The Eviction Process in Ontario

The goal is to avoid this if necessary, however, we have to be prepared for everything. If someone isn't paying their monthly rent here is the process to evict in Ontario.

There should be no need to hire a lawyer as the Process in Ontario is very well laid out.

After filing the N4 (below) your tenant has 14 days to pay. After that if they don't leave you can apply for a hearing date at which point the tenant will be sent a notice to appear for the Justice of the Peace at the Tenant Board.

We have used the Tenant Board before and have found the Justice's of the Peace very fair. You'll want to have a copy of your lease, some sort of record of payments (a small spreadsheet is fine) and bring any pictures of the property you have on file to show that it's in good condition.

Ontario Tenant Tribunal Eviction Process

Step 1: Fill out and deliver the N4.
This gives the tenant 14 days to pay.
Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent (This webpage also has the N4 instructions)

Step 2: After 14 days complete and submit the L1 for a Tribunal Hearing Date.
There is a $150 filing fee.
Application to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent and to collect rent the tenant owes (Webpage also contains instructions for L1 form)

If the tenant does not leave the property after a judgment against them then the Tenant Board has Sheriff services that can go to the property to remove them (they drive large SUVs that say "Enforcement" on the side of them). We have never had to use this service but it does exist if necessary.

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