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Discover the Wealth-Generating Investing Blueprint Thousands of Canadians Use to Grow Their Net Worth and Provide Themselves & Their Families with A Lifetime of Security...and How You Too Can Use it to Get the Same Results!

The Rock Star Inner Circle is a Canadian Real Estate Investing Community, Built by Investors FOR Investors
Dear Hard-Working Canadian,

We want to help you CRUSH the blocks and obstacles in your life that are causing you frustration and holding you back from living life on your terms.

With a simple tailored-for-you wealth-building system that anyone can apply…regardless of age, gender, or career background.

All you need is a burning desire to FIX the frustrations in your life and take back control of your time & energy.

In the last 13 years, we have helped HUNDREDS of Canadians just like you live life on their own terms.
"Tom and Nick have created a dynasty that has transformed not just my life but countless others who have always dreamed of attaining rental properties. As they continue to strive to relay the pulse of local and world economic factors, health and life goals, my “addiction” continues to grow. I don’t know of any institutional course(s) that exists locally, for the information they deliver tirelessly through the ongoing courses and classes they offer."

Dean Anderson
Hamilton, ON

With this PROVEN wealth-building system, you too can:

             Spend more quality time with your family and kids, watch them grow and be there for the important milestones in their lives while still providing them with a high standard of living
             Significantly reduce or ELIMINATE mental and emotional stresses that come from a demanding job, financial struggles, or feelings of inadequacy that put a strain on your relationships with your spouse, your kids, and even yourself
             Make plans for retirement with peace of mind knowing you will not be a burden to your family and will have the means to live the retirement you always dreamed of
             Gain the confidence you need to switch careers in the middle of your life or have the freedom and time to focus on building your dream business,
             And ultimately, to live life on YOUR terms.
So if you’re fed up with busting your butt and getting nowhere…

If you’re ready to TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND…

If you’re HUNGRY for a change…

If you’re looking for someone/something to light a FIRE UNDER YOUR FEET…

Then this is for you.

The Rock Star Inner Circle Membership is a COMMUNITY of active, local investors all of whom have this in common:

The burning desire to live life on THEIR terms.
"Nine years with Rock Star is definitely one of the best decision Tony & I made as a married couple. It has been a wonderful ride. 

Through the help of Tom & Nick and the rest of the coaches and members too like Jason, we are now running a business, we were financially rewarded and hopefully we helped and touch other people’s lives by providing decent housing and eventually helped some tenants owned a house. 

This is what life is - as Albert Einstein said “ only a life lived for others is a life worth living”. Best regards to the Rock Star team!"

Tony & Marilou Soria 
Mississauga, ON

When You Join the Inner Circle Today, Here's Everything You'll Be Getting Access to Right Away!

Get Access to the Proven & Profitable Real Estate Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW in Ontario

What the Other Inner Circle Members Are Saying...

Victoria Suen
Toronto, ON

Member Since 2018

Ryan Mascarenhas
Georgetown, ON

Member Since 2022

Shawn Cameron
Milton, ON

Member Since 2016

Suzanne McMillan
Oakville, ON

Member Since 2019

The Inner Circle is For You If...

Because we offer you TREMENDOUS VALUE as an Inner circle member, it is a top priority for us to make sure you’ve got what it takes to be part of this INCREDIBLE community.

The Inner Circle membership is a group of high-energy, extremely motivated people who ACT on their dream to live life on their own terms.

Made up of thousands of unique and amazing individuals, the Inner Circle community draws people from all walks of life:

New immigrants like Siddharth Shah and Sergio Manzur...

There is something special about belonging to a tribe. It’s not just about reaching out to people when you need help but also getting inspired by seeing what others are doing and building the confidence to go do it yourself. This is what Rock Star and my coach have provided to me in my life.” – Siddharth & Roshani, Brampton ON
Siddharth & Roshani, Brampton, ON

...retired police officers like Andre Hart

“One thing for sure is that I would have never had the opportunity to be able to move where I wanted to live and be with my family if it wasn’t for real estate.” – Andre Hart, Limoges ON
Andre Hart, Limoges, ON

...power couples like Richard and Ingrid Clayton

“At the time, we knew absolutely nothing about real estate investing, except that it was a great investment judging from our experience with renting instead of selling our home when we immigrated to Canada. But becoming Rock Star members made all the difference because we were surrounded by a group of like-minded people who are great cheerleaders, and are big on sharing, guiding, advising, encouraging, empowering us to take action, and coaching us!” – Richard & Ingrid Clayton, Markham ON
Richard & Ingrid Clayton, Markham, ON

