Step Real Estate Systems:

You will receive the exact scripts, ads, agreements, strategies, role playing sessions, follow-up emails and everything you need to get started or grow your real estate investment portfolio, documented.

6. 12-Page Monthly Rock Star Inner Circle Member’s Only Newsletter:

The Rock Star Inner Circle Newsletter, where not only are the latest tactics, strategies and topics impacting investors discussed. It is also an insight into the hundreds of other members’ investments, successes and blueprints they’ve used.

7. Monthly Audio Interviews with Industry Experts:

Exclusive audio interviews delivered monthly with industry professionals, economists, consultants, authors and successful members (CD & MP3).

8. Members Only Website:

Access to our restricted Rock Star Inner Circle Members’ Website with archived Rock Star Member Resources, our updated contracts and forms, and our continually updated “Million Dollar Resource Directory”

9. Complimentary Registrations to the Your Life. Your Terms. Events:

  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Rock Star Economic Update
  • Access to the whole Rock Star Team
  • Hundreds of local active investors to learn from, leverage an partner with.

10. Best Buy Weekly Hot Sheet:

Our Best Buy Weekly Hot List of Properties sent to your email inbox regularly.


Very simply as an inner circle member, you’re encouraged to reach out to us with questions or subjects you would like to see discussed in the inner circle newsletter or upcoming audio programs.

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"We used the Rock Star process and the wisdom of our coach. It is a repeatable process that we have used over and over with success, and since our coaches are investor themselves, they are the best teacher."
Tony & Marilou Soria
Mississauga, Ontario
"Joining Rock Star Inner Circle satisfied one of the greatest needs we had when starting to invest in real estate. RSIC built our TEAM. Accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, not to mention MENTORS. We have access to all the best people in all of the trades and all of the like-minded people we could want."
Dan & Laura Illman
Holland Landing, Ontario
"It has been a great journey so far. It is a nice feeling to take charge of one’s financial future while simultaneously providing great housing for great people. Doing so within a community such as Rock Star makes it even more worthwhile."
Andrew Walsh
Hamilton, Ontario
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