The Very Best Business in a Box That We've Ever Seen

Message from Tom & Nick

So I turned 50.

And the Rock Star team decided to have some fun with my office, LOL!!

Life is so strange.

Sometimes I feel exactly like the kid who was in high school hanging out with his buddies...laughing, going for lunch, making fun of each other, having some fun.

Other times I find myself giving "life advice" to people 20 years younger than me.

One observation that keeps coming up for me is this...

Your life today is a perfect reflection of the compounded effects of your previous habits.

It's why we like investment real estate so much.

People are generally not the best at doing "the right thing" over and over and over again to create momentum and meaningful results.

But a good income property will do just that.

Each day it will earn rent for you.
Each day it will show up for work.
Each day it will earn a bit of equity for you.
Each day it will pay a bit of its debt off for you.
Each day it will show up to work...rain, snow, or sunshine.
Each day it will provide for the customer inside.

And when you compound the effects of this...after 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years its really produced something wonderful for you.

And you, the owner, really just had to deal with it a few times a year.

Some years maybe more than others, but some years, maybe not at all.

People call them "rental properties" or "income properties" but they're really a "business in a box".

They're like fiat dollar mining machines.

Every once in a while they've created more fiat dollars for you that you can access via a line of credit or a refinance.

You can then take those fiat dollars and exchange them for real money (hello, Bitcoin) or pay off some other debts or go on a trip or give some of the fiat dollars to the bank to pick up another business in a box.

They're quite amazing.

And it all comes back to the property just showing up each day and doing its job. Over and over and over again.

Now, back to being 50...

My life today is a perfect reflection of all the things I've done over the last 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

This home up at Blue Mountain that I'm typing this email out in doesn't exist without the activities I did 20 years ago.

The vacations and experiences I get to have today are a direct result of work from 15 years ago.

The opportunities in front of me today are correlated to things I was doing 10 years ago.

Don't believe me?

We regularly get emails from new Rock Star investors who said they have been reading this very email for 10+ years. And explain that they finally decided to work with us now because we popped up in their inbox "yet again".

This thinking applies to almost every aspect of life. Health, mental calmness, relationships...

The quality and depth of relationships I have today with my wife, my son, and my daughter are all connected to things I have been doing over years.

Am I perfect with all of this?

LOL, jeez, not even close.

Do I do what I know I should be doing every single day?


But I do my best to self-correct the very next day. Nick is the exact same.

So here's my question to you...

What do you want your life to look like in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years?

Are the habits you are keeping today driving you closer to that life?

Or do you need to change course?

What daily habits do you need to be doing today so that you can live life on your terms in a few short years?

And this can be difficult to figure out, of course.

For years I was getting up early and reading and journaling and meditating, but not really knowing where to direct my efforts.

One day it clicked.

I decided I would dedicate my life to real estate and helping others, along with Nick, and bam...Rock Star emerged shortly afterwards.

If you're looking for some new direction, or want to pick up some new habits, or surround yourself with people who are compounding their daily actions, we may have something for you...

On Saturday February 11, 2023 we're hosting the next Your Life. Your Terms. Event.

We are bringing in Craig Race, a Toronto architect from, who worked directly with the City of Toronto to create their laneway housing bylaws.

He's going to share the housing opportunity that this has created for investors like you and I.

And wait until you see the multi-unit projects he's building too! Incredible.

Greg Foss will be in-house to share his 30+ years of experience in trading credit.

The global macro economic conditions are absolutely wild right now and by understanding things like credit default swaps we can get clues into which way the interest rate winds may be blowing next.

Dan Patton, from BM Select Mortgages, will be there to share how the banks are qualifying us for mortgages right now.

This is constantly changing and evolving so it's important to keep abreast of the latest from the Canadian big banks.

Omar and Ali are going to be there to share how their habits have turned Tahinis from one restaurant into over 20 across Ontario and growing.

They are the perfect example of two people who have just put their heads down and put in the effort, day in and day out. Wait until you hear the stories from their first restaurant!!

And of course Nick will be sharing a new Rock Star Local Real Estate Market Update full of stats, charts, rents and details.

There will also be a brand new Rock Star Economic Update where we do our best to give you the big picture look at the world and tie it back to what's happening right here in Canada over the next few months.

You can check out more details by visiting:

It will run from 8:30am (check-in starts at 7:30am) and we'll wrap up at approximately 1:15pm or so.

So it's jam-packed.

And the best part of all of this? It's not the presentations.

It's the people in the room. There are incredible Rock Star investors, doing wonderful things, all over these events.

little idea you pick up in the hallway or a tip you overhear at your table may be the biggest thing you take away from the entire event.

We know, because it's happened to us.

At 50 years old, I don't have all the answers.

Not by a long shot.

But I do know I get to live the life I'm living today because of all the support Rock Star investors have given us over the years.

You have inspired us to keep going with the daily actions that have created what we see in front of us today.

So thank you.

And thank you for trusting Nick and myself and the entire Rock Star team with some pretty big life decisions.

We don't take that responsibility lightly.

On to the next 50 years!! It's going to be a fun ride!

See you on Saturday, February 11!

Tom & Nick

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