...hard-working families like the Howies and the DeGazons

“Real estate has helped our family to 'Live Life on Our Terms' which has allowed me the flexibility to run my own consulting business, help our kids, travel the world, and be an active Rotary service club member giving back to our community.” – Dianne Howie, Burlington ON
Dianne Howie, Burlington, ON

...awe-inspiring individuals like Victoria & Joseph Masucci

“Sometimes life gives you a kick in the pants. That’s what happened to us. We suddenly found ourselves in a situation where we needed to make our money work for us so that there would always be funds available should we need them. I’m now retired! Well not really. I have a lot of projects on the go, but I have officially left my corporate life. My husband Joseph is also enjoying "semi retirement”, which basically means that he works when and how much he wants to thanks to real estate.” – Victoria & Joseph Masucci, Bradford ON
Victoria & Joseph Masucci, Bradford, ON

...even doctors, IT professionals, and engineers like Kimberely Fernandes and Charles Wah

“I was working as a computer engineer when our office announced it was closing down and laying everyone off. I saw this as an opportunity to go after what I always wanted which is to start my own business. I eventually came up with an ambitious plan to become both a real estate investor and developer. Knowing I needed a solid foundation, I turned to communities like Rock Star for their resources and support..and it has paid off big time ever since!” – Charles Wah, Hamilton ON
Charles Wah, Hamilton, ON

and trail-blazing young investors like Victoria Suen and Connor Eagleson...

"One day, I just decided to book an appointment to look at a condo in Mississauga and convinced my sisters to come along with me. As a university student, I knew I needed their help to carry the mortgage, and after showing them the potential for profitable returns, we came together, pooling our resources to purchase my very first property at the age of 19! That was my first joint venture deal before I knew the term for it!" – Victoria Suen, Toronto ON
Victoria Suen, Toronto, ON

and so many more!

Every single one of these people has a unique story, comes from different backgrounds, have different financial situations, and cover a wide array of education, skillsets, and life experiences.

What brings them all together is the burning desire to live life on THEIR terms.

The Inner Circle is NOT for:
        lazy people who don’t want to get off their butt and do the work
        those looking to get rich quick
        the excuse-makers who find problems in everything and offer no solutions
        the negative-nancies who criticize other people’s achievements
The Inner Circle is FOR YOU if:
         you want to turn your life around for the better
         you want to take control of your time and energy
         you want to take the time to build generational wealth
         you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who can guide, mentor, and help you reach your goals faster
If you’re ready to transition from reading & learning to ACTION…

Then now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and join the BIGGEST group of local, active investors in Ontario today.

we want to give you
a $13,449 personalized wealth-building roadmap for the shockingly low cost of $59.95* a month! *(plus tax)

Plus, when you say YES to joining the Inner Circle Community today, you get (5) FIVE EXTRA BONUSES ...for no additional cost!

We cannot stress enough how POWERFUL this combination offer is.

Think about it – you get the personalized wealth-building roadmap which shows you how to profit from real estate in ANY matter how old you are, how busy you are, or how bad you think you are at 'finances'! 

That's not all! You also get 5 big bonuses that give you UNLIMITED behind-the-scenes access to the most successful and profitable real estate investing strategies that are working RIGHT NOW for investors in Southern Ontario. 

We work with HUNDREDS of investors all over Ontario...and we'll show you what's working and what's not, so you don't have to gamble with your life's savings!

- Here's Everything - 
You Get When You Join Today!

BIG BENEFIT #1 (Value: $3,000)

Your Own Private Real Estate Investing Coach is the Secret Key to Winning in Real Estate That Most Investors WISH They Had
Inner circle members are each assigned their own real estate investing coach. All our coaches are licensed realtors and investors themselves each with extensive and hands-on experience in a wide range of investing strategies including straight and student rentals, RTOs, multi-units, AirBnb, pre-construction, infill, BRRRs, vacation homes, and more. They cover a vast portion of Southern Ontario from Kingston to London, and from Barrie to Fort Erie.

BIG BENEFIT #3 (Value: $99)

Monthly Practical Investing Newsletter Packed with Insights From Investors For Investors Will Make You Your Friends & Family's Go-To Source for the Latest, Most Accurate Canadian Real Estate Market Insights
Every month we’ll mail you a copy of the 12-page Rock Star investor newsletter. Inside every issue, you’ll get to spy on what other Rock Star investors are buying and what cash flow numbers they’re getting. You’ll also have an information advantage over speculators and other investors with access to the latest local market updates & economic changes to keep an eye on that could affect your investments. Plus each month we’ll share new tips and strategies from Rock Star coaches and investors that help you protect and grow your real estate investments.

