Announcing the Rock Star Cruise!

Message from the Rock Star Team

Hello Rock Star universe!

It's Anthony from the Membership Team taking over again.

I know you want to hear about how to thrive from Tom, but the guy just put two big presentations together for Saturday's YLYT Event.

Let's give him a bit of a break eh!!

Speaking of the Your Life. Your Terms. Event... It was AWESOME!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made it so special.

The energy in that giant hall is contagious, and you can feel it when you're there.

It's rare to be in a room with so many other local people on the same mission as you.

In fact, I don't know where you could gather with so many like-minded Canadians ANYWHERE else... It's become this unicorn event that people can't believe exists.

The event speakers were AWESOME and we got feedback from many people that it was the best event and speaker lineup yet.

And that's saying something, because we've had incredible past speakers before.

Nick's real estate panel with Daniel Foch from the Canadian Real Estate Investor's Podcast, Sasha Cucuz from Greybrook Realty and Craig Race from Craig Race Architecture was VERY interesting.

To get an outlook on Canadian real estate investing from a top analyst, massive developer, and missing middle developer was a real treat.

You could get a great cohesive picture of the whole market from the info they shared.

Cherry Chan from Real Estate Tax Tips shared amazing info about the tax implications for buying property outside of Canada, and taxes for leaving Canada.

She somehow makes taxes interesting... I think it's because she shows you how just how much $$$ you can save by setting things up right!

Ricky Zhang came out of left field and was a super fun talk! He showed the room how you can maximize miles and points to unlock insane adventures that you normally would never pay for.

He fit right in with the Your Life Your Terms message!

And of course Tom & Nick's Economic Update, Local Real Estate Market Update and Big Mega Trends and Mindset talk were awesome...

My head is still reeling from their talks, and what it means for my future and finances.

I feel so lucky to be able to attend these events myself and get a cheat code for navigating these times.

It's truly life-changing info.

If you’ve never been to one of these events, check out the YouTube video we just put up showing a quick tour of the event on Saturday.

That's not all though, we made a HUGE announcement at the event...

We're hosting the first-ever Rock Star Inner Circle CRUISE!

LOL yes, a freaking cruise.

We have 50 rooms booked on a brand-new cruise ship and will be doing a 3-night cruise in the Bahamas in MAY 2025 with Rock Star Members!

We have 50 rooms reserved, and Rock Star Members who signed up for the cruise at the event are quickly booking them up.

PLUS, we're tacking on a Rock Star Florida Investment Property Tour in the days leading up to the cruise!

We're pumped for multiple days of fun, sun and education with Rock Star Members!

What a wild company I've found myself working with LOL.

I love it!!!

And SPEAKING of Florida Property Tours... we're hosting the second ever Rock Star Florida Investment Property Tour THIS May 10th and 11th, 2024!

We have a few remaining discounted hotel rooms left to book, but only until April 17.

Then the discount expires.

So if you're a Rock Star Member and you want more details for this tour, reply to this email.

That's it for now everyone.

Tom will be back next week to share more data and charts.

Remember, there's a whole group of us all working together to share information and help each other out.

And we're stronger together for it.

So thank you for being a part of this community and joining the mission to live life on your own terms!

Anthony Molinaro
Rock Star Team

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