Top Deductions for Real Estate Investors

Many investors enjoy all the benefits of investing but leave BIG tax savings on the table. They're yours for the taking if you know about them! In this video, Cherry Chan CPA, covers the top deductions for real estate investors and the documentation that you need to keep for each one.

In addition to the top deductions for investors, Cherry also covered…

1. The one rule you need to memorize to determine if you can deduct an expense
2. Lesser known expenses you can deduct that many investors miss out on
3. The difference between capital improvements and expenses and why you need to categorize them appropriately
4. How to buy gifts for your business that are 100% tax deductible
5. What the term “write-off” means and how tax deductions actually work

Stop leaving money on the table and take advantage of the valuable tax savings available to you!


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