BIG BENEFIT #2 (Value: $750)

Exclusive One-on-One Goal Setting Meeting Helps You Avoid a Common Investor Trap to Become a Successful Investor…Even If You Have NEVER Invested Before
Within 24 hours of signing up, you will get a call from your coach to set up an initial one-on-one meeting so they can sit down with you and get an understanding for what your short-and-long term goals are with real estate. Then they’ll help you craft a step-by-step action plan to achieve those goals. This meeting is crucial to help you, and your coach, be on the same page when it comes to you achieving your investing goals.

BIG BENEFIT #4 (Value: $750)

Unrestricted Access to The MASSIVE Toolbox of Step-By-Step Real Estate Resources for Inner Circle Members to Help You Swat Away Any Obstacles That Come Your Way
Inner circle members have OPEN 24/7 access to the Members-ONLY website as well as to the Restricted Section on the Your Life. Your Terms. App (available on both Apple and Google Play Stores).

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to get your hands on every resource available to Inner Circle members: the schedule and registration for online and in-person training classes, Your Life. Your Terms. Event recordings, monthly investing newsletters, public and Members-ONLY podcasts, contact info for pre-vetted contractors, home inspectors, and other real estate professionals, and so much more!

BIG BENEFIT #5 (Value: $6,000)

Unlock Access to Over 20 Ongoing Beginner and Advanced Training Classes That Give You the Done-For-You Systems & Strategies to Help Put You on The Fast Lane to Success

Every month we offer a rotating range of investing classes for Members (available online and in-person). Check out the full list of classes below:

  1. Fast Start Class: What to Do and What Not to Do When Getting Started – peek behind the curtains at what rock star investors are doing successfully and learn the pros and cons of different investing strategies to find out what works best for your needs
  2. Educational Fast Start Property Tour – hit the road with a Rock Star Coach for 60-90 minutes to look at investment properties and get a hands-on understanding of what to look for and what to avoid when buying a rental property.  
  3. Rent Your Home Fast for Top Dollar Class – take the stress out of filling your property with this proven step-by-step system that’s guaranteed to get top-notch tenants lining up at your door & begging to give you their money!
  4. How To Maximize Your Investments Using Corporations and Rent-to-Own Taxation – learn the four types of corporate tax structures for real estate and the pros/cons of each, discover the top 12 tax deductions for rental properties, and how to save thousands of dollars in taxes on your investments.
  5. Canadian Mortgage Financing Class – find out what financing and rate options are available for investors, the refinancing techniques you can use to snowball your portfolio, and get real-time updates on mortgage rates and financing available for you.
  6. How to Use Corporations Effectively for Real Estate Tax Planning – should you incorporate your real estate portfolio? What are the benefits and drawbacks? Are there tax implications? Can you incorporate existing properties, and if so how?
  7. Maximizing Your Real Estate Tax Planning – learn the tax differences for each investing strategy such as residential, commercial, pre-construction, short- & long-term rentals, etc, plus discover how to benefit from personal tax programs and what expenses you can claim on your investment property to maximize your tax returns
  8. Legal Second & Garden Suites Class – learn the benefits of adding additional suites to your properties (& why experienced investors LOVE this strategy!), take a look at real-life case studies of successful second and garden suite conversions (incl expenses, revenue & profits, and learn the easiest ways to adding a second suite so you can start making money right away
  9. Infill Land Development Class – Did you know you can wave your wand and multiply your portfolio without buying more properties? Practice the magic of infill development! Learn all the ins and outs of how to do this successfully
  10. Student Rental Class – if cash flow is your King, you’ll LOVE getting your hands on our secrets to finding, filling, and managing cash-flowing student rental properties from Rock Star Coaches with DECADES of experience! 
  11. Apartment Building & Multi-Unit Class – Win at real-life Monopoly and learn about the massive investing opportunity in large multi-unit buildings in Southern Ontario!
  12. Invest like a Developer Class – You too can invest and profit BIG alongside large, successful development companies. Go behind the scenes as a representative from one of the biggest private developers in Ontario walks you through the entire development process - from A to Z!
  13. Rock Star E-Commerce Blueprint Class – Escape the 9-5, live anywhere, add another stream of income...anything is possible with an online business! Taught by Rock Star Members who have built multi-million-dollar Amazon businesses! 
  14. Property Management Class – uncover the pro tips and strategies to help you effectively manage your investment property, how to deal with maintenance issues & manage contractors, and what to look for in a property manager should you choose to hire one!
  15. Know Your Landlord Rights Class – taught by Tom and Nick’s personal paralegal, you’ll learn best practices to set yourself up for success when dealing with tenants, key landlord tools & important Landlord Tenant Board processes, how to be proactive instead of reactive in your real estate business & the mindset an investor needs to succeed in Ontario!
  16. Joint Venture Class – Discover the Rock Star investor’s guide to raising money and getting deals done! You’ll learn the pros and cons of JV agreements, have access to the Rock Star JV Contract that protects everyone involved and helps you avoid the most common mistakes we’ve seen in JV partnerships 
  17. High-Performance Medicine Class shows you how to look, Feel & Function Like The World’s Top Athletes & Highest Performers, led by doctors from Phenom High-Performance Medicine! You’ll discover how you can take steps now to maximize your health and perform your best, Manage your stress levels as you grow your real estate business, and much more!
  18. Forcing Appreciation Class – Discover how to increase income, reduce expenses and boost your property value, how to find deals on MLS by spotting value where others can’t, the 7 levels of value creation and what each level requires, how to determine your personal best strategy for adding value and real-life case studies of how to force appreciation of your home. Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned vet, we guarantee this class will upgrade your investing toolkit! 
  19. Life Insurance and Estate Planning Class – Learn how to smoothly transition a portfolio of rental properties from one generation to the next to help grow and keep your hard-earned wealth in your family, along with what types of life insurance policies can help you cover the eventual tax bill.
  20. AirBnb class: How to Turn Short-Term Rentals into Big-Time Profits – Learn the 9 steps to ensure success with short-term rentals, How to maximize your earnings and avoid common pitfalls, how to become an Airbnb super host and why it’s important you do so, the difference that monthly rental adjustments can make to your annual income, and more!
  21. Bookkeeping Class – Be LESS stressed and keep MORE money in your pockets with the 16 deductions real estate investors can leverage to reduce taxes, the systems, spreadsheets, software & apps for automating expense tracking & managing your books, plus learn how to stay organized year-round and not have to scramble come tax time

