3 New Weekend Videos: Nick Travels to the Adriatic Coast for 48hrs of Property Investigation!

Sometimes you just need to buckle down and take action.

That's what happened to us this week...

1. On Sunday (one week ago today) we get word of a decent sounding opportunity to pick up an 2 or 3 bedroom luxury condo in a small village with some amazing views of Adriatic Coast and right next to one of the most popular tourist islands in Croatia - but secluded enough that it has very few tourists around! 

2. We finally have time to chat about it on Wednesday. 

3. On Thursday we decide that one of us should go to check it out because we have family over there but really trust ourselves when it comes to property acquisitions more than anyone else 😉

4. We flip a coin as to who "gets to go".   Nick wins.

5. We book flights Thursday and Nick is set to leave on Friday for 48hrs that include:

a) Checking out the property, the location and the local tax and land transfer 8 hours.
b) You can't go to Europe and not see a soccer (football) game so Saturday night includes a game and some food and drink!
c) Sunday Nick meets with the people building the 9-unit building and determines that they have a European flair and sense of style that we're not used to.  The condo will have Jacuzzis on the terraces, a pool on the roof, a garden to grow your own fresh vegetables (if that's your cup of tea) and a 5-minute walk to the crystal clear pristine beach on the Adriatic Sea.

Nick is leaving Monday (we're off to Chicago on Tuesday for a planned consulting/mastermind meeting) so we'll have to make some quick decision by Monday afternoon (the condo we're looking at has some spectacular views and it's the last large one left).

We'll share what happens next shortly!

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