Why Deep Knowledge is More Important To Your Future Than Ever

Message from Tom & Nick

See that picture above?

It represents some of the incredible relationships we've been able to make on this journey.

That's myself and Nick along with Gino Spada (between us) and his son, Matt, on the far left.

Jon Paul Hunt and Jennifer MacPherson, who we work with here at Rock Star, are sandwiched between myself and Matt.

Photo credit goes to Stephanie...Gino's daughter.

Yesterday we were in Niagara to visit Gino on his amazing property.

Gino and his family have worked with us and supported us for 15 years.

We're forever grateful. They trusted us early...when many people told us we wouldn't make it and that working "exclusively with investors" would never succeed.

Thank you, Spada family!

And if you're in the Port Colborne area you have to visit their gym, that Matt now runs, ( and if your kids are into dance then check out Stephanie's dance stores in St Catharines and Burlington (

Two things have always stood out to us about people like the Spadas...people who get things done.

They have a deep understanding of what they're doing.

They're forever increasing their knowledge base.

Gino and Matt still attend our events looking for that little bit of information that may make all the difference in their lives.

It's incredible to watch them. They're like this about investing, their businesses, their fitness, diet...all of it.

It's a common trait amongst people who are living life on their terms.

While the masses are looking for superficial "quick fix" information...the people who are really enjoying themselves have deep expertise.

And with all the Artificial Intelligence developments happening in the last 6 months that are blowing our minds...deep understanding and knowledge is going to be your key differentiator going forward.

We can divide any subject matter into three components.

Principles – the things that are always true.

Strategies – taking principles and putting them into organized action.

Tactics – tools, simple steps, latest trends.

Most people in any subject matter get initially caught up at the "tactics" level.

Whether it's diet, fitness, investing, business, marketing...most get hyper focused on very superficial stuff.

Let's take the gym...

So many people go to the gym to do "cardio" and then don't understand why they're not losing weight or having the body shape they desire.

They don't understand the principles of fitness and nutrition and are just focused on the latest cardio trend.

Or real estate...

Tons of "investors" get swept up in the next hot development and buy in hopes of appreciation before taking ownership.

They don't understand the local fundamentals, interest rates impacts or macro economics trends. Most do not understand that real estate investing is a "tactic" to a greater money principle. Student rentals or BRRR or Garden Suites are a "strategy" to a higher order principle of money.

This same thing happens with business building, personal development, money etc, etc, etc.

Once you understand principles you can cut through the noise.

It's beautiful. The world becomes simple and clear.

With technology about to rip everyone's face off with the speed of its economic impact this decade, a deep knowledge of subjects important to you are more important than ever.

There's going to be A LOT of noise going forward.

Great change, that we're going through right now, brings out great fear.

And when people are scared they act out in strange, sometimes threatening, ways. We're seeing it more and more in society and politics right now.

Throughout history, when this happens, you want to have a "principle level" understanding of what's going on to guide you.

The tactics come and go. They change, and when they do many people get caught off guard.

But the principles never change. They are your North Star.

With that in mind here's a very short list of just some resources that have helped us get a principle level understanding of various topics:

Books: Currency Wars, The Creature from Jekyll Island, The Bitcoin Standard, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver, The Price of Tomorrow, How to Think About the Economy A Primer

The What is Money Show (Robert Breedlove), What Bitcoin Did, We Study Billionaires (the Preston Pysh episodes that start with BTC)

Business Building:
Books: Magnetic Marketing, The Ultimate Sales Machine, Ready Fire Aim (Michael Masterson)...there is enough in those three books to keep anyone busy for years.

Nutrition & Fitness:
Books: Start Right (Gino Spada), Primal BlueprintWhy We Get Fat (controversial book by Gary Taubes), The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

There are countless other resources around relationships and personal development that we can share at another time.

The bottom line is this...

Technology is in the process of disrupting everything.

And it's currently taking on the one thing that is in the middle of every single economic transaction

If you don't have a very, very deep and clear understanding of what's going on you will be left behind.

We don't say this lightly. It's time to level up.

Do not outsource your financial future out of convenience.

You must take direct ownership of it. Your ability to live life on your terms going forward depends on it.

And with a principle level understanding of what's going on, the world is your oyster.

Not only will you survive, but you'll THRIVE.

One last suites are starting to get traction in Ontario.

This week, Anthony and Aidan visited a company in Toronto that is building them.

You can check out their tour on our YouTube channel or watch it here.

And our Instagram account is going wild, we have thousands of new people following it in the last month!

If you're not following us...what are you waiting for? LOL. Our Instagram handle is @rockstarinnercircle.
(there's an impersonator pretending to be us on Instagram so watch out for it! Make sure you follow us on Instagram through this link)

Over and out!

Enjoy that sunshine.

Tom & Nick

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