BIG BENEFIT #6 (Value: $595)

One-Stop Shop for All the Ontario Investor-Specific Legal Forms & Leases Along with Instructions on How to Properly Use Each One So You Can Spend Less Time on Legal Jargon and More Time on Being an Investor
Available on the Members-ONLY site! 

Easily find, download and print off all the Ontario legal forms, documents, and leases you need to run your real estate business with as little hassle as possible.

Spend more time investing and learning how to increase your cash flow, and less time looking for paperwork!

BIG BENEFIT #8 (Value: $75)

The Weekly Best Buy Email Provides an Enormous Advantage for Investors Who Want the Latest Quick-And-Dirty Market Insights & The Latest HOT Investment Properties in Southern Ontario
Every week we’ll share NEW real estate properties for Inner Circle investors to snap up before anyone else. We’ll also give you the upper hand with tons of actionable strategies and information you can use to level up your investing game & reach new heights of success.

BIG BENEFIT #7 (Value: $1,185)

Guaranteed Ongoing Opportunities to Meet & Connect with Hundreds of Active, Local Investors at The Your Life. Your Terms. Events with Priority Access for Inner Circle Members
Inner circle members get priority access to register and attend the MASSIVE Your Life. Your Terms. Events we host multiple times a year. These events are PACKED with literally hundreds of active local investors that you can meet and chat with, learn from and be inspired by, and even get into business with! These events are insanely popular with the most motivated investors in the Inner circle community…so you know you’ll be surrounded by people who can kickstart you into action FAST!

BIG BENEFIT #9 (Value: $995)

Access the Detailed Blueprint to Using the RTO Investing Strategy That’s Perfect for Beginners Who Want to Minimize Their Down-Market Risk and Do as Little Property Management as Possible
Rent-to-Own is a little-known investing strategy available in Ontario…and with good reason. Very few people manage to pull it off successfully. And as an Inner circle member, you have access to the ENTIRE proven RTO system we’ve used to make massive profits over and over for years! This strategy is perfect for those who want to gently dip their toes into the world of real estate investing, and the exact system available to you will take away the majority of stress and anxiety of going into real estate.


The Florida Advantage: Complete Hands-Off Investing in Cash Flowing Purpose-Built Rentals All Over Florida (Exclusive to Rock Star Inner Circle Members)
The Florida team works exclusively with Rock Star Members and provide additional benefits to members only, like buying down the mortgage rate offered to international investors.

Their team specializes in building 600-800 brand new, purpose-built rentals (single family, triplexes, and quads/fourplexes) a year.

And what's unique about these builds is they're purposely designed to make managing them as easy as possible. The same team builds and manages the properties - so they know the area really well, have decades of experience and are well-equipped to tackle any issues that arise. 

Properties are available all over the state, including: Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Sarasota, Fort Myers, etc.

BIG BENEFIT #11 (Value: $HUGE)

Surround Yourself with a Powerful, Motivated Community of Action-Takers Constantly Breaking Down Barriers & Pushing Boundaries on What is Possible for Real Estate Investors, So You Can Skyrocket to New Heights of Success You Never Even Dreamed of!
From the rock star coaches to the inner circle members to the vast network of real estate investing professionals…you have access to it ALL as an inner circle member. 

