What's Your Outlook?

binoculars2We received some emails last week about our people not being able to access our blog.

Oops.......That was me!

We switched to some new software and as I was trying to make some changes I put something in the wrong place and POOF, the site was down and we were locked out. 🙂

The last week and a half has been super interesting. The markets have made a move upwards while national and international governments have continued to create trillions of dollars of new funding for companies (Ontario's budget is coming up, and the plan is to run a heavy deficit).

This has gotten a lot of people rushing around looking for a 'great' opportunity to jump on and ride this current wave.

From what I can see that is a real problem. People aren't thinking long term!

Every successful person I know is repositioning themselves during this time for the long term.

Since we are talking about waves let's use surfing as an example.

(For the record i have never surfed, but I really want to, and I am heading to Trinidad in April so hopefully I get my chance there.)

Surfers don't jump at every wave that comes along, they aren't looking 5 feet in front of them to get ready for a ride. They are looking as far out as they can to see what is in store for them.

Then they position themselves properly in the short term to gain the reward of a big wave in the long run.

I may have over simplified my point, but I hope you get it.

You see, successful people in any category think long term. At a minimum they look year to year, usually they are looking 5 to 10 years out. They are not jumping on every daily headline that comes there way.

I was meeting with a successful mortgage broker yesterday who is re-evaluating all his mortgages because rates are so low. He is looking at locking in at 5 year rates that are more than 2% higher than his current variable rate mortgages. (Whether or not this is the right decision is something we will leave for another day.)

What is important to note is that he isn't looking at the next Bank of Canada meeting to see whether or not interest rates might move slightly he is planning for the long term.

This is the most important trait you can have with your investments, business, and life.

Do the things today to take you where you want to be in the future.

If you are not looking at where you want to be in 2,3, or 5 years how can you start working your way towards that place?

Right, you can't!

You will move in micro steps because your outlook is so short.

Get the binoculars out and figure out where you want to be, it is the only way you can get on the right path!

- Nick Karadza

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