Why 'Losing Your Mind' is Key To Success


Have you ever had those moments, either personally or professionally, when everything builds up to a boiling point and then it all comes shooting out. Yes, kind of like a volcano but maybe not quite that dramatic.

I think we can all relate. Let's take an example, pretend there are a couple little things that are bothering you at work. And they have been this way for some time and have consistently nudged at you but then one day two more things come up that just don't fit with you.

And although these last couple of issues are relatively minor, compounded with the initials things that have irked you for some time, they cause the volcano effect (again a bit dramatic but I kinda like it!)

You leave that day and you just can't believe it. How could this happen? Why don't things work this way? Who would be so inconsiderate? There are a hundred things racing through your mind.

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! This is your golden opportunity to take the passion and emotion you are feeling and use it to fuel the fire within.

This is the time when you are no longer complacent with the status quo and you have a chance to examine many different aspects from a totally different point of view. Instead of things being 'all right' they finally aren't. You should be looking at the underlying reason for the frustration.

It may be time to start making some changes. Maybe you leave the job altogether or start building a business on the side to follow your passion. At my first job out of college, I went through something very similar a couple of times and it led me to start my real estate investing career. I did not want to be dependant on the things that caused stress in my life.

See....the thing is, unless we have that frustration point, unless we come to a point where we 'lose our mind,' very few of us will ever make changes. We become complacent with who and where we are in life.

You can and should leverage these opportunities to light the inner fire and KEEP IT BURNING! Make some changes towards how you want things to be and make them stick. Usually, you can start seeing things from the outsider's point of view when you have the fire within. You can start seeing the big picture and re-evaluating what works for you.

We can all get overwhelmed from time to time with issues. But if we can leverage those instances and turn them into renewed focus, passion, and drive then the benefits can be ENORMOUS! But if you just want to go home and complain about things and feel sorry for yourself, well then good luck with it (which most people will by the way).

You see most people are complacent and won't do anything to make changes. That is also why most people I know will complain about the situation they are in to me.

This exact same thing happens to me. And I have made a conscious decision to use it to examine what the real underlying causes of it are. And then, most importantly, use it to my advantage.

Here are the three steps I use to reignite my fire within:

  1. Evaluate the situation - and I don't just mean the last thing that set you off. I examine the whole situation. What built up to this point? Where are changes needed to make me more productive and effective? Sometimes this can take me a couple of days alone!
  2. MAKE THE CHANGES NOW - How many times have you said: "I'm going to start doing this"? Don't start later. START NOW! Make the changes immediately. Now is the time, not later. Without implementation you have nothing.
  3. Make them stick - Don't lose the passion that brought you to this point? Keep it inside, let it fuel your fire. Allow it to push you to the next level by making the changes stick.

If used properly, any situation where you 'lose your mind' can send you on a whole new track and be one of the most successful things that can ever happen to you.

Nick Karadza

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