The Rock Star Inner Circle community attracts everyday Canadians from all walks of life…all types of backgrounds and experience levels. Wherever you are right now in your investing journey, you are guaranteed to find someone who can help you get started or take the next big leap with you.
From the rock star coaches to the inner circle members to the vast network of real estate investing professionals…you have access to it ALL as an inner circle member. The Rock Star Inner Circle community attracts everyday Canadians from all walks of life…all types of backgrounds and experience levels. Wherever you are right now in your investing journey, you are guaranteed to find someone who can help you get started or take the next big leap with you.

All You Have to Do, 
is Click the Button Below and ALL of these Investor Advantages Will Be Yours for just $59.95* a month! 

Get Access to the Proven & Profitable Real Estate Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW in Ontario
"I have had the pleasure of being a Rock Star member for a few years now and I can easily say there is no other real estate organization that truly looks out for its client's well being. As a financial planner it is my professional opinion that becoming a Rock Star member was my best investment to date."

Carlos Rodrigues
Hamilton, ON

"You'd have to pay thousands of dollars to get the same value for your time. It was a great networking opportunity as well, meeting so many like minded people who are so willing to help and share their successes and bumps along the way. Can't wait till the next one"

Lew King
Mississauga, ON

"The thought of buying a property as an investment was frightening at first. We had lots of the questions but it didn't take long to get the answers we needed to feel comfortable and get looking for that first."

Chris & Rhonda Martin
Grimsby, ON

"I thought that a corporate job and investing in the stock market was the way to financial security. Boy, was I wrong!! We currently have 5 properties, and plan to continue to grow our real estate portfolio! The added value of the classes and the quarterly Events are priceless! Nick, Tom, and the entire Rockstar team are motivational and inspirational. I am impressed with their passion, innovation, their desire to impart knowledge to members, and their commitment to giving back to their communities. Becoming a Rockstar member has been an amazing experience and privilege."

Brenda Yeomans
Mississauga, ON

"I attended their free class back in February 2016 and I was immediately taken by the down-to-earth and positive nature of both Tom and Nick and the other coaches. I was also pleased with the very low cost of membership and the amount of TRUE VALUE they were offering. You also get access to an entire Rolodex of vetted professionals to help you deal with any real estate issues as well as a solid network of like-minded individuals – real doers who you can learn from."

Michael Genchi
King City, ON

"When I joined in 2013, my wife was less than enthusiastic about me joining what she thought was some kind of real estate pyramid scheme. 2 years and 3 houses fully tenanted later, she is now on board and recognizes Rockstar for what it really is: a group of like-minded people who come together in a positive environment to help you succeed in real estate investing. No more "dream big and it'll come true" wishy-washy marketing hype--it's a solid step-by-step (hand-holding at times) process to get you from A to B (whatever your B is)"

Stuart Harrison
Burlington, ON


Here are the Bonus FREE Gifts When You Sign Up Today:

FREE Bonus 1

Fountain of Youth is good…Fountain of Infinite Investing Knowledge is BETTER!

There are NO limits on how many questions you can ask your coach or the Membership Team! Inner Circle Members get unrestricted access to ALL the information available at Rock Star…whether it’s about your membership, upcoming events, how to get in touch with real estate professionals, or how to maximize the benefit of all the resources available to you as an Inner Circle Member.

FREE Bonus 2

A ‘Secret Weapon’ Army Ready to Make You a Trail-Blazing Success

Take advantage of our vast network of real estate investing professionals including mortgage brokers, lawyers, paralegals, accountants, contractors, inspectors, insurance, and much more! These are professionals already vetted by other Rock Star investors, so you know you can expect top-tier service and count on the quality of their work without having to try your luck with someone you’re using for the first time.

FREE Bonus 3

A Little Birdie Whispering Golden Opportunities into Your Ear…Before Anybody Else!

Be the first to know when amazing off-market opportunities are available…including private and exclusive hands-off real estate steals with some of the biggest builders in the GTA! (this is on top of what you get with Benefit #8!)

FREE Bonus 4

Don’t Come to Us…We’ll Come to YOU

We’ll invite you to join ongoing LIVE Broadcast calls with Tom and Nick throughout the year, so you can always be confident you have the latest data and insights you need to succeed. You can ask your questions in advance, and then simply sit back and get all the answers from the comfort of your favorite couch!

