Egypt’s currency lost 46% of its value overnight + why you need hard assets

Message from the Rock Star Team

Hey everyone,

This is Noha from the Rock Star Marketing team. Taking over from Tom for this week!

So, here’s the thing.

I’m originally from Egypt.

Last time I shared my story in this email, I talked about how my cousin back home decided to move up her wedding date to avoid the worst effects of inflation.

She was concerned that certain wedding expenses, the venue, the photographer, etc would become too expensive by the time of her original wedding date.

This was at a time when the Egyptian government was regularly devaluing the currency every few months. So moving up her date a few months saved her a lot of money.

This might sound crazy to those of us living in Canada. But that’s because Canadians have never experienced hyperinflation. Inflation still happens here, but more slowly.

That was almost a year ago.

And while high inflation has been ravaging the country since…yesterday, it got worse.

The Egyptian pound lost almost half its value against the USD…in a single day!

Overnight, the value of people’s savings got cut in half.

It was a condition of the deal Egypt made with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an $8 billion “rescue” loan.

Setting aside the reasons why Egypt needs all this money for a second…

How villainous do you have to be to demand 100 million people lose half their savings before issuing a loan?

And WHY does the IMF have this power in the first place?

It all started in July 1944. At a secret meeting in a little town called Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA.

Economists, bankers, and politicians got together and changed the way we all think about money…forever.

The IMF, along with the World Bank, were born out of that meeting.

Like the Temple of Doom in Indiana Jones, the IMF and World Bank are the Temples of Fiat in the modern economy.

Their demands destroy the savings of billions of people around the world.

They are willing to sacrifice the time and energy people spend to earn their money, in order to get what they want.

And as cool as it would be to swoop in, in a leather jacket and cowboy hat to bring the Temple of Fiat down and save all these people….

It’s not realistic.

But it doesn’t mean nothing can be done.

In fact, there are a few ways ordinary people like you and me can stop the Temple of Fiat from coming after our money and our families.

If you want to be the hero of your own story, consider this your exclusive invitation to the Saturday, April 6 Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

Go to www.YourLifeYourTerms.Event for all the details.

Tom and Nick, along with exclusive special guest speakers, will reveal:

  • What assets you need to own for maximum protection on your money…the Temple of Fiat hate these because they cannot control them as easily!
  • Priceless opportunities for young people, including Millennials and Gen Z, to find people their age who can help them acquire these precious assets and protect their future savings
  • An information advantage for everyone over 40 who wants to safeguard what they saved, how to legally save on taxes when passing down wealth to your children, and what are the best estate set ups that work for your individual situation
  • How to take advantage of reward points so you can still have great experiences and make wonderful memories while your savings are tucked safe and sound in ‘hard assets’
  • bold tale of a how a young man escaped hyperinflation in Venezuela to Western University’s business program, and ultimately launching a company that will revolutionize lending.
  • And last but not least, the exact information we use to stay ahead of global developments in money, real estate, technology, AI, and more so we can continue to live life on our terms…and not be blindsided by massive currency devaluations or a jump in interest rates!

Here are all the details:

Your Life. Your Terms. Event
Saturday, April 6
Mississauga, ON
Tickets & Registration at

This is your chance to take control of your own life, and not leave it up for fate….or to the damage of Temple of Fiat!

Until then,

Your life. Your terms

Rock Star Team

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