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Cash Flow Real Estate Investing for Canadians | Rock Star Inner Circle

ATTENTION: If you’re ready to dramatically increase the income of your real estate investments, or if you are looking to get started – do not miss out on this program with Tom & Nick Karadza!

We’re fed up with all the B.S. being taught about how to invest in real estate.

Listen to the two brothers who have developed a system used to create over 132 cash flowing investment properties in an 18-month period… you CAN do it, have fun doing it and make money doing it! (And we’ve got the clients to prove it.)

Our step-by-step system will show you how...

From Tom & Nick Karadza, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Dear Friend,

Well, you’re in the right place and we can’t wait to help you!

But first, we have to let you know, we’re just as sick and tired of seeing all the real estate investing B.S. out there as you are.

And we think that we’re not alone.

At one recent event we attended the “professional investor” spent an entire hour explaining that the key to making money in real estate was buying a property for cheap and then selling it to someone else for more than you bought it for. (Duh!) Simple as pie.

Then they “just happened” to have a good deal available for “pennies on the dollar”. It was the chance of a lifetime for the attendees to invest in the depressed U.S. market – and it was only available to the first few people to put their name on a list (we couldn’t believe what was going on).

There was no mention of ANY of the basic fundamentals to investing, things like: population growth trends, economic activity, average family income, transportation route developments etc.

It drives us crazy and makes us cringe every time we hear a piece of real estate pitched in such an incomplete and incompetent manner.

A few days later one of their “associates” emailed us to suggest we invest or “offer” the property to our clients. When we asked for the actual address of the property (because the city was so small we had never even heard of it), and if we could see the home inspection report, and economic indicators for the area and who the property manager would be -- the response was shocking. We got a “thank you”… and no answers to any questions! Zip, nada, nothing!

We can only assume if you are not willing to invest with a complete lack of information then it’s not worth their time.

This shocked us! Why? Who in their right mind would invest in a property for “pennies on the dollar” without knowing any details of the investment?

They were trying to use tactics from the 1980’s to ram these properties down people’s throats. And back in the crazy 80’s it probably worked well.

People are smartening up.

The old school model of selling is gone. We are all fed up with being bossed around and told that if we don’t “act fast” we’re missing the chance of a lifetime. Sheesh, enough already.

This is a PERFECT opportunity for a new wave of investors to stand up and make a difference.

And we are.

When we speak in front of groups and explain the fundamentals and proven systems of investing people come up to us in disbelief that we share so much good content with them.

And they can’t believe that we own and operate a real estate brokerage in Burlington, Ontario to work exclusively with investors.


The “industry veterans” laughed when we opened a specialty real estate brokerage until they saw the results.


For years the only way to get real-life, solid, practical investing “systems” was to spend thousands of dollars to attend weekend “boot camps” or evening seminars in stuffy old banquet halls.

And then at the end of the class the instructors often disappear into the abyss. Either flying back to their home towns or handing out office phone numbers that are never answered, with messages rarely returned.

How do we know? Because we’ve been there.

We’ve spent the money (literally, tens and tens of thousands of dollars) on every real estate investing course you could imagine. Local weekend courses, evening classes, free classes, expensive classes, Teleseminar classes, live classes, recorded classes, commercial classes, residential classes, classes in Canada and classes in the U.S.

We’ve seen it all. And then some.

Here’s the big difference why the investors we work with don’t feel “sold to”. They feel we treat them with respect and more importantly we share our “timeless principles” of investing. Not a bag of tricks designed to distract you from obtaining results.

We know some of the “big boy” real estate clubs watch what we’re up to, we know they chuckle and say “Oh, isn’t that nice…those two brothers are actually trying to teach real strategies that work -- and isn’t it sweet that they are having fun doing it. Too bad they don’t know the real money is in SELLING weekend boot camps.”


Folks please listen up: Successful investing doesn’t require an endless bag of investing tricks and tactics, taught in stuffy banquet halls...


It’s great to know about wholesaling properties, tax sales, tax liens, quick deeds, lease options, commercial properties, discount mortgages, joint ventures, student rentals, foreclosures, power of sales. But knowing about these things and profiting from them are two VERY different things.

We’ve made offers on tax sale properties. We have made “no money down” offers. We’ve fixed up houses, bought new houses and old houses (one of ours is apparently over 100 years old!).

And we’ve even visited U.S. properties that you can buy for $25,000 (even $2,000). We’re not interested in them. You know why?


If you can’t make money right in your own backyard then you can’t make money anywhere. The grass is not always greener.


The real estate investing “model” from some expensive course or speaker workshop may work occasionally, but it’s lacking something critical.

It’s lacking the detailed steps used to actually IMPLEMENT the strategies you learn about.

We see so many of you struggling with this.