FREE Bonus 5

Move over Midas, THIS is How You Turn Everything You Touch into Gold

Yes, it’s true you can turn everything you touch into gold…en opportunities! By learning from those already doing it successfully. Whether your passion is real estate, business building, health & fitness, or e-commerce…we’ve got a big network of awesome people doing amazing things to inspire you into action!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All You Have to Do is Click the Button Below and $13,449 Worth of Gifts & Bonuses Are Yours!

Get Access to the Proven & Profitable Real Estate Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW in Ontario

When you Join the Inner Circle today, you can have ALL OF THIS:

Total Value: $13,449

         Private Real Estate Coach  - ($3,000 Value)
         One-on-One Goal Setting Meeting  - ($750 Value)
         Physical Monthly Investor Insights Newsletter  - ($99 Value)
         Unrestricted Access to ALL of Rock Star's Investing Resources on the Members-ONLY Site & Mobile App  - ($750 Value)
         20+ Ongoing Beginner and Advanced Investor Training Classes  - ($6,000 Value)
         Investor-Specific Legal Forms & Leases Along with Instructions  - ($595 Value)
         Detailed Blueprint to Using the RTO Investing Strategy  - ($995 Value)
         Weekly Best Buy Email  - ($75 Value)
         Priority Access to All Rock Star LIVE Events and Opportunity to Meet & Connect with Hundreds of Active, Local Investors - ($1,185 Value)
Bonus! 13 years' worth of lessons, tips, & strategies 
Bonus! Million-Dollar Rolodex of pre-vetted real estate investing professionals
Bonus! RRSP, TFSA, RESP, & LIRA eligible real estate opportunities with A+ reputable builders and developers in Ontario
Bonus! Ongoing LIVE Broadcast calls with Tom and Nick 
Bonus! Big network of awesome people doing amazing things to inspire you into action 


(Membership is only $59.95 plus HST monthly. Cancel at any time)
Get Access to the Proven & Profitable Real Estate Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW in Ontario

How Our Hard-Learned Lessons Help Us Make Your Investing Journey a HUGE Success

“An organization whose only goal is for you to escape the rat race” – Ryan Mascarenhas, Georgetown ON
Rock Star Real Estate was born out of pure frustration with the status quo.

We had high-paying jobs in the tech industry. We had good jobs and made good money.

But no matter how hard we worked, it didn’t feel like we were getting ahead.

We were constantly trading hours for dollars. Every day, a big chunk of our time was dedicated to making someone else money. We didn’t have the freedom to choose how we spend our days, how many hours we spend with family or our kids.

Someone else was in charge of making these decisions for us.

One day, we said enough is enough.

At the time we started Rock Star, Nick was already investing in real estate. Bidding on auction properties and flipping others for a profit.

But that got old pretty quick. We realized we were still putting in hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars into each property in order to make money.

This strategy didn’t give us what we ultimately wanted: the freedom to choose how we lived our lives.

So we started getting into other types of investing strategies like rent-to-owns, student rentals, straight rentals, etc.

We developed systems to finding good properties and advertising them to generate hundreds of leads. We would literally have potential tenants lining up at the door, some with thousands of dollars of cash in hand and ready to sign the lease!

We weren’t in real estate when we started and had never invested before.

We were two brothers from Mississauga, born to immigrant parents, who were frustrated with their jobs and wanted to live life on their terms & help others do the same.

Real estate investing can be complicated…we make it simple.

“As first-time investors, looking for a property can be quite overwhelming with a huge learning curve, but our coach was there every step of the way” 
– Patricia Eugenio, Ajax ON
You might be wondering…why real estate?

There are people who prefer other investments like stocks or REITs.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Different investments appeal to different people. 

The reason we chose real estate, and why we think you should too, is this:

        Real estate is a hard asset that you own directly.
        It is useful because it serves a fundamental purpose for people.
        It is physical so you can directly see and touch its value for yourself (and so can other people!)
        It is scarce because there’s only so much land you can build on. Even in high-density regions, there are only so many rooms or apartments you can fit onto a single plot of land.
        It is a self-liquidating asset that pays for itself and produces additional monthly cash flow for you as well, making it a self-sufficient investment.
        It is a historically appreciating asset that allows you to tap into built in equity to access cash without having to sell the asset.
With all these benefits…why aren’t there more real estate investors?

Because being a successful real estate investor is simple, but not easy.

Anyone can buy a property and rent it out.

But what separates the “investor” from the “accidental landlord” are the SYSTEMS savvy investors use to repeat their success with one property with a second property, a third, and so on.
Take Frank and Maricar for example:

They came to Canada in the 1990s. Interest rates were in the double digits, and they were working minimum wage jobs. 

But they knew the value of real estate. So, when an opportunity came up to buy a newly built townhouse in Mississauga, they jumped on it.
They ended up renting that house to help cover the mortgage. They became ‘accidental landlords’.

