The Red Patch Boys - Don't Miss the Video

The Red Patch Boys

This is my friend Mike and I at the last TFC (Toronto Football Club) game.  We had a blast!

Mike is getting married in a couple of months, so it was one of the rare breaks he and his future bride got from planning the wedding.

I had heard that these games were fun, but that was definitely an understatement.

See the group over my left shoulder, where the big flag is?  My understanding is that the group sitting in that section is called 'The Red Patch Boys'

Wow, do they ever make the game exciting!  They are singing, chanting, and stomping their feet during the whole game.  I must have told Mike 'This is crazy!' ten times during the game.

But they fed excitement into the entire stadium.  It is something I have never witnessed during a Toronto Raptors, or Maple Leafs game.  I know it sounds wacky, but during the game, it really got me thinking......

There are three types of people here:

There are some people sitting just watching the game.  They don't let much phase them, they are just there to watch the game and go home.

There are others who take part in some cheering and a few chants so that they get a bit more of the complete experience from such an event.  They can say they went to the game and really got something out of it.

And there are The Red Patch Boys.  This group leads the way.  They inject energy into 20 000 people.  They are making things happen and marching to their own drum. (literally, as they marched down the street into the stadium one of the kept pounding a huge drum)

What a way to live your life!  To always leave a lasting impression.  To stand out from the crowd.  To inject energy into the people's paths you a positive way of course.

Personally, I want to make an impact when I go places and do things.  I want to be the equivalent of a Red Patch Boy.

It's funny because this game came at the perfect time.  Tom and I have been hard at work on something special.

I had the chance to share our project with Mike and he was blown away.

You will be too, stay tuned!

- Nick Karadza

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P.P.S. I don't think the opposing team liked them as much...

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