You’re taking the all the aggressively pitched real estate courses but deep down you know some of what is taught just doesn’t feel right. Or, you’ve had no training at all and have no clue how to get started investing in real estate. You know real estate presents a lucrative opportunity but you’re not sure how to make it profitable.

Let’s face it, there are countless stock brokers and “investment bankers” willing to sit down with you to trade stocks and bonds but where are all the professional people willing to teach you real estate investing?

What if we told you that investing in real estate could actually be completely PAINLESS for you? In fact, even downright enjoyable? (Imagine that!)

AND, let’s not forget about extremely profitable. ($$$)

Well we both started out investing in real estate with really no guidance or support. One of our first “flips” made an embarrassing $4,000 in profit after months of back breaking, early morning and late night labour (mostly by Nick!).

It was painful, both physically and emotionally. And to make matters worse the sale of the home almost resulted in a lawsuit … an entire exterior wall collapsed when the new owners were installing new kitchen cabinets.

Thankfully, it was clearly not our fault and no action was taken against us. But it definitely left a bad taste in our mouths. Another “quick flip opportunity” sat on the market for 10 months soaking up money for mortgage payments, taxes and utilities. When it was all said and done we made half the money we thought we would. And the emotional toll was unbearable.

This was all done while working full time jobs. Our friends and family barely saw us during these episodes.

Then we graduated to rental properties and made a ton of mistakes, but from these mistakes we learned. We honed our skills and we got very good at filling properties and picking properties that produced great cash flow. And we realized this was the true way to wealth – creating an asset base where our money worked for us – instead of us working for our money.

We analyzed everything, we figured out where to buy properties, what types of properties work best in different markets.

Our next couple of purchases were big winners. We collected over $10,000 on one of our next properties right after we took possession and were able to extract over $105,000 from another property and still make it produce positive cash flow every month.

We were becoming good investors, really good. And then walked away from the corporate world – both quitting our jobs - and started working with new and experienced investors on a full time basis.

We even got our real estate licenses so that we could get full access to all the information we needed without having to deal with realtors who didn’t understand investors. This way we could help others and make a business out of doing it. It has been a true dream come true for us.

In the next 18 months we created over $205,000 in monthly revenue for the investors we worked with by teaching them the exact steps to implement.

We didn’t just share “theory” but the actual steps we implemented. Our own magical formula.

Investors from all walks of life started using what we taught to acquire properties and have them produce cash. Many of these “beginner” investors even started beating some of our own personal records for speed and amount of cash flow!

People then began going out of their way to thank us, send us cards, take us out for dinner… we felt proud.

And we both agree – there’s nothing like it. That feeling of both helping others and being financially rewarded for doing it.

It’s time to shake up the investing world…

So, long story short… now that we’ve now seen our strategies work over 100 times with our own eyes we feel comfortable opening up and sharing it with you.

And that’s EXACTLY what we’re laying out for you, step-by-step, on this groundbreaking, never before offered, product…

In this program we are going to reveal each and every step of the process we use and the finer details that make it all work.

For example, why we choose starter homes to invest in but why mid-range starter homes work better than the cheapest starter homes. This fine distinction is of critical importance to getting a return on your money quickly.

We are going to REVEAL a complete case study. Each step of the process will be discussed: including how we selected the property, the negotiations of the purchase, where we advertise and why, how many leads to expect, how we overcome objections in advance, how we handle people once they arrive at the house and how much money was collected.

And this is only the beginning. From this program, you’ll discover



































Step-by-step, how to make BIG money as a real estate investor. You'll be guided through a confusing maze of ways to invest, all spelled out for your simple implementation.

You’ll learn exactly how to structure your real estate investing to maximize profits and remove almost all your risk…

Here's What You'll Get with your "Cash Flow Investing Strategies" Package:

** If you register now you will have the added bonus of being exposed to Cash Flow Investing Strategies with a special private consultation **

  1. Your Cash Flow Investing Strategies Audio CDs. Listen to them in your computer, car stereo, or other CD player. You’ll want to listen to these over and over and keep them in your success library for years to come. Over 6 jam packed hours of solid, proven money making content.
  2. Printed transcripts of the audio. Great to skim through and make notes in while you listen and re-listen.
  3. You Get a Bonus Audio - Your Final CD is our SPECIAL Q&A AUDIO.
  4. And another very special bonus: 1 free-month of Tom & Nick’s Rock Star Inner Circle membership and newsletter (not email, a real 12-page paper based newsletter) full of success stories and the very latest investing trends are covered (including how to use things like YouTube to drive demand to your properties). Until now this newsletter has been reserved exclusively for Tom & Nick’s clients and has never been released outside of this group. After your first 30 days, you will automatically be charged the lowest price we will ever offer this newsletter at: only $39.95 a month. And of course, a simple email, fax or phone call and we will STOP charging your credit card. Our name and good standing is too important to do otherwise! No questions, no hassles.
  5. And finally, a Private One on One Implementation Session: Yup, you read that right. Our goal is to have you become a SUCCESSFUL real estate investor. And we stand by everything we teach. We know that there is a lot of information to take in and sometimes questions come up that you want answers to. It can be the tiniest piece of information that can makes tens of thousands of dollars of more. That is why we will commit to a special 30 minute private consultation with you to answer all your questions or to discuss your personal investing situation.