What they didn’t know was to how to use real estate to build wealth.

Until they stumbled on Rock Star in 2013.
“Suddenly, the “what ifs” which held us back (like late rent, vacancy, maintenance, cash flow…) changed to “what if” we had better control of our time and did not rely on a pay cheque to survive?”
That’s when they got introduced to the proven and repeatable systems that allowed them to snowball their portfolio, maximize the potential of their existing properties, and be successful real estate ‘investors’ living life on their terms, instead of just accidental landlords.

And you can too.

You don’t need to be a genius or financial wizard to make money in real estate.

You just need access to the tried-and-tested systems and strategies that can help you succeed with maximum returns and minimal risk.

We’ve used these systems successfully ourselves and with countless investors since 2008 to generate over $2.5 Billion in real estate.

The result is we helped hundreds of Canadians take charge of their own lives and live it on their terms.
Rock Star Investors Living Life on Their Terms All Over the World!

See how real estate changed these Canadians' lives...

George & Grace immigrated from Nigeria and bought 3 cash-flowing properties in 4 years!
A veteran and police officer, Sean is making it his mission to live life on his terms!
A heartwarming letter from long-time Rock Star Members Teymur & Anna

You Too Could Be Living Life on Your Terms Right Now

“From very competent realtors to amazing educational courses for different levels of investors to professional networks, I was able to get into real estate very quickly” - Snezana Stefanovic, Etobicoke ON
Nearly any problem in your life can be solved if you were living life on your terms.

Money issues? ✅
Time constraints? ✅
Future worries? ✅
Health and fitness? ✅
Missed opportunities? ✅

Living life on your terms means:

        You’re not as worried about money because you have multiple income streams to cover your expenses in case you lose your primary source of income
        You have more time to spend with family, your kids, friends, your hobbies or working on your dream business
        You have more energy to focus on getting fit and eating better…because you have more time and less worries about money you can prioritize your health!
        Learning a new skill or discovering a new hobby…like Tom realizing he’s a coffee aficionado
        Quitting the dead-end job you always hated and spending that time and energy on something you’re passionate about instead
        Not feeling green with envy of parents who attend every baseball game for their kid or attend every talent show or take annual family trips to Greece because now you can do it too
        Fulfilling a youth dream to travel and see the world
        Take that vacation you’re always talking about
        Go on that second honeymoon with your spouse and rediscover emotions you’ve been neglecting for years
        Give your kids a better life than what you had
…the possibilities are endless.

Don’t think it’s possible for you?

Check out the stories of these Canadians who used real estate to live life on their own terms:

Mark & Carolina Molder

Early in life, I (Mark) followed the conventional path that society deemed successful.

Having a stable job. Living within my means and having zero consumer debt. A stellar credit score.
The RRSP contributions every responsible Canadian should make plus a defined benefit pension plan through work.

Choosing the path of attending university and acquiring all the necessary credentials, a Master's Degree to boot. 

But, for me, it wasn’t enough.

I had this feeling that wealthy individuals made their fortunes not by trading their time for dollars, but through systems like real estate.

And I wanted a part of that. 

Initially, I encountered doubts and discouragement from those close to me.

“Why would someone rent from you?”,
“Real estate is too risky” and,
“You will lose money”, they said. 

My conviction was strong, however, and I pursued a real estate investment opportunity in Hamilton.

But it was a frustrating experience that left me disillusioned and questioning my abilities as an investor.

Fortune later smiled upon me as I crossed paths with like-minded individuals and I met investors in the Rock Star network. 

Armed with renewed knowledge and conviction, I dove back into real estate investing and purchased two Hamilton rental properties that I then successfully filled and managed.

This took place while in the background my wife and I closed on the sale of our primary residence, we were both working full-time jobs, running a household, and meeting family obligations and the needs of two young children. 

The point I want to emphasize is that if any soon-to-be investor is using the “I have no time” to invest in real estate excuse, well, that’s just not true.

Carolina and I now have these incredible assets that give us flexibility and options.

While it’s by no means a large portfolio, we had to take action or fall behind financially. 

Our hard-earned dollars, which we trade our time and energy for, were being destroyed by inflation.

Now, we have assets that we can refinance, leverage, and that appreciate while bringing in positive cash flow.

As more demonetized dollars chase fewer houses, I see real estate as a must-have for long-term financial growth and success.”

Sergio Manzur

"My wife and I were born and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and immigrated to Canada in 2007, and we didn’t have many savings when we landed. 
We were already in our late 30s, and we knew that we had to take serious ownership of our financial journey if we were to create some wealth and have a chance to retire comfortably in our 60s.

