How do you stay on top of a fast-changing real estate market?

By looking at historical trends and making an informed prediction of where the market is headed next. That’s exactly what you’ll get in the free resources below.

From analyzing Canada’s immigration policies and how they impact local housing prices, demand, & supply... understanding the local and global economic factors that affect interest rates.

Not only that, you’ll also find podcasts and videos on how to:

» Invest in real estate as a young Canadian
» Protect yourself and your family by investing in hard money like gold, silver, and Bitcoin
» Invest in multi-family units, student rentals, legal duplexes & triplexes
» and much more

You’ll also hear from active local investors who share their stories of how they started investing in real estate and how they used it to build a strong foundation of wealth for themselves and their families.

What are you waiting for? DIG IN!

Surviving 30% inflation, leaving China on a boat, buying your first property at 24, tequila, and more...these are just some of the topics we discuss on our Your Life! Your Terms! podcast.

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The worst mistake you can make when deciding to invest in real estate is listening to bad advice. That’s why we put out weekly videos on different topics related to real estate investing in Ontario so you can build a strong foundation of knowledge from real people getting real results!

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Four Key Factors Every Investor Should Know To Understand Where The Real Estate Market Is Headed

Investing in real estate doesn’t come with a crystal ball. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to predict the future – at least the future of the real estate market.

In this report, we go through some of the primary factors that impact the market, and what trends to watch out for to better predict the short-term and long-term outlook of real estate in Canada.

Ontario’s Population Explosion: The Untold Story

In this report, we showcase how Ontario’s population trends are creating amazing opportunities for savvy real estate investors. We also look at how immigration is impacting the population trends and housing market.

Finally, we look at the GO transit expansion and how it is creating opportunities for real estate investors to invest beyond GTA.

Does Paying For Your Kid’s Education Make Sense?

In this free report, we cover:

  • The actual costs of university compared to the salary of a university grad. Does a university degree actually help your kids make more money?
  • What if you paid for the down payment on a starter home for your kids INSTEAD of paying for them to go to school?
  • What are your cost differences and how does it impact your kids’ financial future?

A Roadmap to $235,200 of Yearly Inome by Investing in Local Real Estate

The true story of a Mississauga man who left his job to invest in Real Estate full time and how it changed his life and allowed him to Live Life on his Terms. His journey will inspire you to take that important step of believing and venturing into Real Estate Investing.

Destruction of the Middle Class

It’s a fact – fewer Canadians can afford homes and it’s only getting worse.
This report combines current trends and what some people have been doing to make sure they end up moving up the ladder instead of down.

If you feel like no matter what you do it’s getting harder and harder to get ahead, then you’ll want to make sure you get your copy of this report now.

Why Every Fixed Income Needs to Consider Bitcoin as Portfolio Insurance

Greg Foss has a 30-year history in banks, bonds and the credit markets as a whole. His insights around Bitcoin and the state of the banking industry and the global economy are amazing.

This 4-part series is a high-level look into credit markets and why he believes bitcoin is essential to any investor’s portfolio.

Hey you...what are you doing down here?

Ohh, you’re a curious one, aren’t you?

Well, we got just the thing for you...

Free real estate investing books for Canadians reveal:

» How to create a life of income in 29 days or less
» How to use a simple 10/5/10 investing formula for 400% returns
» The 3 magic words you can use to put thousands in your pocket
» The “Snowball” effect that can turn 3 homes into 24 without investing additional money
» How to get a big fat cheque from your real estate investments...and so much more!

You can grab your free copy right here

And if you’re done studying, then we highly recommend this as your next step in real estate investing.

We’ll share:

» The types of homes we prefer to invest in and why
» The mortgage programs used by real estate investors In Canada
» The specific tactics we use to implement one of our favourite strategies
» How to create positive cash flow properties right in your own backyard
» The differences between investing, flipping, and rehabbing
» How we get a massive return on our initial investments within weeks of closing...and more!

“Buying a house can be overwhelming! be it investment property or residence. Too many ppl to deal with.... mortgage, home inspection, property management... the list goes on.... and some really confusing jargon (launching a rocket to outer space might look easier!). Rockstar makes things a breeze. Highly recommended!”

- Krish Parama, Mississauga, ON

All you have to do is save a spot at the upcoming Free Real Estate Investing Training Class.

Save your spot today and we’ll send you a FREE copy of Local Investor Success Stories.

A collection of stories from real Canadian investors who are making thousands of dollars using the little-known investing strategy we discuss at the class.

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"I’ve worked with the guys at Rock Star Real Estate for over a decade and I can honest- ly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They truly care about their investors and their passion for what they do is so apparent, it’s been an absolute pleasure learn- ing and growing along side these guys over the years. If anyone is remotely considering investing in real estate, Tom and Nick are the guys worth following. Read their book, at- tend their classes, and follow their processes...I promise you it will be the best decision of your investment career."

-Julian Richards, Toronto, Ontario

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