Make this the year you FINALLY learned a way of investing in real estate that was COMFORTABLE... and more importantly PROFITABLE!


We talked at length about what to charge for this package. We both agreed that what we’ll be sharing can literally be worth MILLIONS of dollars to you over the life of your real estate investing career. And we believe that not only is there value in the ability for us to help you increase your net worth and wealth, but doing it with peace of mind and certainty is priceless.

We know we could charge a lot for this information, as these strategies have ONLY been shared with personal clients of ours. But we want this information to get out into the community to as many people as possible. And we know that for many of you, this is your very first experience with us. So we want to make participating and easy and attractive as possible!

After much debate, we arrived at an investment of only $897. For a limited time, as a special offer to our weekly newsletter subscribers we will be offering this product at $397. This price will never be repeated and this product will be sold afterwards for $897.

How did we come to this figure you may ask? Well, it’s easy. If we had access to this information when we started we would have saved years and been even further ahead in our own investing careers (we continue to invest of course!). And we know that implementing just one of the strategies we share will pay for this all by itself.

And why are we discounting it for our Renegade Real Estate Subscribers? Simple, this system has only been offered to readers of our weekly e-newsletter. Some of you have been reading that for a year and we appreciate the constant feedback we receive. It’s because of this that we wanted to reward you for reaching out to us. So as someone that listened to our teleseminar you are saving $500. Is that fair?

When we changed our old “open house” strategy to the one we share here it saved us 3 mortgage payments and 3 months of our time. You do the math. An investment in this program with us will easily pay for itself.

And, more importantly, we want to make sure this information is available to as many people as possible. We continue to see confused investors chasing the next “shiny new” strategy instead of using fundamental principles that are proven to work.

We’re tired of having people find us only after spending tens of thousands of dollars on “boot camps” that spend more time “contracts and agreements” than on real life scenarios.

All the information that we’ve gathered from working with over 100 investment properties amounts to year's worth of experience. We’ve seen it all and now we’re sharing it all.

Tom and Nick BOTH have directly helped over a hundred of their clients DRAMATICALLY increase their real estate investing success…

We know some of you reading this page may be new to us. Just to let you know, we have both helped real estate investors using proven systems since 2002 and our family has been involved in real estate and residential and commercial construction our whole lives.

To help you get a feel for us we’ve shared a few stories directly from clients that we have worked with and continue to work with today…

"As a new investor, I have read many books, attended many seminars and have built up a lot of material that have little or no value because of the lack of support needed to properly implement the strategies. The courses and materials were always vague, incomplete and not pertinent to our local market. When I met Tom and Nick, I was impressed that they were also investors in the Canadian market and at one time had all the same questions that I have. They have put together not just a course but a learning experience that provides everything from start to finish. The ability to become successful is easier and less stressful because of the full support and accessibility of the staff. I would highly recommend this program to anyone serious about their investment careers."

- Todd Gordon, Burlington, ON

"I got started quickly and was able to purchase my first property with the help of Tom & Nick's Income for Life system. In just a short seven days, I had $13,100 literally in my back pocket, $220 of monthly cash flow, and locked in profit of over $20,000. I'm currently excited to buy more properties. Tom and Nick offered me a sense of security because I knew that I was not alone throughout the process and they were there to help me make the best decisions. It's a great feeling knowing that you have real estate mentors/coaches who have actually done it and done it so many times that they can identify any pitfalls early in the investing cycle. I ran into the couple traps that I was able to avoid thanks to the Income for Life system. Also, the Income for Life team includes their lawyers, accountants, home inspectors, mortgage brokers who are all familiar with investing. All that professional experience behind me really provided amazing confidence throughout the process. And lastly, whenever I had questions during the time I was dealing with my property they were available to answer questions on a daily basis."

- Nenad Momcilovic, Oakville, Ontario

"This system really does work! It's so helpful to be able to bounce ideas and share strategies with Real Estate coaches who are active investors. They understand your concerns and are able to walk you through the process because they have done it themselves. I would highly recommend Tom and Nick and their Income for Life program to anyone looking at investing in Real Estate. Thanks guys."

- Jude Dholah, Mississauga, ON

"Hi Nick

Thank you, Well I got 'er done in just 11 days.