For 10 years our game plan was: 
– Increase our income (from our jobs) 
– Save as much as possible (we saved 50% of our gross income for many years… not without huge sacrifices!) 
– Invest in a “traditional” way; maxing out RRSPs & TFSAs, paying down our mortgage on our principal residence, then invested all registered and non-registered savings in mutual funds and ETFs. 

The returns we were getting were nothing spectacular, especially when considering real returns (inflation-adjusted). In addition, we had no control of results, and we spent money on management fees.

We realized this path wasn’t going to build significant wealth. Something needed to change!

So I began studying what wealthy individuals are doing differently… Among many things, I clearly picked up that real estate is the game many wealthy people play to win. 

Joining Rock Star was totally game-changing to us. It provided us with lots of inspiration, education, and resources; as well as a network of investors that were taking action and getting results! The most important realization for us was that to succeed, you have to invest in yourself first!

Fast forward a few years later, and our real estate investments allowed us to achieve financial freedom!

Our monthly cash flow now fully covers our living expenses and very soon, our version of “living life on our terms” will include us moving to the Dominican Republic, a personal lifestyle decision for our family!”

To recap…here’s everything you get when you click JOIN THE INNER CIRCLE Today:

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Guarantee 1: Cancel any time, no hard feelings

100% guarantee that you'll be up to your ears in valuable insights, tips & strategies and the latest data for real estate investors.

But if you feel you’re not getting this value, you can walk away at any time. Just email or call the Membership Team and we’ll cancel your membership, no questions asked.

Guarantee 2: We Will Hold Your Hand Every Step of the Way

It doesn’t matter what level of investor you are. We’ll take you by the hand and gently guide you through the kiddie pool if you’re just starting, or dive straight into the deep end with you if you’re an experienced investor looking to step up their game.

No matter what, everyone from your coach to the Membership Team to the legal professionals to Tom & Nick personally…we will be there every step of the way for you and help guide you to where you want to go.

To recap, here’s everything you get when you sign up to be an Inner Circle Member:

  • We help you find the best homes and educate you on whatever strategy it is you’re looking for
  • We’ll help you with the entire process of getting pre-approved and securing financing  
  • We negotiate the transaction with all parties involved
  • We follow through the entire process with lenders, lawyers, appraisers, and inspectors
  • We guide you step-by-step until the property is up and running and generating income for you
  • We help you advertise your home and screen tenant applications until you find the best applicant and sign the lease
  • We help you get higher upfront non-refundable payments from people who want to rent your property and look after it as their own
  • We help you until you get a big fat cheque from your tenant or buyer
  • We hold your hand every step of the way and do our best to answer all your questions or address any concerns you might have


  1. Is the membership a one-time fee or a monthly fee?
    A: There is a one-time enrolment fee, then a monthly charge every month after that! You can cancel anytime at no cost. 
  1. What events are included with the cost of the membership?
    A: We host our major Your Life. Your Terms. Event three times a year at no additional charge to members! We also have classes that are held in person and online, which again are at no additional cost to you as a member! 
  1. What should I do if I am not ready to invest yet?
    A: No worries! Everyone is ready in their own time and if you are not ready yet, we suggest taking advantage of all the classes and industry resources we have to share with members! Information advantages are key in this industry! 
  1. Do you have contacts in the industry that I can use (ex. lawyer, contractor)?
    A: YES! We have what we call our "Million Dollar Rolodex" which is stocked with every type of contact you may need throughout the investing process. These contacts have been vetted and used by Rock Star members, so it truly is the best of the best! 
  1. Can I share my membership with my spouse/business partner?
    A: YES! You can split your membership with your spouse or business partner. Just be sure to add them as a guest when you sign them up for events! You will also share a login!

  2. Is my coach an experienced investor?
    A: Yes! All our coaches are real estate investing veterans. They're experienced in using multiple different investment strategies all over Southern Ontario. Many started as Rock Star Members themselves, built up their own portfolios, got their license, and now help coach other investors. 
  1. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    A: If at any time you feel you’re not getting value from your membership, we will cancel it for you, no questions asked! Simply reach out to the Membership Team at any time to cancel your membership.
  1. What if I don’t like the coach I’m working with?
    A: All our coaches are experienced investors whose primary goal is to help YOU succeed. But sometimes you might not see eye to eye on things and that’s okay! Just let the Membership Team know and they’ll be happy to connect you with another coach who can help you achieve your goals.
  1. Is there a limit on how many times I can attend a class?
    A: Nope! All our classes are on rotation throughout the year, and you can take them as many times as you like!
  1. How do I sign up?
    A: Easy! Just hit the big green button right below and fill out your info on the next page:
Get Access to the Proven & Profitable Real Estate Strategies That Are Working RIGHT NOW in Ontario
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