Tweet, Tweet, Twitter!

6a00e54fcc27ac8834010535ca361a970c-800wiHave you heard about Twitter yet?

It's the latest instalment of the social networking craze and it really answers one question.  What are you doing?

Often when we speak with friends over the phone we ask what they are doing, right?

We want to see if that task has any relevance or interest to us.

Twitter takes away all the bells and whistles of My Space and Facebook and just boils it down to answering that question.

It is actually kinda cool!

And it is very interesting to see what like-minded people are doing, sometimes it can even be a kick in the pants.

Check out Tom's Twitter page and you can see that he got up at 3 AM do you understand how he gets so much done?

We are heading to St. Louis next week to meet with some Big Thinkers.  But as usual, while we are down there we will be trying to fit in as many things as we can.

We have already lined up a tour of some short sale real estate investments in the area.  A friend of ours is doing an incredible job of turning the US market downturn into a money-making time for him.

He is making his own reality!

If you want to see how he is doing this in real time you can follow us on Twitter and we will keep you in the loop.

You can follow me and help give me advice for my cold at

Or see if Tom keeps getting up at 3 AM here

So if you want to 'spy' on us and see what we are up to Twitter is the perfect tool.

- Nick Karadza

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