I collected $1,800.00 cash as a hold deposit and will receive the balance ($8,200.00) plus first month's rent ($1650.00) for a grand total of $11,650.00 which equals 78.43% upfront ROI. It feels great and leaves me much more motivated to move forward and set myself higher and higher goals. As you know I was very impressed with the whole Income for life system and team, you guys are the best. Now I'm completely sold, I just did what the system said to do and when I needed answers to problems, made that call and got right back on track. Your system is everything you guys said and more, all I had to do relay, was work the plan.

Please thank all your team Nick, for the great help and encouragement given to me during my first investment property purchase, It's a good feeling to know you are backed by a super skilled team of experts."

- Bill McCarley Mississauga, ON

"I started learning about real estate investing in November 2006 by taking a 3 day seminar and became a member of an investment club in January 2007. I couldn’t get the real help to make my final decision, since I was really a beginner and afraid of making a wrong decision. It was almost 10 months after I took the seminar without any offers, I was frustrated.

As soon as I spoke with Tom and heard his story how he started real estate investing and why they started this Income for Life club, I knew that I had found the group of people that I wanted to be with.
I took all classes I could and started taking action right way. I locked up a property in October and closed in early November 2007, just a couple months after I became IFL member. They even helped me by running their ad to get more leads and went to the home with me. I was really not doing it by myself, but with a team! The hands-on experience and help that I got from IFL were things I never expected to get from any other organizations. This proved to me that I had made the right decision-choosing the right people to work with!

Thank God for leading me to a group people like this, and with their help and encouragement, I got a serious applicant to fill an application on New Year Eve and put down a deposit for holding the property on Jan. 2 and signed both agreements on Jan. 4, 2008. My wife said: “this is the best gift for my birth day!” As I always say to my wife: “the reason I am doing this is for you and our family”, I don’t want surprise her with my goal within 2 years, I’d like to buy 7 homes!"

- John Zhang Mississauga, ON

"By following the system I was able to purchase my first investment property and have a $1500 deposit paid to me before my first mortgage payment was due. I later collected another $4500 before the tenants moved in and signed the papers locking in another $16,000 in profit.

Since I was brand new to real estate (I had never even purchased my own home before) I had many reservations if I could actually do this and make it work but I can tell you that without a doubt the unique system that the IFL team has works for anyone regardless of their real estate experience.

In addition the Rock Star Inner Circle coaches worked with me all through the process by offering formal and informal training sessions that explained the system in detail and offered suggestions and tips that they have learned from their own and other member's experiences.

Another unique part of the Income for Life system is the support and help that comes with attending training and seminars with other Income for Life members and networking and learning from one another. Normal people just like me that have jumped in and taken on the challenge of doing more with their lives and improving their investing skills and are building a real life real estate portfolio right along with you. I am working towards by 2nd investment home in less than 6 months!! Think of that for a second… 6 months ago I had zero real estate to my name, no real estate experience, and now I am in a realistic position to control over $400,000 in real estate in less than 6 months!

I have talked to other friends that are spending MUCH more money on investment courses, seminars, and membership dues and each of them is blown away by what I have done in such a short amount of time and the resources that are available to me from training, monthly newsletters, weekly emails, and the most important thing is having access to the Income for Life System.

I would recommend the system to anyone who wants to take control of their finances and have some fun at the same time meeting new people, overcoming new challenges, and working with a great group of people who have a common goal of one day of working only because they WANT to not because they HAVE to."

- Jon-Paul Hunt, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

(Update: Jon-Paul liked us so much he’s now joined our team!)

And this is just a small sampling of the success stories that we receive.

If our methods have worked for our own properties, and for our clients -- women and men from very diverse businesses and backgrounds -- can't you see the possibility that they will work for YOU too?

So think about it...

How would it feel to...



Let us show you how to enjoy this, once and for all, with absolutely no risk to you.

Click on one of the links below now and we'll get you all the information you need to get started...




"Yes Tom & Nick, I'm ready to invest in real estate “Cash Flow Investing Strategies” and use systems to automate, profit and build wealth easily and effortlessly"

I understand that I'm investing in your "Cash Flow Investing Strategies Package" at NO RISK whatsoever, because it comes with a full money back guarantee, which I can request anytime up to 90 days from purchase!

*Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like? Click One Now*

Choose one option:

Pay in Full Now for Only $397
(Best Deal for Newsletter Subscribers only!)

We can't wait for you to join us, and to share with you ALL we have!

To your success!



P.S. This really is a onetime only offer. We will never be offering this training live again with a free consultation. If you have been looking for the ‘real stuff’ this is your only chance to get it live with question and answer periods and a private, implementation call.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that this price is extremely limited. We only have so much time that we can dedicate to the private calls so this offer will only apply to the first 17 people that register. There will be no countdown of how many spots remain, this page will just be updated with the new price. Just like investing in real estate you need to take action to be successful.

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