10 Funky Financial Websites & Resources For Your Viewing Pleasure


Over the years we've read a lot of stuff ... both offline and online.

Today we're going to share a bunch of online resources that we really enjoy.

Some of these we visit regularly, others we visit once a month or so just to "check-in".

But together they give us a pretty good view of what's being reported about the state of the real estate market and the economy/finances etc.

Here we go:

1. First some pretty obvious ones for local and Canadian mainstream news:

2. To counter the mainstream stuff a visit to Zero Hedge usually always provides a few laughs and occasionally a really great nugget of information:

3.  For great Canadian real estate statistics on income levels, MLS sales, appreciation rates, immigration stats there's nothing much better than the CMHC Reports and Publications available here:

(click on "Housing Market Information" on the left-hand side to access the different reports)

4. For Toronto related Housing Markets stats and affordability charts click the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) shares a pretty good set of charts:

5. Each Real Estate Board across the country will have a great collection of historical charts.  Just Google your city name with the words "housing statistics" after the name.  For example "Hamilton real estate stats" turns up a link to the Hamilton Real Estate Board webpage with links to great stats like this:

and this:

6.  Want to get some insights into what's going on in the global economy?  There are too many sites and bloggers to mention in this category but one of our favourites is Mish's Global Economic Trends available here:

7. If you want some Twitter Personalities to follow that have solid and entertaining ways to share the status of the Currency Wars there's no one better than James G. Rickards and Max Keiser: (more on the serious side)  (more on the entertaining side)

Honourable mention:  Jim Grant (Jim Grant has been reporting on the state of Interest Rates for decades I believe ... great insights whenever he's interviewed)

8. Want to compare the population growth trends of a particular city versus the provincial average?  Statistics Canada has a great tool that allows you to put the provincial Census numbers on one side of the chart and list different cities on the other side.  Here's what it looks like for Toronto:

(A quick way to determine if more people are moving into a community/city than moving out)

10. And finally, for some humour.  For pure laughs, we sometimes read Nobel Peace Prize-winning Economist Paul Krugman's editorials.  They're 100% ridiculous and proof that an economist should never try and run his/her own company ... never mind an entire country!


Until next time ... Your Life! Your Terms!


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0 comments on “10 Funky Financial Websites & Resources For Your Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Lovely! I love reading the articles you guys are writing. Keep up the good work 🙂

    Btw, I 100% agree Paul Crookman is always an awesome source of laughs. To this day I still believe an adult like he is can say and write the things he does.

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